Ultimate fetish boot camps

Every summer, Master Drex, organises the Czech BDSM Camp. He’s a legend of the international BDSM scene, Master-SM (also called Butcher), and the co-author, director and protagonist in the Discipline4Boys project.

Who are the Czech BDSM Camps intended for?

They are intended for submissive men and slaves who are lovers of BDSM practices. Each participant lives out their favourite practices, performed by experienced Masters. There’s a heavy military feel and an original environment. The main conditions are that the participant must be of legal age and in good health – appropriate for such an adventure event.

Training in BDSM lessons and other practices is performed according to participant’s questionnaire which they fill-in ahead of the event. There is also a Slave Tournament to challenge their skills.

In case of serious interest, Master-SM is willing to provide ‘special care’ to one or two of the participants. In these cases, the participant also fills in an exhaustive list indicating what he does not want to experience or attend. However, the questionnaire is only a guideline. Master-SM does not need to follow it or be restricted by the list in any way. The list becomes the only restriction. At his own discretion, Master-SM may also require a face-to-face interview with the participant interested in special care.

Where do the events take place?

In a very atmospheric stone building with a large garden in small village near Kolin in Eastern Europe. It has thematic areas including an attic with beams, a brick shed with trough and shackles, a cold and damp cellar with a well, and an outdoor courtyard which you cannot see out of.

What else is included?

Food and drinks, lodging corresponding with the event theme, a toilet, and a shower. All necessary equipment, BDSM tools and instruments, and necessary basic medical equipment. We guarantee safety, fairness, and to be discrete.

The participants are also involved in the housework during the Camp. It means they work in the kitchen doing food preparation, cleaning, or help to prepare the instruments for the next lesson. Everything is done according to the Masters’ instructions and supervision. Participants can also experience the Slave Olympic Games which tests their skills, or a night challenge game.

What is the capacity of these camps?

At any moment, there is a maximum of six participants on the premises. For example, three participants may be there for the whole event, with the remaining vacancies filled with shorter stays (for example, half a day, one day…). The minimum time for a participant stay is two hours.

What is the typical profile of the participants?

Participants come to the camp both from both home and abroad. Often they are men who have great responsibility in their job, manage other people, and make risky decisions. In our hands, they can compensate for this stress by experiencing the opposite side, by feeling like ‘a piece of meat’ devoted to an authority. It can be excellent relaxation to maintain mental health, psychic stability, and to refill energy levels. Others are very experienced in BDSM, they have tried many things and want to experience the real deal and a higher intensity. And then, there are masochists who just want to get their dosage of pain.

And what about sex?

The whole BDSM experience is about working on and treating sexual energy. The excitement is the key for full enjoyment. But if you ask whether we do sexual activities like intercourse during the camp event – yes, if it’s arranged. In the same way, we fist too.

Have you ever been surprised?

I’m always pleasantly surprised when a participant moves his own limits and, of his own will. When he wants to try things he never even thought about. For example, a participant didn’t have the courage to list sounding in the questionnaire, even though he liked it in porn movies. But on the second evening, he got the nerve and asked for it. Another one fulfilled his idea of repetitive frequent milking in front of others. Those are the small personal victories of the participants that make us happy.

Life is about experiences and enjoyment!

When are the next Czech BDSM camps going to be held?

From June to September 2020. The dates will be published on my website: •


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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