The top 20 gay friendly cities in North America

Or where to take your next sex tour holiday. Chuck the condoms, lube, and Jeff Stryker dildo in the RV now!

This list shows the gay friendliest cities in the United States. Including large cities and smaller towns, these places are known for their large gay and lesbian populations and open communities. 

They are assessed on criteria such as the number of LGBT elected officials, their protective policies, and LGBT-friendly legislation. The rankings also consider the community’s level of participation in gay friendly sports, competitions, and social groups, plus the progressive and welcoming environment they provide for gay visitors and new LBGT residents.

20        Pasadena (California)              

Known as the City of Roses. Just ten miles (16 km) north of LA, maybe it should be called the City of Rosebuds.

19        Santa Cruz (California)            

Surfin’ USA, Bonny Doon, Trestle Beach, Laguna Beach, plus the best gay event organisation outside of Palm Springs.

18        Columbus (Ohio)                     

The capital of small-town America. Endless farm boys hugely into dick and ‘planting seed’ on the farm and at night time too.

17        Miami City (Florida)                

Coconut Grove and gay bars forever. Ever fucked whilst doing the Samba?

16        Fort Lauderdale (Florida)        

Yeh! The Ramrod and gay beaches galore. Starting to become very popular amongst ‘pigs’.

15        Chicago (Illinois)                      

Home of IML, Boystown, and The Hole – the placewhere more baby batter is wasted than anywhere else in the world.

14        Provincetown (Massachusetts)  

The one US city every European gay man should visit though it’s often forgotten. One visit and every gay (particularly the bear variety) falls in love. Possibly the best-looking city on this list.

13        Washington (DC)                    

Home to MAL and many closeted gay Republicans.

12        Key West (Florida)                  

Grindr & Scruff visits possible by pushbike! Hooray! The ultimate gay holiday destination.

11        Long Beach (California)           

So many men, so little time, and a very, very big ‘Queen’.

10        Berkeley (California)               

Miles and miles of college and jock ass just gagging for it

9          Portland (Oregon)                   

The classy one: City of Culture meets City of Gay Sin. TreasureIslandMedia filming centre.

8          Toronto (Canada)                   

A Canadian city creeping across the border to make the list. But it’s the happiest gay place in Canada, so why not.

7          Seattle (Washington)              

Largest percentage of gays to straights in the US apparently. Even Donald T might pull here. Don’t forget to go get some coffee with your new husband.

6          New York City (New York)      

Home of The Village, Stonewall, drag queen central, the birth of Pride, plus World Pride 2019.

5          Palm Springs (California)        

Berlin with more sand. Fastest rising gay fetish destination in North America. The team behind events such as Leatherpride and Wet ‘n Hot are top notch. You will be visiting soon… just ask for Randy.

4          Los Angeles (California)          

City of Angels with bumming from the beach through to the fetish centre in Silverlake. And Tom Cruise lives here, just saying. See also West Hollywood at #2.

3          San Diego (California)             

Sun, sea, Latinos, and marines in a beautiful lamplit city. Home to the ultimate fetish porn studio DickWadd.

2          West Hollywood (California)  

A little gay heaven inside the massive 50-mile sprawl of LA. Great bars, great restaurants, great shopping including Chi Chi LaRue’s legendary store where you’ll find big closeted movie stars up to no good. Sometimes a bit camp.

1          San Francisco (California)       

Quelle surprise – the world’s capital of gay for 55 years and counting. Home to Folsom Street Fair, Dore Alley, The Castro, and almost every major gay porn studio you have ever jerked off too. Oh, and there is a bridge, wharf, prison, and a Chinatown if you get bored with the cock on offer.

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Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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