A bright new initiative was founded on the US west coast by Mark Weston and A.J. Huff, current Mr Rubber San Francisco . We talk to A.J. about this beautiful new initiative.


What’s it about? 

We’re working with Zumo, a Local bay Area company, producing masks with Rubber and Leather Pride Flag designs. They’re available for donations helping those in need in our fetish and kink communities in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Who’s involved?

A.J. Huff, Mr. Rubber San Francisco 2020 and Mark Weston, Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020 in association with our respective organizations. We also had support from Alan Gamrican, Mr. San Francisco Rubber 2019 to get this off the ground.


How did you come up with the idea?

We saw some of our local community members  needed assistance and we wanted to help. With masks being the new social norm, designing these masks was a great way to allow people to show their kink and fetish pride.


Who creates the designs of the masks?

The two of us came up with the concepts and worked closely with Zumo on the designs. We’ve also just launched a Non-Binary Pride line of masks with the assistance and support of both Ferris oxide, Mx. International Olympus Leather 2019 and Eleven, Mx. Rubber San Francisco 2020.


How can people order a mask and what is the price? Do you deliver worldwide?

They are available on the San Francisco Bay Area Rubber Etsy website (link below) as a gift for a $20 donation. All proceeds go to organizations providing financial support to kinksters in need in our community. We ship worldwide!

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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