There’s a new king of the North: Ambjorn Soderberg

Just last month the fetish world welcomed a new King of the North as AMBJORN SODERBERG was sashed as a very popular Mr Leather Norway and he is fitter & a whole lot sleazier than any man who ever walked the ramparts of Winterfell in Game Of Thrones (For what he gets up to beyond the Wall just read on but it does include blow jobs). Our new Norse God of gay fetish spoke to Alphatribe in detail and also got all the lowdown for our readers to the very different and now much supported by the International gay fetish circuit party travellers who want some variety from say the usual Berlin, Barcelona, Maspalomas, Antwerp and London favourites. So we have deatils on Arctic Pride and Arctic Pilot. The much travelled John O’Brien from Leathermen of Ireland for example calls these events “his favourite of the year to visit & massively woorth the effert”. Leathermen on dog sleighs, puppies in the snow building snow masters with large carrots and rubbermen drinking heavily under the Northern Lights as if it is the last days of Valhalla & it is certainly a very different prospect if you are looking for a new addition to your annual circuit party trips.


How did it feel to be crowned as Mr Leather Norway 2021?
It felt very honorable! I was the only candidate for the competition and that meant it could have either just been an end to the sash and Title and it returned to the club, or the board of the club could use a rule and name a candidate the winner. They had unanimously agreed that I was a strong and worthy candidate to take on the job after our former Titleholder Per Helge Nylund (Mr Leather Norway 2019/2020). To know, and to hear this, meant a lot! I will do my absolute best to make the Title show my way!

What was the process of selection and election in the tail end of this pandemic?
The club (SLM Oslo) opened up a form through their website where you could apply to be a candidate for the Title. With the applications the board does a run-through of them before they would present the candidates to the public.Normally it would then be interviews with a jury, a jury vote, and a peoples vote. Special this year would have been that the voting would take place online over a week, and then the winner would have been announced during Oslo Leather Pride, which is part of the regular Oslo Pride (Skeive Dager). It was all a matter of restrictions in the city if it would be an all online event or an event also live on stage. We were lucky enough to be able to do a combination of both, making it possible for more people to watch and see it – even from abroad!

Who is Ambjörn Söderberg?
I’ll just do the run-through I did for my presentation here, as I think it covers most about me generally.My name is Ambjörn, I am 39 years old, soon to be 40. I live in Kongsvinger, Norway, but I am originally from Sweden where I moved from Stockholm to Kongsvinger in 2010 due to love. I thrive here like the fish in the water, and I have found peace in my mind and soul, but I also like to travel around a lot and be around people, and city life is nice!I’m a happy, social and silly guy, but I can also be serious and tough when time is needed. I live for the moment, but I also need some structure and planning in life to just get things going and have control.I am known for my energy, my charisma and smile, and it has made me well known, and people kind of “fall in love with me” due to that kind of energy and smile.I work in the telecom industry but I am also a training instructor in cycling and strength classes.In my free time I play a lot of music, I’m a DJ, I like to slack, watch movies and series, hiking in forest and mountains, gaming, reading, and food – especially hot foods which I am also known to handle quite a lot of!As a DJ I am known as K-PAXian and I play electronic music such as trance, techno and house. You can find my mixes on

What is the gay fetish scene like in Norway?
As Norway is quite a small country, so is the fetish scene. I mean, we have it all over the country, but the gathering points are few. But I have noticed that more are making their own gathering points for fetish people, which is awesome. It makes it feel more open and welcoming, and people can find places to relax and be themselves at.Our main club is SLM Oslo, which of course is based in Oslo, but we have members and visitors coming from all over the country. It is an intimate little pub club where you can sit and have a drink, chill, talk about anything, and listen to music, while in your fetish gear – but also a basement area with possibilities for different kinds of play.I also had the opportunity to connect and visit with SM Bergen, which is a mixed S/M club, while visiting Bergen Pride. It was a good experience and a good connection to make. We have the same interests and can exchange experiences and ideas. It helps us get more noticed around, and may also trigger others in the country to connect and have more than one meeting point.

