Our fetish sports guys & admirers are always arguing what is the sexiest sport with the hottest men and therefore gear to wear and fuck or get fucked in. Some like cycling, others go for soccer and there are many who get off on wrestling, swimming, boxing, horsey guys and most definitely Baseball and American football men and their gear. The most popular though is always rugby if you have the build, the muscle or the looks to pull it off and it is surely the most masculine of sports which is the number One mindset attraction to gay men. The Worldwide sales of the nude French Rugby team calendars since 2009 ‘DEIUX DU STADE’ by photographer Peter Lindbergh have set sales records everywhere as it is real men (most of all as far as we know who are straight) incredibly shot bearing their near perfect masculine bodies for us to enjoy, month by month, year in and year out. They are the real hard men of sport not like those American footballers who have to wear Michelin man amounts of rubber body protection, helmets, knee pads, metal mouth guards etc as rugby players walk straight out of the changing room in just a simple shirt and shorts and then the body contact is just plain brutal….so you know if you had one in the sack that it’s not gonna be pretty. We asked the team at NakedRugbyGuys the fan appreciation group with the most discerning eyes and knowledge of rugby masculinity, bulges, huge thighs, massive chests and gay ‘controversy’ to pick the best sportsmen for a fantasy dream team and to allocate them as imagined Top’s who might just be into a hairy rugby hole or Bottoms who they would most likely see take on the whole team in the showers after a match.


1 – Todd Carney 
Todd Carney is the Australian rugby league player photographed by a team mate ‘bubbling’ on a club social.  Bubbling being the act of pissing in your own mouth.  If he likes the taste of manpiss so much then I imagine he’s no stranger to piss ‘sword fights’ amongst the players in the post-match showers.  Dirty bastard.

2 – Damian Penaud – France  
French rugby international and pretty boy.  Handsome features, fit body and amazing cock-sucking lips.  Wonder if he ever got fucked in the showers?  I like to think so.

3 – James O’Connor – Australia  
Australian rugby union player.  Total pretty boy tease.  Always posing near nude, begging for a good fucking…  

4 – Keegan Hirst 
Openly gay, retired rugby league player.  Looks like he’d be a good bottom.  Has a bit of a sleazy, rough edge about him.  I can imagine him on his knees at SOP taking a good soaking before getting fucked in the sling…

5 – Ben Cohen     
My hero, Ben Cohen.  Handsome, bear of a man.  Gay icon.  He knows that men fantasize about him and he’s fine with that.  Looks very happy being held by a big man like fellow rugby player Lawrence Dallaglio.  Would love to see Daddy Lawrence take him all the way. 


1 – George Burgess / Thomas Burgess   
Let’s start with the ultimate top.  Not one but two monsters of men.  Rugby league players, and twins, Thomas and George Burgess of the famous Burgess Brothers rugby family.  We know from George’s leaked nudes that they are packing serious meat.  They should form a tag team??? 

2 – Ben Cohen 
As much as I’d love to see Ben get dominated and give in to a good fucking, I also want to see the man in action.  I want to see him shove someone face down on the floor and pound him like a rabbit on speed.  Forget gentle Ben.  I think there’s a power top in there waiting to explode.

3 – James Haskell 
We all know this England rugby player has been a sleazy bastard in his time and his wife has revealed many of their bedroom secrets.  You just know that a body that size, and that fit, with a dirty mind like his is going to do some serious deep fucking.  

4 – Tom Youngs  
Farmer boy who plays for Leicester Tigers, Tom is an absolute bull of a man.   Powerful thickset body and natural strength from working the land and playing and training for rugby.  He could hold down any big man and give him a proper seeing to.

5 – Paul O’Connell 
Irish international player.  Mountain of a man.  Ginger too.  Big, tall, powerful and a natural leader.  He could have his own pack of slaves at his feet, begging for him.  


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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