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Top 10 tips for Darklands

#2 Hotels

There used to be four official hotels, in 2020 there are ten. Regulars re-book on the flight home from the previous Darklands. That means the nearest hotels get booked up faster than Cutler X’s escort schedule. This is not a problem as there is always be availability slightly further away. All the official hotels are served by free shuttle buses, and at night the buses pass by The Boots fetish bar. To find the buses at the venue, follow the signs or the leather-assed crowd to the southern tip of the carpark. In 2020, the buses are being tracked by GPS and you can follow their position on the Darklands website.Antwerp is Belgium’s second largest city, so there are lots of accommodation options if you don’t find space in an official hotel. Darklands happens outside of the main tourist seasons so us pigs have almost total control over Antwerp’s stock of rooms. This also ensures that rooms are reasonably priced. The Darklands venue is on the river and the city centre is walkable. Around 80 percent of visitors will find hotels near the main railway station (Antwerpen Centraal) and zoo. It’s close to the main shopping area, supermarkets, bars, and restaurants.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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