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The most famous transman on the planet (that is not a Kardashian!) the incredibly hot as fuck & new AT man crush TRIP RICHARDS talks exclusively in his First ever major magazine interview to Alphatribe’s PAUL STAG about life before and after transition and how he became the hottest man currently in gay porn with huge appeal to our fetish readers. He has been filming with every major fetish porn star from our AT wish list and they are loving the extra hole they get to use on such an outright masculine, intelligent and just decent all-round man. From his two-holes stuffed with huge cock scenes to his aggressive Dildo fucking as a top on to his brilliant jerk off scenes which will blow your mind you simply need Trip Richards in your life and high up on your wank bank fantasies . (On social media he is best known as TripleXTransMan where he has rocketed into the big leagues with 120,000 Twitter followers in record time, breaking fansite records on the way and is now one of the most desired fucks on the planet).

So who is Trip Richards? 
My performer name is Trip Richards and I go by the username triplextransman on most sites. I am turning 30 and have been in the adult industry for over 6 years. For those who don’t know me,I am a transgender man. This means that I was born in a body that looked female and spent the first portion of my life appearing female. But this did not match my own masculine gender identity, and I started transitioning when I was 24. 

How did your sexuality and orientation as a young woman develop, when did you first think you wanted to be a man and what was the reaction from friends and family? 
I recall that, at a young age, I had a strong sense of being “different” from other children. However I did not possess the language to describe exactly what I was feeling until after college in my early 20’s. That was when I first encountered other LGBT people, and realized that gender transition was an option. At that point, a lot of the feelings I had experienced over the past years started to make sense and I knew that I had to transition in order to find happiness and peace with myself. Sadly, since then, I am no longer in touch with family or former friends.  

For our readers who don’t know the process what psychological evaluations etc and any physical procedures such as Mastectomy have you been through, what are they like, is it expensive and what help adjusting do you get afterwards? 
Gender transition is different for each trans person; there is no one path toward transitioning. For some people, transition may include surgeries, hormones, name change, etc, for others it may include none of these things. All identities are valid and should be respected regardless of the path an individual chooses to take with their body. For me, I knew that I wanted to be on testosterone, the male hormone, and that I wanted top surgery to remove excess fat from my chest. In the United States where I live, access to medical care is extremely unequal; if you cannot pay for it out-of-pocket, you may not be able to get gender-related care, even if you have insurance. This is a huge barrier for many people. I was fortunate enough to be able to afford my surgery and hormones, but not everyone is so lucky. While medical transition is not necessarily easy, for me, it felt like I was finally “at home” in my body, so any suffering was very worthwhile. I had my top surgery over 5 years ago and will obviously remain on testosterone for the rest of my life. I consider my transition to be complete. 

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You are an incredible looking man; how did you get and maintain your physique and what does transitioning do to your sex drive? 
I have always been active and athletic and have been very involved with weightlifting since my late teens. While being on testosterone definitely offers an athletic advantage, it still takes a lot of hard work to remain fit. Exercise is also something I enjoy and which keeps me mentally grounded. I try to exercise daily, primarily weight lifting, and also take some walks. Knowing that my body will be on display on camera is definitely motivating also. My sex drive is very different now than prior to transitioning. Testosterone boosts libido, but so does feeling comfortable in my body. It was hard to feel sexual when I felt trapped by a body that didn’t look or feel the way I wanted. That said, now that I do porn, I only have sex on camera and not outside of work.   

Before your good self the biggest porn Trans guy was the wonderful trailblazer Buck Angel have you met him and followed his career in the industry and the wider Trans campaigning World?
(AT has a interview locked down with Buck coming out very soon). Buck Angel was a huge inspiration for me  – both as a trans man and a porn performer. We have spoken several times, and I credit him with opening many people’s minds to the beauty of trans bodies. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know that I would have ever attempted to be a performer post-transition.   

