Winners of the PVC tracksuit by Mr.Riegillio

We’ve had so many submission for the recent contest that it was difficult to pick the winners. But these four below touched our heart the most. Congratulations!


Hello, the Alphatribe team,

you have a lot of great articles, about fetishes, kinks, and completely about our kinky lives. But for me, the best is this one:
The community needs to hear, there are not only the kinks and the bright sides of life, but there could be some hidden and dangerous sides. It is not easy to realize it or even write about it. But it can be easier when we let the other help us. As is written in the article: “Treat everyone with kindness, no matter what, because you just never know.”.

Thanks for your work.

Woof!Štěpán (pup Kyry)


Article: Alpha Tribe, Issue 11, Kings of Bondage.

Two years ago now you had a great article with RopeTrainKeep that explored his experience and desires with Bondage play. It was a good background into what bondage play is about, how the power play dynamics come into the play space, and how the connection between the dom and sub can play out. The interview and explanations he gave outlines what bondage play can be, and how the dom can use the sub for the pleasure of the dom, as well as to keep the sub aroused and build over the course of a few hours to a fitting climax. 

This is also one of my fetishes, and the article has helped me explain to others what it is all about, and how it excites me and can be part of some great play time.

In addition to this particular article, I am greatly impressed by the quality of other articles in Alpha Tribe. This is especially true of the regular reinforcement of the concepts of safe play, of keeping play real and not clouding play with indulgence in  drugs and mood-altering substances. These are always good reminders to our community to keep play sane and consensual, and at a level that can be controlled yet still enjoyed. Keep up the great work in our wide fetish world.


Good day Sir!

So, this geeky beginning kinkster saw the give away with the Mr. Riegilio suits and a surprise package, and I couldn’t help myself to enroll myself for a chance for this!
And all I have to do is pick my favorite article? That’s quite easy!

Since I’m a huge nerd and geek, but also love to get down and kinky ( beginner, but learning quick!), I chose a combination of these two articles:

Ever since I was young, I’ve been reading comics, dreaming of creating my own NSFW comics and it all started with the likes of Deadpool, Shatterstar, Quicksilver and Iceman. Comics were a huge part of my youth, and it is what actually got me started getting into kink and leather. Seeing all those amazing leater and lycra outfits, skintight and fitting, bulges and butts, always does a lot of things to me! It also inspired me to start drawing several outfits and once I’ve learned how to construct and sew, I’ll be able to transform my kink cosplay outfits into reality!

Imaginiging Colussus ram his steel pole into Ghostrider’s warm hole, while he’s tied up with his own chains or seeing Daken scratch his claws on poor Loki’s body, teasing, playing and edging, while Loki’s being suspended hanging upside because one of his spells backfired! Or Wiccan and Hulkling experimenting with some beginner kink stuff! And of course I wouldn’t mind having someone dress up as Deadpool to play with for a long time, since he’s a handsome fellow and has a f*cking hot attitude. Hearing him moan, curse and beg to cum while being edged would be amazing!

II’ll hope to one day have a super hot cosplay party where kinky fantasies can come true, and if that doens’t happen, I could always try drawing my own NSFW comic fan fiction!  The PVC  tracksuits that are winnable do also have a bit of a superhero look, which makes them even more amazing!

So I hope this is remarkable enough, but if not, it was super cool to be able to share this with someone!Had fun writing this down and will get back to writing up some ideas for fanfiction or costumes!
When will you announce the winners of the contest?

Would love to hear from you all!
Loving the content on the website!


Hello Alphatribe,

Lets start by saying that you articles are really well writen and are always a good reading to learn or to get to know something new.With that being said, there is one that really stood out for me:  MIR20 – The first international title holder of asian decent. Let me tell you why for me that article is one of your best.
First, there is not a lot a fetish or kinky articles wrote on people of colors(more than before but not enough to my eyes). It was refreshing that you people at Alphatribe took the time to interview Wexx and let him share his view on where he sees himself and how he sees the community. 

Second, it was so cool to learn about the mexico rubber scene. We don’t hear from from other community enough. What i mean by that is that we usually really stick to Europe, USA and sometimes Australia. In this case the Mexico scene was so well detailed that i am thinking about going to see them in the next year.

Third, we all know when you are tittle holder that it usually come with the representation of your community over the country and/or at international. In his case he explained so well how, as MIR20, he selected many countries that are not often picked by title holders. The 3 of them Warsha, São Paulo and Taipei. I was like WOW that represent totally what a international title holder should be visiting (when he/she/they have money).  

Forth and i think the most important. His implication to promote, defend and education to make sure asian people are seen in the community as they should be. As a person that live in a community with many different culture around i totally get that organising an activity or party is long and takes time but why isn’t there a person for diversity in promotion of those event so that every community is feeling welcome and party of the fun WE as a community (and that they are part of). It really made me think about how i act and how see things during events and pre events. 

To finish, i raise my paws to Paul Stag for the well writen question and how he dirrcted the interview. It was just WOW. He should totally interview many other people. Another Bravo is to all the BIPOC community representative that even when there is adversity they are always there and they stand united against racism and systemic innequality.

Sapphire Von Kepler
Be safe, shiny and stay healthy.


Hi AlphaTribe crew,

I hope you are well and keep the spirit up in these challenging times.Finding the printed copy in the gay bars of Brussels is something I look forward to once we can go back out and have fun.

I’m mailing you in response to the superb give away article only posted yesterday online and would like to take the opportunity to participate and have the chance to win one of those very sexy PVC tracksuits of Mr.Reigillio. Especially the hand written “thank you note” I got from Mr.Riegillio with one of my online orders up-scaled the brand for me, so winning one of these tracksuit would be wonderful and my choice would be the Black tracksuit with yellow stripes.

My choice of article is the following: “DARKLANDS 2022: 3 EXTRA PARTIES, 15 HOTELS, AND PERHAPS A SECOND EVENT?” by Alexander Müller

I liked this article because it confirms that Darklands will continue after this covid-“break”.Getting to know Darklands 2 edition ago, and introducing my husband to it last edition who also enjoyed it very much, I’m so relieved I don’t have to give up the greatest event I only got to know recently (well 2 edition is nearly not saturating the crave, so yes, recently). Having the combination of the parties, the merchants market and the different shows , this all in Fetish Fairy tale setting and the possibility to meet fantastic people, is so unique it cannot be lost.

In addition, the article makes me enthusiastic about the new the project ‘Alphatown’, especially since it has the possibility to be hosted in my home city Brussels.So my vote goes to : Brussels, 12 points !!!  



Written by Alexander Müller


What do you think?

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