Just in time for Summer for whatever getaways we are allowed and can have is the perfect item to while away the barmy hours poolside, on the beach or sat outside at your table at your local Sunday beer bust. One of our all-time favourite gay fetish brands ‘Tom Of Finland’ bring us their very own explicit colouring book which will provide you with hours of entertainment and result in your own personalised ‘Tom’ wall art in the design and shades of your choice.

The gay fetish uber brand known as TOF started with books, artwork and posters which whilst the great man was still alive became huge sellers. More latterly the Foundation that bears his name and other affiliate companies have become even more creative. First, we had TOF wallpaper, then curtains, calendars, mugs, clothing and bed ware before heading into smartphone cases, facemasks etc and on to the great TOF coffee and wonderful Vodka that fuels the AT office. It seems we love the brand, so what better to bring out our inner kinkster child that existed inside all of us pigs before we discovered the wonderful horny feel of leather and unforgettable smell of cow hide mixed with man sweat is this 64-page colouring book.


Available from and a hundred other webpage and gay fetish stockists from the First of this month (June 2021) it is a great fun must have and even better gift for someone you love, would Ike to make love too or indeed just fuck their leather muscle clad or uniformed brains out.

It is officially the first ever TOF gay colouring book and it may turn you into a Sepp Of Vienna, Matt Spike or Robert Mapplethorpe in no time at all. Containing over 40 of Tom’s pen and ink illustrations, this book truly provides hours of sexy fun — giving you and your friends the chance to colour some of Tom’s most famous, erotic, queer art!  You’ll find tons of BUTTS, BULGES, BLOWJOBS, UNIFORMS, COPS SAILORS LEATHER HARNESSES and the biggest throbbing veiny COCKS you will ever see that would make Rocco Steele, Cutler X and Rhyheim Shabazz leave the dark room with their own oversized tails between their legs…..there is so much cock hear you may have to stock up on your pink, yellow, brown and black colouring pens that is for sure.
The book is obviously only available to those of 18 years or older and conveniently retails from a starting price of $18 which is nicely affordable so as you can get several for all your fetish buddies and favourite gay fetish journalists. It is perfect to keep you occupied and get in the mood as we start travelling on our long-haul trips to IML, MIR, MAL, MFW, Folsom, Darklands, Pig Week, relocated prides etc from this fall. It will undoubtedly create interest and become a talking point at any flight security check in your luggage which may get you some nice security guard, flight crew or pilot phone numbers or even better get you that much sought-after full body search by a true trained anal cavity professional that we all hope for whilst passing through airport terminals. Alternatively, it would be great for a dinner party or just as a coffee table book or something to do in bed whilst you are waiting for your Scruff hook-up to finish douching. So, get colouring and hopefully you will then be a leading contender at the ultimate 2022 MOREPIXX gay fetish art contest and AT will be interviewing you about your recently discovered hidden talents of making an asshole come to life with your choice of colours and unique shading skills. 

As a word of warning be very careful on webpage which is highly addictive as there is so much there that will make your credit card as sore as a virgin’s hole on the final night at Nice So Fetiche or Bear Week Provincetown as it’s like going to the supermarket for one item and leaving with 6 that you never knew you needed. For our American friends & readers who have possibly struggled with this article the correct spelling of the word is coloUr so time to get with the programme.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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