What sort of guys do you go for? 
I am not sexually active outside of porn, but the guys who catch my eye generally take good care of themselves- physically and mentally – and carry themselves with a sense of calm, confidence and maturity. I have also become very fond of group sex and love orgy-type situations.     

Trans people can have a hard time on the gay scene, how have people treated you? 
I think that gay porn has become significantly more accepting of trans men in the past few years. That said, only trans men who fit a certain “masculine ideal” have been welcomed. This is problematic and I hope that in the future there will be more diverse bodies and body types in porn (gay and otherwise). I personally have had overwhelmingly positive experiences. While some viewers can be closed-minded and judgemental, most of the other performers I have interacted with are happy to explore and realize that bodies can be beautiful regardless of what genitalia configuration they have. I think that many gay men are attracted to masculinity above all, and thus are open to diverse bodies as long as they exist on the masculine side of the gender spectrum.  

© Ryan Stanford

You then decided rather than hiding your body away to become one of the biggest porn stars on the planet and one of the biggest earners ever with your very well run fansites – how and what made you want to go into the adult industry? 
I never intended to get as famous in porn as I have, but it’s also very exciting and I hope to expand my business even more in the upcoming years. I actually began in the adult industry prior to transitioning, working as a Dominatrix, but I was uncomfortable with my body. I then returned to adult work via webcamming after beginning my transition, and, to my surprise, found a large audience of viewers who were interested in and attracted to me. Since then, I have built up my brand to focus exclusively on video work, primarily gay hardcore with other performers. In hindsight, I have always been fascinated by the human body and human sexuality, and I have always wanted to work in a career that allows me freedom and control over schedule and activities. So in that way, doing porn is a perfect fit for my personality. 

Do you escort? 
I used to escort, and am grateful for the experiences I had with clients, but have moved on to focus on filming. 

Your scenes are sensational can you tell us about your personal favourite as a Top and likewise as a bottom? 
It is hard for me to pick favorites, as I work really hard to always put out top-quality videos that accurately reflect my costars and myself. That said, one of my favorite videos has been a flip-fuck with Julian Torres (FFurryStud) because we are both very passionate people, and I enjoy being able to play both bottom and top roles within a single scene. Another recent video that I am extremely excited about is a 4-way with Ryan Carter, his husband Digger, and a new performer named Peter Hooke. I absolutely love group sex in general, and this one was beautifully filmed and very fun to experience. Again, I was able to be sexually versatile with them, which is my preference.  

How does your porn differ from all the other stuff out there? 
The adult film industry has undergone a huge shift in the past few years, thanks to the rise of fan-site content such as on Onlyfans and Justforfans. Suddenly literally everyone can upload their videos and become a porn performer. Never before has there been so much diversity or so many performers in total. And there are certainly far more trans male performers than ever before. I think that’s a great change. That said, trans people are still a niche market, and I feel that I offer something unique. I don’t see any other performer putting out as much high-quality and diverse content as I do. My videos are high production value yet still very intimate. I work with a huge variety of costars of various ages, sizes, colors, gender identities, and sexual preferences. And everything I do on film is totally unscripted beyond the most basic planning before the cameras start rolling. I think that I show a very authentic type of sex that is extremely hot.  

We know many of the well-known scene partners you have filmed with and we love your jerking off scenes…..are these experienced gay men fascinated about your beautiful clit, do they know what to do with it and are you responsible for turning some of our hottest gay studs straight and crazy pussy eaters?
 I use the term “cock” to refer to my clit and “front hole” to refer to my vagina. Those terms feel more accurate for my body (clits and cocks are anatomically analogous anyway, if you look at human anatomy). Many of my partners and also many of my viewers had never interacted with a trans man (or a woman, for that matter) prior to me. But I have found that most gay men are comfortable with transmale bodies and generally dive right in with just a little bit of guidance. That said, I absolutely have NOT made any gay man “straight.” It is still gay sex between male-identified masculine people. I personally believe that many people are bisexual, and wish that socially there was not such stigma and shame about being bi. But a gay man can have sex with trans men without needing to label it as anything other than gay sex. Sexuality and identity exist in our minds and our hearts, NOT our genitalia. 

