We’e about to give HIV a huge blow

There might be a silver lining to the current Covid crisis. As we haven’t been able to have our regular random dates the past two months, it is the perfect moment to get tested for HIV. If you were infected before lockdown, a test now would be 100% accurate. If you’re negative, you can continue prevention with PrEP and/or condoms. If you are positive you can start a treatment immediately. 

This momentum could lead to a drop in new infections after lockdowns have been lifted. If you you get tested and the result is positive, a treatment will prevent the further spread of the virus.

This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime so get tested now and give HIV a huge blow. And while you’re at it, test for other std’s as wel and make sure you arrive clean at the battlefield once de darkrooms reopen.


Written by Alexander Müller


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