Toy Box with Daddy Will Angell

Anyone who knows me, or anyone I have ever had sex with, would know immediately what toys I could not live without in my Toy Box and that’s nipple toys. Just take one look at me and you can tell how much I love to play with my big fat knobs. Whether it’s pumping, clamping, piercing them, or just having a sweet boy nurse on them, I cannot get enough nipple play! 

Many guys say that their nipples are attached to their cock or asshole, but that’s not the way it is for me. For me they are sex organs that stand alone and provide a pleasure like nothing else, completely separate from my cock and hole. It’s like having two extra dicks sticking out of my chest. It really turns me on to have them exposed, just as if I was walking around with my cock hanging out.

Back in 1984, when I was a wee lad of 18, my nipples were totally useless. They had no sensation and were completely inverted. I read a story in Hustler magazine about a guy who pierced his nipples and it turned me on so much. On a trip to Provincetown I saw some needles in a leather shop and decided to pierce them myself. I iced them up, put a cork on one side and drove the needle through. I can still hear the sound it made as it tore through my flesh. I was hooked! 

Afterwards my useless nipples transformed into true sex organs. Even the slightest graze across them would have me hard as a rock. One time I was in line in a grocery store and my nip rubbed the inside of my shirt and, with a muffled whimper, I came in my pants.

A lot of guys ask me how I got my nipples so big. Firstly, nothing can replace the 35 years of constant tugging I have given them. As with any enlargement process, patience is key. You really must take your time and enjoy the ride. I use a hand pump and have cylinders ranging from 5/8 of an inch up to one inch. Don’t skip sizes. Go up gradually – wait until you can fill a tube before sizing up. 

I have also pierced them at different times. The scar tissue that forms doesn’t go away and will help permanently increase their size. I slowly increased up to a 0 gauge which I felt gave my nipples a pleasant weight and bounce. As my nipples toughened up, I could attach weights and chains to the rings. However, I did make sure the piercings were far enough back into the meat of the nipple so I didn’t risk tearing them. Again, I took it nice and slow to determine how much they could handle. 

To avoid a tear, a clamp is a great alternative. The only issue I have with clamps is that I need a whole lot of weight to get the pleasure I need. A clamp must have a good bite and plenty of pressure to stay on while holding up a full can of paint, or boots, or another equally heavy item I might hang there. My favourite clamp is from Home Depot, a building supply store. They are called ‘lineman clamps.’ These babies won’t slip off! But you might need to use a blade to trim off a little of the rubber so you can achieve a comfortable fit. They are inexpensive but a favourite of mine.

So, get on those nipples guys and treat them like the sex organs they are. In time your level of sensitivity will increase. I hope they drive you wild like my nipples do to me. Like all things, take it slow and be sane. you might just find yourself cumming in your pants uncontrollably like I did!!

Daddy Will Angell


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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