Last month we featured the Top’s guide from the likes of 100% total hole destroyers Rocco Steele & Viktor Rom (still available on the website) and now we are ready to find out the reciprocal psychology and reasoning from some of the biggest and most well-known subs, cock drainers and most experienced holes there is. 

Bottoms make the whole gay fetish world go round and thank goodness there is a never-ending supply of breeding stock who have worked out their place in the gay order of things and exactly what their ass is there for. Men are arguably physically designed for anal sex with our G-spots and prostates both of which are our biggest and best erogenous zones within in easy reach through our willing sphincters. When these are rubbed with a finger, dildo or even better a cock it leads to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and potential big ejaculations (which is why a straight lad’s world gets rocked when you shove a finger up his ass for the first time as he experiences something incredible and very new to him that he will probably want to repeat).

asically, men need things up their ass regularly and the more they get it, the more enjoyable they find it and the more they want so it is a never-ending circle of buttfucking life requiring you to take it up the ass daily or at least as much as possible. Anal stimulation is according to medical professionals even more important than masturbation and we always listen to what doctors tell us. Add to that our desire to feel dominated, penetrated, used, abused and bred or even consummation then bottoming becomes the must repeated gay exercise.

Generally, because of the above and other factors the gay fetish world is an endless sea of bottoms with often complaints that they outnumber tops in dark rooms, at events, on hook-up Apps etc many times too One. Luckily our tops are up for the job and their machismo is satiated greatly by the fact that they can pull out of one guy move on to the next with the chest becoming ever more puffed out and his ego as a breeder/satisfier going through the roof as he covers 10 or 20 subs easily….so we have the perfect equation huge numbers of subs and tops whose existence/masculinity is emboldened by as many holes per hour as possible. Our own event at Darklands, Antwerp ‘The Stallion And Mare Party’ is the fastest selling ticket in the gay universe for example. With over a year to go as soon as the ‘Mare/bottom’ tickets were published they were snapped up faster than if they had the words Streisand/Midler, Minogue or Gaga written on them and it is several days longer before the Stallion allocation sells out (Bottoms just need dick..period!)….. Welcome to the first ever ticket scalper/touts at any gay event. These types of events where basically the mare is on his back for the whole party not able to refuse any stallion cock are the pinnacle of our anonymous gay fetish sex lives – Tops want a high hole count and subs want an even higher load count and engorged hole so everyone is happy. 

So is it biological, in the mind, bragging rights, subservience, wanting to stretch our limits and experiences – we asked the experts namely the Award-winning international porn star bottoms who make a living and career out of riding huge dicks as to what makes their hot as hell holes twitch, what they are thinking about when being buggered to hell and back by 10″ plus fuck sticks, baseball bats, fuck machines, fists, traffic cones & Jack Daniel bottles and why they don’t Top.  

JOHN THOMAS – THE GOTTHARD TUNNEL (Switzerland) The world’s official longest and deepest tunnel…and yes that is the mountain passes real name.
“I love being a bottom because I love having another man inside of me. I like the feeling of being “filled” or “completed” by another man, and being able to submit to him, impress him with my abilities, and make him proud of me. I know people think I don’t “look like a bottom”, but I love subverting that expectation, and want to be the kind of man that looks like a muscle bull, but so easily submits to an Alpha male on demand. I think getting fucked in the ass also makes me feel like a beast, which I enjoy, there’s something powerful about being a beast, as well as being dehumanising, and even demeaning. I love cocks, fists, and toys all for different reasons, and really going deep and stretching my hole out just takes me to a really happy place. Similarly, getting passed around a group of tops – one of the best sexual experiences of my life was getting passed around the FickStutenMarkt in Berlin, and being voted Mare of the Month. When you have the sex that makes you happy, your body releases the most amazing endorphins, and its more euphoric than any drug.”

BLUE BAILEY aka STEFAN FERRIS….IML  TOP 3 Leatherman – The Delaware Tunnel, the biggest hole in North America 85 miles long and 13.5 feet wide and cleaned by water daily.
“I used to think being the bottom meant being submissive, and don’t get me wrong, I often like to be submissive. But As I’ve grown from a boy into a dad, I realize that I am an Alpha bottom. I like Dick in me when I want , how I want it, and from as many as I want.  I like flipping the narrative on tops and using them for their thick meat and creamy loads. They’re just dicks on legs created to service my hole.”

