Why nobody buys any of Rupaul’s music

We all love the hugely popular Ms Rupaul. She is one of the most recognizable gay icons alongside Elton, George, Ellen & Freddie. Her blockbusting show “Rupaul’s Drag race” now is spawning franchises of the show (in Thailand, The UK) faster than a guy dropping his pants when Michael Roman or Ray Diesel calls round for coffee. But we just don’t seem to like her music despite its huge promotion on our TV screens.

The world’s leading drag queen has been releasing new music for 27 years ever since she stepped out of her cameo appearance in the B52’s hit Love Shack and she has never had a single hit song on any of the world’s 40 commercial sales charts. The unfortunate track record says that although she has released an incredible 78 singles, she has never had a Top 30 hit solo in any major chart on the globe.

Her highest solo chart position anywhere ever was in the UK last century when she scraped up to a low number 39. She did hop on Elton John’s coat tails joining with him on the second single from his Duets album with a substandard copy of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” but it got nowhere near the sales of the Kiki Dee/Elton John worldwide smash that was number one everywhere.

It seems that as much as we are hugely entertained by her show we just don’t want to go out and buy her singing products or listen to it on our smartphones. She now holds the world record for the most singles ever without gaining a hit. Perhaps she needs to get a hit backing-track from David Guetta or Calvin Harris or even commission Sheeran or Adele to write something for her.

You better work girl! If you can’t love your own songs then how the hell is anyone else gonna love them, so sashay away and stick to the superb TV shows!


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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