Tops… can’t live with ’em, your hole can’t live a day without ’em. They are the most sought-after commodity in the gay World and when you find a great one you hang onto him and his pendulous shaft for dear life. Every City we hear about is called ‘Bottom Town’…..”San Francisco is full of bottoms”, “London, Paris, NY, Tokyo, Sydney etc are all full of bottoms”. Technique, stamina, experience, aggression and domination are what everyone wants in a top then there are the eternal decisions of cut or uncut, raw or covered….so much to consider it’s like ordering your eggs in a American diner on Route 66. But Then there is the eternal question that has bothered mankind since the days of the dinosaurs ‘Which is best length or girth?” (AT official scientific research can now reveal that this is easily answered & it is always girth!). 

Tops come in all shapes and sizes sometimes the hardest looking muscle men like Michael Roman or Logan Moore actually prefer taking cock and having their own personal G-spot massaging parties. Most of the biggest hardest sportsmen, uniformed guys, outdoorsmen and musclestuds who look as though they could break a dude with their little finger or one swing of their ballsack actually just cannot wait to get their legs in the air and take dick up the ass like a Republican senator on a business trip.  Whereas that small slim, untattooed, unpierced guy who looks like an accountant in the dark room you have just walked by maybe packing 13″ be a total top and the greatest fuck you will ever have who taught Rocco Steele and Rhyheim Shabazz what their knobs were actually for.

We wanted to find out what makes the very best tops tick, their phycology and mindset of the most elusive of beasts under the LBGTQ+ rainbow – the 100% total top. Therefore, we asked some of the World’s most expert cocksmen our leading ass destroying International porn stars (8 inch minimum – 12 inch maximum) what makes them a giver rather than a taker or a borer rather than a borehole. (We will of course be doing the reciprocal item on the psyche of the Worlds most experienced bottoms, subs, cumdumps, magazine editors and fuckholes next month to find out what makes their sphincters tick).

ROCCO STEELE – The Girthmeister, 10×7 so when fucked by Rocco you stay fucked
I top because to be completely honest, it was just the position I always went to by default. It was always part of my DNA. It was always who i was to the core. Even before i knew there was a label for it, that’s what i was and what i wanted. As a 12 year old boy, I remember experimenting with a friend my age and I remember, plain as day, trying to fuck him in the toolshed in my backyard. (Maybe Rocco has given us a great new acronym….fuck him in the toolshed! AT)
Throughout my life, I have always hunted bottoms because that’s what i only ever craved to satiate my sexual needs. I have never craved or even thought about the alternative. There was never a second thought. It’s really that simple for me.

JAFARXXX – Gay Porns first Arabic superstar and the nastiest top in the business.
I’ve been asked this question many times. How do you know you are a top when you have never tried bottoming? Here is why I strongly believe that we choose our roles based on mentality or call it a mindset I am mentally very dominant and to bottom you have to let go and let someone else take control and if someone ever tries to control a situation specially in bed it’s like a trigger, something happens and I don’t like it. I’m also very confident and curious but just enough curiosity to try things that I have not done before but always from a dom standpoint. It is simple as this when I see someone attractive, I always think about my dick and your arse or your mouth and how I’m going to use and abuse it. It’s never the other way around and I really doubt it ever will be. Of course, it depends somewhat on my mood on the day but always from the aggressive side. There are days when I just want to sit back and let you worship my Dick or my feet and let you show me what a good boy you are and there are days when I am just going to and abuse you and ruin your hole and i just need to remind you where you belong and you are there to serve me or other tops by whatever means we desire. That’s why I I stick to fucking and I love doing it and guys love it and of course the more you do one position the better you get at it. I hardly ever see someone else’s video and think yeah, he has done good, my thoughts are always more like oh he could’ve pushed his limits a bit more and that’s what really gets me off. If the guy can walk and his asshole looks like it will close again one day he has not been fucked hard enough.

PETE MASTERS – The Worlds Edging King
I love to top. It’s more than the warm, wet, tight yet sloppy sensation around my head and shaft; for me it’s about injecting my sperm deep into my boy. I love to cum like any guy does, but there’s something about “claiming” my bottoms which gets me off. Whether that means slowly making love with him or tying him up and pounding him until he screams, for me it’s mostly about pumping my seed up him and making him mine. Owning him, just for a little while. He knows it, I know it and it works. And if I can tease his hole with my cock for a while before we cum together then so much the better. Luckily for my bottom I love playing with cock, edging and making him shoot hard, assuming he wants too, but it’s mostly about us both having fun. Each bottom tells me what he wants through his moans so I get what I want when I cum inside him and I match my pumping style to meet his desires. Daddy’s happy and so is his boy.

