Worldfetish Show Contest: Behind the scenes

Getting a show this size on track isn’t a walk in the park. We’ve spoken to the organizers a few times over the past days and rest assured, the nerves and tensions are rising. Luckily there’s a whole team behind the event including 4 presenters. The event will be presented in English, Spanish and French. Meet the presenters and the team behind the scenes.

The presenters

James aka Jamie is presenting & commenting on the show the 2nd consecutive year.
The second host of the evening is János, who takes care that the night is filled with music.
Fabio will entertain our french speaking viewers and share his comments during the show.
Fabio, il divertira nos téléspectateurs francophones et partagera ses commentaires pendant l’émission.
Ander will entertain our hispanic speaking viewers and share his comments during the show.
Nuestro comentarista Ander entretendrá a nuestros espectadores con sus comentarios en español.

The organising committee

Janos (Mr Leather Spain 2017 / Mr Fetish Spain 2017 & President of SLFC) started the idea one year ago with friends and it went wild.
Simba The Puppy (Mr Puppy Spain 20/21) – responsible of the graphic and visual parts of the show and advertising.
Cayetono (Board member SLCF) – IT specialist responsible for the voting and live streaming.
Henk (Secretary of SLFC) – responsible for the international contacts between the 128 international associations/200 jury members/77 artists, administration.

This video shows some of the funny highlights of last years presentation.

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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