Top 10 pup resolutions for 2020

Clear out your gear: If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a load of boxes under your bed filled with stuff that you don’t use anymore and is just taking up space. Sell it on eBay to save up for something new or better yet; give it to a newbie pup who’s looking to start their gear collection.

Repair, Replace and Revitalize: We all have those pieces of gear with sentimental value that are starting to show their age. Maybe your first pup hood with parts that are coming loose or a jockstrap which is more fray than fabric. Take the New Year to get those odd bits fixed or maybe take the opportunity to buy something new. Giving your kink a refresh can do wonders for your headspace.

Attend an event: Pup play events are popping up all over, both for the dogs who want to be dirty and for the pups who just want to socialize with their local community. But the only way we get to keep these events is if you actually attend and support them. 

Wear your fetish proudly: I’m not saying turn up to work in your dog hood and ass plugged with your tail, but if up till now you’ve kept your pup side behind closed doors, why not be a little riske’ with maybe wearing your collar out in public or a pup play t-shirt. It’s like wearing lingerie or a chastity device under your clothes; no one is going to notice or pay attention but you will know and you will feel naughty and just that little freer.

A Paw for a Paw: Going to an event when you don’t know anyone there can be daunting, and seeing the established friendship groups and relationships it can be hard to make those initial steps to making friends. Started by Pup Dex, A Paw For Paws is a project to help people who face barriers at social events held by the pup and pet community. This may be due to shyness, social anxiety, disability, or some other barrier. And best of all, they are FREE! Just head over to to learn more and order yours now.

Be open to new/evolving relationships: Becoming owned/owning a pup or becoming part of a pack is a commitment that can be intimidating as that means change, and as we all know, change is bad. But change can also elevate your pup play to a level that you won’t get if you stick to the status quo. Take a chance.

Make your style you: Customizing your pup look to be unique is nothing uncommon, and a lot of stores now offer customized pup hoods and accessories. But take making your pup self into your own paws. Get creative, get artistic, get a glue gun and make the puppy that you want to be. 

Bigger plug tail! Is that plug tail you’ve been wearing starting to slip more and more often? Might be time to up the size. It might look like it’s never going to fit but half the fun of a new plug tail is conquering it and the ecstasy once it slips in. 

March for Puppy Pride: You want to know the moment that change me for life? It was marching in my first Pride parade as a Pup. Once you’ve done that, been in public in full pup gear and gone from nervously waiting for the parade to start, to hundreds of people watching me march with the rest of the puppies, to people wanting to have selfies. 

Realize you are sexy, goddamn it! That’s it. Doesn’t matter if you think your body shape isn’t desirable. Sometimes it’s harder hearing positive things being said about you than it is to hear nasty, because you believe the nasty stuff and it’s far too easy to think the nice stuff is just lies told by friends to make you feel better. But the sooner you realize that sexiness comes in all shapes and sizes, the happier you will be. 


Written by Rob Wilde

Rob Wilde, a.k.a Pup Piglet, holds the title of Mr Puppy UK 2017. Host, model and adult entertainer - Rob is one of the UK's key figures and ambassador for Pup-Play and kink culture.

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