TOYBOX – PETE MASTERS….The Best Edging daddy ever.

Our regular mini feature digging deep into an International porn stars sex toy collection and very personal sex life takes us too one of the biggest fansite and studio stars of the moment Pete Masters.  A hugely popular fetish model due to his incredibly masculine look, his brilliant verbal, sexy as fuck voice, cock to die for and on top of it all a REALLY nice educated intelligent guy. His personal USP as a 100% total top cocksman is his stunning verbal edging skills plus complete ejaculation control of a sub is an art form and would make the straightest of guys consider starting to bat for the other side and put their unappreciated cocks in the hands of a true hairy macho expert. The phrase ‘Come To Daddy’ has never had a clearer meaning.

There aren’t many toys made for tops, or there weren’t until the Fleshlight appeared just over a decade ago. I remember telling my mates about it and they thought it sounded crazy – until I told them how lifelike it felt. Then they all wanted a go so I bought three internal gels to lend to them without it getting too weird. For a while we all felt like Charlotte from Sex and the City with her Rabbit addiction. Of course, as with everything I lend out, one of them never came back. It’s definitely my favourite and for good reason. For a top, the Fleshlight is god.

My toy drawers are also stuffed full of other toys but I don’t get to use them as often. Those toys are for my boys, not for me. Apart from the usual dildos, which I don’t seem to be an expert with, I have an eclectic mix.

My favourite is probably cheap and cheerful – a really long rope I bought from one of the gay sex shops ages ago. Once I get to know a guy, and if he begs for it, I love to tie him up – but always escapable. Sometimes tying his arms to my bed head, sometimes his legs too, and sometimes just tying him down in a chair. The former are brilliant for fucking, the latter is The Best Thing Ever for edging. One of my exes thrashed about so much he ripped a chair apart and crashed to the floor, still tied up and screaming with pleasure. Oh, how I laughed! Less so when I had to repair the broken chair.

Now I’ve invested in some decent handcuffs and love them even more, as they just look so evil. I did have a pair from The Pound Shop – seriously, they were marketed as a kids’ toy! – but unsurprisingly they didn’t survive a proper session. If you learn nothing else from this article, learn this: Don’t buy Pound Shop handcuffs.

I also bought a sound once (and ended up fucking the sales boy – that seems to happen a lot in sex shops!) but most guys won’t let it anywhere near them. I don’t know why I love using it, I just do, but I’ve yet to make a guy cum with it inside him. One day…

And a mate gave me an electro kit which is an odd little thing. At uni I learned the principles behind it which takes some of the magic away but also means I’m very good at administering it! Once again, most guys won’t go near it and I’ve yet to really explore what I can do while it’s on them.

Then there’s the whips, prostate massagers, pumps, clamps, extensions etc which get a good workout with the right guy. But I reckon the best toy for a couple is a decent rope, and the best toy for a top is a good Fleshlight with the right sensitivity gel inside. By the way, you can always tell a proper top by how he uses his Fleshlight: a proper top will mount it and fuck it, not wank with it.

Happy mounting!’


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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