What are your plans and goals for your title year?
Connect. Travel. Showcase. And most of all: Have fun!
I want to use myself and my energy to showcase another side of the leather and fetish community. Be the one I am, that people like, and be the front figure for it. Showing that leather and fetish isn’t just about being rough, tough and try to get sex in the darkrooms, but also socialize, dance, enjoy the community as it is as a brotherhood. I want to make it clear that you can be at SLM to just be yourself, and not just to find sex.  Connect with others first, and then start exploring. It gets so much better when you actually know a little bit before you play, don’t you think?Another goal is also to show off that Norway has a strong and healthy leather and fetish community, as a response I have experienced recently has been very happy that a new Mr Leather Norway has reappeared! The national connection and showcasing is one thing, but I want to have the international connection as well, and invite others to visit our club and country.
Our former Mr Leather Norway, Per Helge, has already managed that with his Arctic Pilot up in Tromsø, with its own magnificent nature and experience. Really something different and special!

Outside of Scandinavia what is your personal favourite gay fetish event?
I have not visited that many yet. I have yet to visit Folsom Berlin which I have heard so much about, and there are tons I want to visit.But from the ones that I have visited I must say, as a “small” event, I enjoyed Manchester Leather Weekend 2019! That was brilliantly executed and well made with variety! 
As a big event, Darklands…! My goodness what a blast of an event! F*#k! I was happy and felt alive from the first second! All the people you had seen online were suddenly there! All the connections you made during it. The parties! The events! The markets! Aah… Magic!

Who is the man alive you would most like to have sex with (outside of any partnership) and what would you do?
I have always had a hots for Paul Carrigan. He is my type in so many ways, and I would just want to do everything with him, as he is also versatile. With him I feel that it could be quite a play time; with lots of snogging, oral, rimming, deepthroating, and deep fucking. I’ve seen what he can handle. I could continue writing all I would want to do, but that would be a pornographic short story. Haha.There is also my Sir, whom I have yet to actually meet as His boi. I guess the reasons and what would be done here are quite obvious. Just take away Covid so I can travel, please!

Where is the strangest place you have had sex?
I would have to say in the stairway of an apartment complex, just down below some apartment doors. I got a blowjob, and we had to be very quiet, because it was 3 am. It was very naughty, but horny and nice.But I have also done it in the attic of another apartment complex as well, where I got a blowjob through a fenced door. This was daytime, so it was also very naughty, but horny and nice.

What is your all-time favourite Eurovision song and also your favourite artist?
That is a really tough one. I had to dig really deep here and figure out which of the pop songs I can’t get enough of was actually in Eurovision. There are several that really make me smile and dance.But my choice would be Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes.It speaks to me the most. It is happy and uplifting. It has an important message. And it makes me sing along and smile!Artist of all time I would actually say Enigma, with the composer being Michael Cretu. Their music has always been touching me, and still does, and is something I turn to very easily to find peace and calm.Beautiful. Mystic. Touching. Sensual.

What made you enter the Mr Leather Norway contest and what would you say to any guy hesitating on whether or not he should enter a contest?
I entered because I thought it, most of all, would be fun. I wanted to step up for myself, and take on the “challenge” so to speak, show myself, and show a different style of a Mister, and use my own experiences, knowledge, music and DJing for it, and still be myself and stand up for it. With that, and my vision, I would showcase the club and leather and fetish community. The brotherhood feeling as well coming from the other Misters, approaching and congratulating, embracing and showing their support and love, it is also reason enough.I have been part of Per Helge’s journey through this with a lot of events, and there are still some waiting, so I know what fun stands with it. It takes time, confidence and a big smile. But if one is ok with being a bit upfront, speak for it, show it, and embrace for the brotherly connection that comes with it, then this is a job to grasp!It is an adventure, yes, but the most important is to be yourself and make the Title year your own! One wins for a reason.Just remember to have fun!  

Who is your gay hero?
This is a tough one. I have people I look up to a lot and you could say that they are heroes to me in that sense. One I call my “leather hero”, and one is called “a gay icon”. They know who they are. Much love to you both!But I would put my hero to a man from Norway here called Svein Skeid. He was a pioneer in the fetish community here, and fought hard for equal rights for the gay community and fetish community, and also initiated The European Revise F65 movement he worked for that won the great victory June 18, 2018 when the World Health Organization removed Fetishism and Sadomasochism as mental diseases from the International Classification of Diseases. We marched proudly that year and campaigned about it strongly and proudly!I had many talks with him, and I looked up to him, and I considered him a friend. And with his sad early death in December 2020, I was lucky enough to attend his funeral, where I heard about what he had done prior to this for the community in Norway.There is much we owe to him. Bless him.

How can guys follow or get in touch with Mr Leather Norway throughout his title year?
I am on Facebook, but for the most activity in fetish regard. and with the Title, I would recommend my Instagram profile @gearedkingwing as the best shot to see updates and contact me at.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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