What is your favourite sex toy? 
I enjoy penetration when I masturbate, and the toy I most often reach for is a glass dildo. 

We have interviewed hundreds of the biggest porn stars but have never been able to ask this question before ‘How easy is it to take two dicks at once, one in each hole and is it painful’? 
I am happy to answer that question because being able to be double-penetrated is one of the advantages of my bodily configuration. I have only done DP a total of 3 times (to date) and all have been on film, thankfully. It is painful if the guys are too large, but with dicks that are nice-sized-not-gigantic, it feels very intense and pleasurable. It is also something that I know my viewers are very excited to see. 

How hard is it to become successful in the new fansite world where you have one of the biggest collections of sex clips for sale with over 1600 , do you have any tips and will you do studio work as presumably every International company would love to have a Trip Richards scene in their movies? 
It certainly isn’t easy for a new performer to rise to the top, but that is true within any industry or career. While some people become overnight sensations, most people work for years to gain a following and notoriety. My best advice is to remain focused and consistent, and also to cultivate good friendly connections with other performers who you admire. Also, figure out what makes you unique. Simply having a big dick really isn’t enough to set someone apart from the rest; it all comes down to good marketing and discovering what makes you special. To date,  I have turned down all studio offers. While I have a “never say never” philosophy, I am happy with my current business model. It is important to me to retain creative control and content ownership. That means I decide who I film with and what I do, and that I receive income from that scene into perpetuity. As a self-employed person, I know the value of passive income and of knowing that everything I do reflects directly back toward my own brand. 

What are your ambitions as part of the industry? 
I think there is still a long way for me to rise in the adult industry. I would like to work with more performers – both well-known stars and new people who catch my eye. And I would like to continue showcasing diverse people of all sizes, colors, and genders in my films. As a well-situated performer, I have the privilege of being able to support others in the industry, and continuing to do so is one of my goals. I hope that my lasting contribution to the adult industry will be a greater appreciation of diverse bodies, a greater respect for trans people, and the realization that pornstars are people worthy of respect. There is still tremendous stigma against sex workers, which leads to violence and disrespect. It also leads people to steal our content, refuse to pay us for our work, and generally denigrate us. I see far too many people who enjoy watching porn, but don’t support the people who filmed it for them. While there are a lot of negatives, such as dealing with these attitudes in society, I truly love being a performer. I love the freedom it offers me, and I love being able to have hot sex with beautiful people and then share that with the world. Since being in porn, I have enjoyed experiences I never would have had the opportunity to otherwise, and I look forward to more of them! 

What is the current state of Trans rights in America at the moment and are you sexually political? (Anywhere our readers can learn more?) 
The current state of America in general is horrific. I hope that after the next presidential election in November, things will begin to improve, but overall this is a very dark time to be an American. As an LGBT American, there are some bright spots such as a recent Supreme Court decision banning descrimination based on gender identity. But every day there are stories of trans people being assaulted and murdered all around the country. It is truly frightening to know that so many of my fellow citizens consider trans people (and often gay people also) to be sub-human. The best thing that any of you can do is speak out in cases of injustice, and offer direct assistance to people in need. When it comes to porn, be sure that you are purchasing the videos you want to watch directly from the performers who made them, not watching them on a tube site where they were stolen from the original producer. Many of us, myself included, rely on that income. And if you have the opportunity to leave a kind word for performers on their twitter or other social media, we would all appreciate it.  

Away from gay sex what are your other interests? 
I love animals and have 4 cats. I also love the outdoors and enjoy disappearing into the woods for a few hours to commune with nature. 

How can fans follow you or find out more about you and most of all see your incredible front hole and ass in action?
I am active across many internet platforms includingTwitter website


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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