WILLIAM SIZEN BELL – International award winning fetish DJ

Alphatribe had the chance to talk to one of the leading dj’s in the gay circuit and fetish industry. He’s looking forward to spin the decks after this corona horror. And what make William a great guy to work with? He’s one in a million and the complete opposite of a diva.

What preparations do you make before a big gig like Rage in Belgium ? 
When preparing to play an event such as Rage at Darklands, I make sure I have lots of new music but also lots of ‘classics’. With the event attracting people from all over the world it’s important to be able to cover all bases and be able to go where the crowd guides me. I like to get to events a few hours before my set time so I can have a walk around the venue, chat to people and listen to what is being played before me so I can get a feel of what is needed. 

You are currently based in Manchester, what was the UK music scene heading at before lockdown?
The music scene in Manchester is very varied. We have lost a lot of amazing venues to property development as they are being converted into apartments. A prime example of this is Sankeys; in 2010, Sankeys was voted the ‘number one’ club in the world in a DJ Mag reader poll. I am privileged I got to play at Sankeys on a number of occasions when it played host to Manchesters iconic gay clubbing brand FEDERATION.
Unfortunately, both the gay and straight dance scenes aren’t what they used to be when I relocated here 8 years ago which is very sad for a city like Manchester; however, events such as ‘Warehouse Project’ are a welcomed addition when it returns each year for a 15 week run of events which attracts world class DJ’s and acts to the city.

William Sizen Bell at Milkshake for Mister B.

Do you make your own tracks and how do you construct your fetish event sets ? 
I get asked a lot about if I construct may sets before I play, the answer to that is no. I know what I would like to play, but until I start and start reading the crowd, seeing what is working and getting the best reactions, that moulds the direction I take my sets. I am privileged to do what I do for a living, playing all over the world at amazing events such as Darklands, but with that comes a responsibility. I know some DJ’s construct a set playlist and just stick to that, that isn’t me or my style. When I play, it isn’t about me, it’s about playing for the crowd and the creating energy in the room.
I have recently started producing my own tracks after signing a deal with record label Toolbox House UK. I’m currently working on original tracks and some remixes which you can hear exclusively in my sets until they are due for release in the next couple of months.

What has been the highlight of your DJ career to date ?
That’s a very tough question, it has to be a toss up between last year playing for DADDi / FUSION at Darklands or playing the Mister B Stage at Milkshake Festival in Amsterdam. It’s too close to call, but I recommend both to everyone. 

Which DJ’s and artist’s do you most admire ?
Two DJ’s I look up to and admire are Micky Friedmann and Chris Bekker. They are both different in music styles but I feel they have both been pioneers in their fields in both DJ’n and music production.  

What would be your dream gig ?
Without a doubt that would be Tomorrowland. I would be able to retire form DJ’n content if I was ever lucky enough to play there.

What are your favourite tracks of all time to play out to get a reaction?
Again that is a very tough question, I have two all time favourite tracks. The first is ‘Nik Denton – Freaks Don’t Sleep (Original Mix)’. It’s been around a few years but it samples ‘Faithless – Insomnia’ so is instantly recognisable and always gets an amazing reaction when I play it. The second is a closely guarded secret. So many people ask me what the track is called but you’ll have to come see me play to hear it.

What is the funniest or most disastrous thing that has happened during a gig ?The funniest and nearly disastrous thing to happen whilst playing was running back stage to use the bathroom, bearing in mind there is usually only 3 – 4 minutes to do this before you have to mix again. I had stupidly taken my pass off from round my neck. When I went to rush back on stage a security guard wouldn’t let me back on stage thinking I was a someone from the crowd trying to get on the stage. The music almost stopped, it was my own fault but I was so angry at the time; however, I can see the funny side now. 

How do fans follow or find out more about you ?
You can hear my mixes at and find out about my upcoming gigs by adding me on Facebook at


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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