Tom Cruise in leather chaps with a metallic-skull leather jockstrap…? We look at the megastar’s top 10 gayest scenes.

Tom Cruise has been one of the world’s biggest movie stars for the past four decades. There have been endless rumours about his sexuality since the beginning of his career, largely thanks to his strange appearance in Endless Love. But he has always denied that he is gay, although he’s proud to admit he is into Scientology. It would seem the latter is the more embarrassing of the two.

Cruise is now 57 and has a net worth of US$530 million, but is still single as he heads towards his sixtieth. He has been married to women three times of course: Mimi Rogers for three years, Nicole Kidman for 11, and Katie Holmes for six.

Although he has acted in 50 movies, he has never played a gay character. Nor have there been any major gay characters in his films. But no other male actor in cinematic history has taken their clothes off more times on film. That’s handy as we love male movie stars in the flesh. 

Despite this, Top Gun is regularly voted as the gayest film of all time. It even beats Brokeback Mountain, Priscilla, Birdcage, and The Wizard of Oz. In 2020 we will get our first look at the Top Gun sequel: Maverick. It may be a much shorter film than the original if they extract the gay subtext and make Iceman, Goose, and all the military locker room scenes look a lot straighter.

So here’s Alphatribe’s pick of Cruise’s gayest movies.

#1 Top Gun

Basically, the whole film as it celebrates male camaraderie in uniform. Watch the briefing scene where two guys put their arms around each other. Then there is the officer’s demand: “I want someone’s butt now” followed immediately by: “I want some butt!”. Then there is the hard-on discussion. And so on it goes on (to be continued).

#2 Rock of Ages

Here’s our man playing rock-god Stacee Jaxx. Before bursting into Wanted Dead or Alive, Pour Some Sugar On Me, and I Want to Know What Love Is, Tom spends a huge chunk of the movie prancing around in leather chaps and an accompanying studded jock strap. Both could have come straight off the shelf at Mr S Leather or Mister B. If you prefer Lycra to leather, then switch over to Minority Report where Tom is in a skin-tight Lycra uniform. It shows every curve of his torso and undercarriage as he runs and jumps about. And as for those Lycra-clad butt shots...

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