VIKTOR ROM – Simply The Best Latin Top Ever.
I am Viktor Rom and since I was 23 years old for experiencing, I fucked a big man and from there I liked to bust my asses.  Be it a man or a woman.  I am Only Top because I like and enjoy being able to dominate or control another male.  I have never had the need to be Bottom and I do not see myself being penetrated by another man. I have had male partners but I have never been penetrated nor would I try.  Here in Europe, I feel like a king in seeing how I can use my asses and pour my cum in them.  It is also because of machismo in my land, the state of Tachira, Venezuela, we are very macho and I think that has influenced my behavior.  Intrinsically though I am a gentleman and gallant with all the people but in my privacy I am very dominant and pig. ( We can vouch for this as Viktor is the only model we know who turns up at events with bouquets of flowers for the lady hosts or drag queens).

DANNY CHASE – Pure fucking Top talent with his superb meat sword
I am top because I love the thrill i get through fucking a tight hole also the thought of breeding a nice ass makes it just a very very horny thought. I do also like to dominate ass on the odd occasion. The thought of barebacking a smooth ass just makes me twitch, my cock certainly loves it. I do enjoy to bottom once in a while and its a good feeling but overall i adore to top some good ass. Who doesn’t like a good bit off bareback ass. 

JOSH INNIT – Best new Pro top around future ultimate cocksman
I’ve always been was natural to me and for my first boyfriend (of 7 years) he was happy to bottom, it wasnt something we talked about to be honest just happened. As time has gone by I wanted to develop my sexuality and experiment. I met a patient guy whom we had a relationship with and after some years we got there. I actually managed a 13 man gang bang in one go. The simpler way to explain is like pringles once you pop etc.  I have always admired bottoms and I definitely want to be vers because it’s like a little secret weapon that if I ever needed too I could do it but I am comfortable topping it’s more me and I love doing it. Haven’t had any complaints so far hehe!

ETIENNE ERIK – – Dom wrestling porn top.
Simple answer for me : I like to be in charge as much in my professional, private and intimate life! Nothing better than this feeling of overcontrol on another alpha male, especially if he is stronger, younger and arrogant! Such a full domination doesn’t imply only rough sex but can be a lovely caring and a protective attitude too! Far younger, I was initially enjoying both roles but as a daddy, exclusively topping action gets me in genuine full ecstasy… when I have the power to put my partner in a respective total uncontrolled exaltation too. I especially felt it in my scenes with hotties John Rodriguez and Jack Vidr

YngMstrDetroit – The Master no other words necessary
“I’m a Dom, but not strictly a top. Frankly, “topping” is rare in the things I do — fucking isn’t generally part of my scenes, I’d rather stuff your hole with an electro plug and drive you crazy that way. My success in being a Dom comes from how I enjoy dominating a sub, and it’s not aggression, or machismo, or breeding or anything traditional like that. Instead, I like to find what a boy’s “hot button” is, the thing that drives him absolutely nuts, and then I push that button until he begs me to stop. I’ve heard this referred to as being a “service Dom.” But knowing that I’m blowing the sub’s mind ticks all my boxes: my enjoyment of controlling someone else, my satisfaction in causing overwhelming pleasure to someone else, and watching someone in the throes of feeling something they’ve never felt before which often results in a mind-melting orgasm. Maybe that makes me an unusual Dom… but I get off by doing crazy things that get OTHERS off. So far, it seems to be working for me!”

ROBERT VAN DAMME – The Lifetime Achievement Legend
Why I am Top?
1. I always like to control everything, and it’s not just about sex2. I am excited by the idea of ​​controlling sexually a person and, as you know, I am bisexual, so this applies not only to men but also to women.3. I am not comfortable with passivity – I like hard treatment, aggression, domination, machismo, horny and absolute dominance.4. It excites me the most when I can do it to someone ,and not when someone does it themselves on my cock. I would probably define it that way.
Why am I not bottom?
1. I was bottom in front of the camera 1 time only when I was filming one of my best movies Private Party 3.Tylet Saint is a Porn Legend, he’s my long-time friend and he looked amazing, so I chose him to bottom for. It was amazing, but I was fucking  done in 5 minutes LOL and he kept fucking because we needed much more footage to make the film. This is the other reason of being a Top. You get off when you get off . I think some submissive guys like to be dominated and that is their turn on.I don’t have a problem bottoming occasionally in my private life, but not in front of the camera anymore.One of the biggest stars of the last 20 years Robert Van damme (the guy with the best body and perfect skin) is back filming regularly to get you off on his fansites –


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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