PAN BASH – THE SALAM TUNNEL (Abu Dhabi) – The biggest hole in the Middle East worshipped by all good Muslim lads.
“Well, why I prefer bottoming; it is an extreme pleasure that to being conquered by a guy. That trustworthy feeling maybe fills your holes in both ways. When it comes to it ; such a great position that makes you feel safe and protected at least in my case. I don’t mind if he/they destroy it; as long as they gave me that feeling I am theirs and in that moment they are mine.
What makes a good bottom? Well definitely being clean where it comes also from my culture you have to be clean inside out makes it for me easier in a literal way. I am so careful about cleanliness and prepare myself carefully before each bottoming experience. To be in that position you totally need to feel comfortable and devote yourself to your act in that scene ( it doesn’t matter in front of a camera, you should apply it to any sexual intercourse! ) And of course, after that you feel safe enough to go and please the other guy further getting a multiple orgasms with no worries. That gives you also the courage to stuff as many cocks in your hole as you like ( and the more is the merrier in my case and most gay men i know too. tops just keep those cocks coming hard and pumping.
The basic practice, douche it till it comes clear! Simply is that! but do not over stress and then over douche. After that basic cleaning starting to take the smallest cock in the orgy to the biggest ( if they cum-inside it is natural lube for the next which makes it easier for you. It will give you the easing of your hole for the rest of your 48 hours weekend orgy in Mykonos….we must have missed that section in the Koran.The biggest thing i have ever had up me was a 60cm toy but not fully taken! I am not a Suez Canal. 
Being bottom is a kinda endless school for how you’d like to learn to be a top till you realize actually you are the teacher in the school for countless tops out there. Mark my words kids!”

SANTI NOGUERA – THE KOLA BOREHOLE (Russia) –  ‘The Well To Hell’ and officially the deepest hole on earth (not named Brian Bonds or Axel Abysse!)
“For me to be a super bottom is to show and deliver my masculinity to a top, it is to feel that a man is inside you enjoying himself and you give him pleasure … and in the end receive all his energy made liquid where I like it the most in the ass ( to feel full of him and his juices) or in the mouth (to eat it, swallow it and feel the taste of man), hot and thick and it leaves its smell in me for days.  I have gotten the biggest cocks in the porn industry, Viktor Rom, Rocco Steele, Gianni Maggio, Cutler X and more !!!  And being penetrated by these big and spectacular cocks I feel complete, stuffed, very comfortable and above all I go crazy with passion, I always want him to go deeper, feel it almost on my chest, feel that my ass completely envelops his cock and his eggs bounce off my buttThe only preparation is a good thorough cleaning and dilating myself with large dildos for when I am with my MALE in and out and do what he wants with me at any time.  I prefer to be passive because I can enjoy a man completely, his cock, his mouth, the smell of him, his chest, the weight of him on me … and above all that the male is inside me.  but also, being passive does not mean being “passive” or a dead cow in bed .. a sub must know how to please the other man with his body, his mouth, his ass, drive him crazy with his tongue, with his hands and with his holes … a bottom in bed must be very “active” to satisfy his man and take the initiative to always give more and more and at the same time be so intelligent and passionate to know how to surrender and make the male feel that he is  in charge of the situation so that he feels free to receive and give passion.”


JOHNY BAREWOOD – SIMA HUMBOLDT SINKHOLE (Venezuela) – The deepest and darkest forested hole in existence.
“Why I am a bottom is because I love the mental mindset of someone else being in-control of me using me for their pleasure. It’s not just about bottoming it’s the control aspect. Having a man hold you turn you, use you verbally & brutally is the biggest turn on for me forcing his dick up me pounding my ass till he shoots his load deep inside and I will never use a condom. Preparing myself is key as I don’t want to have to stop mid-way and run to the shower simply take extra time and make sure my mancunt is ready for abuse. The biggest dick I’ve taken was a 10 inch black guy in Brixton, South London who ruined my ass & didn’t stop till I was leaking cum.  I’ve never topped and never will i a purely a submissive hole for tops pleasure.”


OLLIE KINGXXX – THE CHANEL TUNNEL (UK/FRANCE) – More people travel through this hole daily than any other globally.
“My hole is tight but when a big hard thick Cock needs to fuck and force its way in my hole opens up and wet feeling it dig deep. I love to get tops super horny so they want to fuck my hungry hole rough raw and hardcore balls deep. Feeling a man’s cock plough deep there’s a slight pain in the pleasure of being fucked mercilessly, making you feel like just a fuck hole for a man cock to pound for his gratuitous satisfaction and fuck the bottom who’s willing to get his hole ruined, owned and totally bred. The eye contact is power to communication letting him know you want that man seed and being fucked so hard he floods your hole with cum slowly pulling out leaving you with his load dripping out of you feeling used and full of his babies.”

SAM WALLIS – THE BIG HOLE (Kimberley, South Africa) – known as the dirtiest hole on earth.
“I prefer bottoming as I find it a real turn on being used by tops. Being that object of lust and desire. Being used by a top until they have that euphoric moment of breeding my hole. Being a good bottom for me Is just about getting lost in the moment and enjoy being submissive and dominated. Beforehand i eat right but no real special preparations for bottoming, just the standard… douche properly and I also make sure I’m smooth (personal preference). Toy wise I’m building up a large collection of dildo’s, the biggest is 10×7. It feels amazing plus I really want to get into fists and DP.”


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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