Undesirable Corona Consequences

One of the effects Corona has on earths population is the fact that people spend more time online. Especially on social media. For some that seemed like the perfect timing to crawl from under their stone, sit behind their computer and spit their vile around.

After the recent World Fetish event not only the organising SLFC but also several contestants had to undergo bullying. They’ve written an open letter to our community and ask to unite instead of divide.

You can read the letter below. And one more tip: if you encounter such people, simply block them. Their ‘raison d’être’ is collecting attention, likes and followers while hurting others. Seeing that diminish will send a strong message. And on top of that, your social media experience will be a lot let less stressful. Give it a try!

The open letter from SLFC:

Dear World Fetish fans,

Last Saturday many of us came together, even though most of us could not leave our homes. For the space of some extremely sweet hours we all were hooked to our screens, to our phones, to our televisions, sharing something unheard of just two weeks before. The fantastic guys from SLFC put together what can only be described as the biggest breakthrough of our community – yes, community, regardless of leather, rubber, pups, sports gear or drag-queens. Regardless your color or the letter in the LGTBQ+ community and even straight people, you name it, since COVID-19 erased all of our events. SLFC managed to get together 21 countries from around the world and would have nearly 8000 people cheer on everyone performing in this fantastic show.

Sadly, it has come to our attention, that not all of it has been cheering, joy, and fun. Bullying, although condemned within our community, shows its ugly face from time to time, and decided to charge against one of the contestants, tarnishing such a great initiative.

Click here to read the full open letter.


Written by Alexander Müller


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