Toybox is our regular mini feature focusing solely on an important International Fetish Porn Stars sex life and preferred sleaze practices no more no less. What these amazing guys like to do and with their favourite sex toys when the underwear drops to the floor, the blood flow increases into their massive fuck weapons and their balls get set to empty the hottest seed on the planet.

OTTO SAMSON is one of the most exciting new fetish porn stars on the scene and in huge demand with all the major studios because he looks fit as fuck, has a filthy mind and is as sleazy as it comes. 

What is there to say about the sex life of Otto Samson? Well, I am pretty mild to wild and truly 100% versatile. Many people tend to think that guys who say they are vers are more bottoms; I have no preference which position that I like more. Really it all depends on the guy that I’m with and if I am going to bottom or top that day. My boyfriend, Silver Steele, is my main top and I tend to bottom for him more than I do for other people. I tend to go into a euphoric state of mind when I am riding Silver’s huge thick cock; it hits my guts just right and makes my prostate throb like a beating heart. I love playing with nipples and having others play with mine. It’s a great way to get me off. I am really into kissing as well. If you’re a great kisser, it’s an instant boner and cum shot from me. When I get on a dick and ride it like a cowboy at a rodeo, it usually causes me to shoot a geyser of a load all over my top’s chest and face. 

Now when it comes to guys that I like to play with, I have no hang up on age, race, etc. I like to think that I’m pretty open-minded. I gravitate to furry guys more because I like the feel of their natural body fur on mine. Trans men have become quite a fun treat for me recently as well. Trip Richards is a model that I have filmed with a few times and I can’t get enough of his front manhole. He even fucked me with his strap-on and I came all over the place, hitting myself in the beard. I tend to hook up with guys within 5 years of my age out of preference, but I find myself attracted to guys outside that range on occasion (just look at Silver!). I have had a lot of sex over the years, ranging from passionate lovemaking to romping around a room to orgies. I have very little kinks but I am willing to try something once. 

When it comes to my everyday sexy time with my boyfriend, I like it to be on the passionate side, but I like wild sex as well; just grunting, sweaty, primal sex! The kind of sex when two men are just going at it and sweat becomes the lube and the man musk is the poppers and we are just rolling around from bed to sling to fuck bench. It’s such a turn on when a man has no deodorant and the man musk just radiates off of him and I get my “poppers” high from him. I am staunchly opposed to ever wearing deodorant, and I have had people tell me my scent is pretty powerful. My natural scent renews itself five minutes after a shower. There’s just no stopping it! I have had sex in some fun places, but nothing too crazy. I did have sex in a Smart car in Spain when I lived there for a while. That was probably the weirdest place I have had sex because there was a lot of flexibility necessary to get through that episode. 

I do like putting on a show for people, so the bathhouse is probably my favorite place to do that. Some of my favorite bathhouses that I have visited would have to be Steamworks in Chicago, Club Houston, Bathhouse Hispalis in Sevilla, Spain, and FLEX in Cleveland. I hope to visit more in the future around the country and the world

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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