Why join BLUF?

If there’s one thing we should have learned from the recent Black Lives Matter protests, it’s that we haven’t spent enough attention to our fellow brothers of colour. To the same conclusion came the thriving force behind BLUF, Nigel Whitfield.

Alphatribe had a chat with Nigel about the upcoming ‘Why join BLUF’ campaign. BLUF profiles are hidden for non-members so there is very little to identify with apart from posters and flyers that go around. “And those promotional items always carried a white person” says Nigel. “It goes further: The photos that we have on the dress code page are all of white European guys, and so too are a lot of the images in our publicity. I think that needs to change. Because BLUF doesn’t have public profiles, those images are about all people have when they are wondering about joining, so I think it’s important that we show the diversity of our membership. If people can look at the site and see that there is someone like them – whether that’s in terms of age, ethnicity, disability, body type, or something else – then they’re more likely to feel that it’s worth joining, I believe”.


We – and a lot of the leather scene – need to do better at making everyone feel welcome. The ‘Meet the members’ part of the Why join BLUF page is part of that. There’s a wide range of BLUF members, with ages ranging from early twenties to seventies. We have members from many different backgrounds and cultures, with interests in different types of leather uniform – it’s not just people in Langlitz and VK79, great though those outfits are. You really can meet our dress code and qualify to join BLUF without breaking the bank – even with second hand gear. 

To show all that, we’ve created a special ‘meet our members page’ where several members have volunteered to present themselves and give an impression of how our community looks like.

If you are a BLUF member and would like to present yourself on that page, contact Nigel on

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Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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