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Hello fellow pervy friends! To those who don’t know me, I’m ​YngMstrDetroit​, and for more than 27 years now, I’ve been doing some very evil things to some very sexy boys all over the world, and sharing a lot of that fun with you all via ​online smutty videos​. I’ve been amazingly fortunate to be able to meet and play with some gorgeous, talented, smokin’ hot boys, and I do love bringing you along for the ride when I can. So I was flattered when AlphaTribe asked me to share with you all my top five favorite scenes of all time, and what my ultimate, cost-no-object, super-amazing fantasy scene would be!

So here, let me show you what I absolutely love to do to hot guys! Here are my top five favorite scenes (so far):


After years of decades in my own basement dungeon, I wanted to try and make something a bit more cinematic — and the opportunity came when a friend of mine bought a building for his t-shirt printing business! Before he moved in, he let me film some fun in it, so I gathered up some evil henchmen, some props, some better lighting and created “​The Warehouse​,” the story of ​GearPigLink​ who’s been abducted and abused for the entertainment of a group of shadowy, wealthy men. The finished product looks amazing, but it was really a grueling shoot. Still… the results were worth it. I’ve wanted to film a sequel with the guy who’s introduced at the very end of ​Part 2​, but sadly, schedules and facilities just never lined up for that.

Check it out.


Infamous rubberboy ​Whiteout​ approached me with the idea of sending one of his old Dainese latex catsuits out with a bang — it was already nearly completely destroyed after years of use, and was one good bending-over away from completely blowing out half its seams. So we devised a fun way to film it being absolutely destroyed, by creating a plan wherein he would be abducted and bound by a few evil henchmen
(sensing a theme here?) and the suit would literally be RIPPED off of him. As soon as the video went live, OHHHH the butthurt from the rubberboys all over the world! “WHYYYYY?” they cried as one. I could FEEL the disturbance in the kinky Force, as if Alderaan had just been destroyed! The concept was so much fun and so successful, we later ​filmed a sequel​ with another worn-out suit that was sent to him specifically for that very purpose!

Check it out.


A very good friend of mine is a life-long rubber fetishist. He and two former colleagues of his were the first to create the vac-cube business that appeared at IML over a decade ago, SlickCo. But the cubes turned out to be too expensive and difficult to manufacture, and while everybody wanted to play in them, few people wanted to shell out $1,000+ to buy one. The company went bust, and my friend was left with a LOT of leftover rubber. Well, he came to visit for a weekend and brought his rolls of latex and pervy mind with him, and this was the result — something he’d wanted to build for years. That’s actually him, the creator, in what we eventually called the vac-tower, his first ride in it actually. I edged the hell out of him in that, and then used a very slow moving Venus 2000 milking machine on him — to very obvious explosive results! Since then, the Vac-Tower ride has been one of the most requested attractions for visiting boys in my dungeon. The sensation of movement restriction is amazing. It immobilizes you totally, you’re completely unable to move any part of yourself, and there’s no hope of getting free until I turn the suction off. This original one has long since been retired, but we have a new one that’s just as much fun, and it remains one of my favorite things to do to a boy!

Check it out.


So here’s a confession: I find actual superhero movies to be tedious and boring (the lone exception: “Black Panther” was great). But I get ROCK fuckin’ hard from the idea of superhero torture porn! The idea of a villain having a captive hero (in something spandex, of course) and having his way, his revenge, his kicks out on the do-gooder hero absolutely gets me cranked. The scene I filmed involved ​Gnarls​ as the captured
Nightwing and my boy ​Zathin​ as the tormentor following my instructions. That Nightwing suit was a custom-made piece from​, the Chinese websites are really pretty good when you want something sewn to specific dimensions (Gnarls is a tall boy, off-the-shelf stuff wasn’t going to fit properly). He struggles SO well… filming superhero porn is something I definitely want to do more of in the future!

Check it out.


Without a doubt, electro play is my absolute favorite thing to do to a boy. The ability to create any number of sensations from mind-blowing ecstasy to unbearable agony just by attaching a few wires and playing with a few buttons is somehow truly appealing to me. So when I find a boy who enjoys having electricity applied to his junk as much as I like applying it, it’s a match made in heaven! And there’s one playmate I have here in Michigan who can cum hands-free every single time I use it on him. Without fail. Every time. In fact, I have to be careful not to turn the juice up TOO fast, or he’ll bust just as soon as the realization that he’s tied down and about to have his cock shocked enters his head! I’ve made a few vids with him over the years, and each time, he reliably shoots at least one, if not two big loads for me. The first load, however, is always electrically induced.

Check it out.


Written by YngMstrDetroit

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