These men (and One woman) are truly appalling individuals with hate in every single bone of their bodies. Here are 10 total nut jobs and for gay people the worst bunch of turds that ever took breath on leaving their mother’s unwanted womb. We have guys here responsible for the invention of homophobia, its export around the World, its arrival in North America alongside the First ever career homophobes, the most religious homophobe and the worst political homophobes ever. 

Official dictionary description:
HOMOPHOBIA – Homophobia encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). It is usually embodied as hate and hatred of minorities or the unknown.

Although Homophobia goes back into the mists of time as we have reported before in certain eras and cultures like Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire,  seafaring Pirates, American Indians and Vikings where homosexuality was barely an issue at all and in fact was often seen as a good halthy and positive thing. For example, many of the most revered and loved Roman emperors were as queer as an 11 Euro note and they were public and happy about their desires for repeated manbutt action. 

Yet there are Two common denominators that are at the route of ALL homophobia:

Homophobia was regularly used as an accusation against others often false to obtain or hold onto power. There are millions of examples of this a couple of the most famous are below and of course it still happens in present day politics most recently without question in Poland and probably Hungary and off course every Republican rally. Also of course it is used by everyday people to demean someone else to raise your own status in one form or another.

This has been a problem for gays and lesbians since the dawn of time made even worse by the fact that as science has proven it is all largely a giant heap of invented hogwash with about as much basis in reality as a mid-season episode of Game Of Thrones or Star Trek. The positive attitude to queernes in those ancient civilisations all came to an end once Christianity reared its high morale misguided head. Coupled with Islams spread across parts of the World where a gay man is about as welcome as a used condom in a swimming pool and being a happy out gay man or lesbian with basic human rights was as popular and wanted as the next Madonna album.

King Josiah Of Judah

This King wanted to unite his country with Israel in 700BC and he needed power and an easy enemy like an Ancient Victor Orban he therefore picked on gays. His minions ‘conveniently discovered’ – by which we mean they wrote in private what was called the book of ‘the law of Yahweh by Moses’. This is now known in modern religion as The Book Of Deuteronomy. He used these scrolls that he wrote – sorry we mean ancient texts which he found against all his enemies often using the fact that they were accused homosexuals as there only crime and this included Abyssian Bishops and anyone in his way. Of course, it progressed to all gay activity and the nations many male escorts ‘“There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.”In Josiah’s time, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah did not yet include any homosexual context. It was purely concerned with issues of hospitality to visitors. About 700 years passed before other homophobes read between the lines and discovered a supposed homosexual subtext….which of course they were trying extremely hard to find. Therefore, supplying the template for right wing bigots from that day to this to read into religion what they wanted to see rather than what is actually there and ignoring any chapters that go against their warped world view.

Emperor Justinian

This was where the wet came in for the happy gay orgy Roman days of sucking dry engorged centurions and rimming young slaves. Constantine declared Christianity the official religion in the 4th Century and all the fun ass shagging toga days were in sudden jeopardy. It started with the all-powerful eunuchs who the bishops usurped by naming them as queer and this opened the door to Roman homophobia which got progressively worse. Emperor Theodosius, agreed to a penance that included an edict punishing male prostitutes with burning to death. Crowds gathered in public squares to cheer the cremation of living gay people and then came the biggest cumrag of all Emperor Justinian. He was a self-declared sadist that introduced laws and edicts against his enemies that men who had sex with men should suffer torture, mutilation, castration and finally execution. He then went on to link a spate of natural disasters like earthquakes and plagues to the existence of LBGT people coming on like a modern-day choir boy fucking evangelist or gay escort renting republican senator away from his token wife for the weekend at a convention. His Justinian code still forms the basis of law today in some countries that were occupied by the Romans especially in easter Europe and it is as dated as a VHS tape.

Vasco Nunez De Balboa

This Spanish conquistador made the first ever European settlement in the Americas which was a good thing but….! The main object of these seafaring European nations was to plunder the assets of new countries like Gold, Silver and metals. They had a massive shock when they saw how open the indigenous people were with their sexual orientation and going so far as men wearing women’s clothes which was a problem to the then uptight mediaeval European who was as anti-gay as it could be even though their own gear was simply as effeminate as fuck. He most famously threw 40 gay men to his dogs to be eaten alive. Of course, this did not apply to the great and good in Balboa’s eyes  “Only the nobles and the gentlemen are allowed to practice that kind of desire. “he hypocritically declared laying the future path for all homophobes ‘do as I say not do as I do’.

Henry VIII

This English King insisted on high morals in everyone else and was heavy into adhering religion accept when it came to himself of course as he famously married 6 times and had many thousands more sexual partners that had to endure a shag from this huge fat obese sweating rank man who would have forever struck out blank on Grindr. When the pope would not annul his First marriage, he removed his countries allegiance to catholic Rome and created himself Supreme Head of a new English church and then he could impose whatever rules he wanted…..and here it comes. To gain wealth from the churches and keep a firm grip on power he created ‘The Buggery Act’ to use against anyone in his way. It stayed in force for Centuries and when the British Empire conquered the World later, they imposed it’s laws on all territories not least of which was the buggery Act whose opening line was “the detestable and abominable Vice of Buggery”. These Countries included India, Canada, Australia and much of Africa basically wholesale furthermore exporting homophobia to the likes of Uganda and Tanzania who still push it hard today even though they now have control of their own laws but not it seems minds of their own….we want independence but we will keep all the anti-gay stuff !

Adolf Hitler

Germany in the 1920’s was the gay capital of the World as you can see from the likes of Cabaret. When Nazism became a political ideology in the 1930’s everyone re-entered the closet faster than Britney Spears can say ‘Hey dad where’s all my money gone?’. Like others on this list Hitler was surrounded by gay men who were accepted unless they got in his way most notable of which was the head of the Nazi militia Eric Rohm. The Nazis began persecuting LGBTIQ people on Hitler’s personal orders. They closed venues and organisations, burned books and arrested known homosexuals. Gay men were forced to wear The Pink triangle motif and they could not get work and lost their businesses. Eventually, they would send thousands of homosexuals to concentration camps along with Jews and other minorities where hundreds of thousands of gay men were gassed. There is a little-known sting in the tail in that when the Allies freed the camps everyone else was seen as a victim whereas Gays were ‘not seen as innocent’ and unlike Jews and gypsies were imprisoned at the end of the war.

Roy Cohn

In the 1950’s Americans became scared of absolutely everything but top of the list was those awful Commies across in Russia which led to the shameful McCarthyism period. This was when many innocent people were accused of being Communists just based on whispers and personal vendetta’s or misunderstandings. Senator McCarthy had two right hand men unfortunately for him and history they were both as queer as Ricky Martin’s dildo draw. The head of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn who were both huge fans of sucking 1950’s uniformed cock did all the dirty work the latter in particular targeting the LBGT community with the awful ‘Lavender Scare’, during which they alleged that homosexuals in the government were communist spies. As a result, President Eisenhower signed a bill banning homosexuals from employment with the federal government. Within a few years, homosexuals found themselves denied employment in government departments, diplomatic services, military forces and more across the western world. Still today in the USA 46% of LBGT men and women are closeted in their places of work which is truly shocking….not Lindsey Graham allegedly though. For the record Roy Cohn was great friends with Donald Trump and he is seen as the gay hating riot in chief orange cockwombles ‘mentor’.

John Paul II

A religious man so presumably always thinking he was doing the best for everyone but as the sitting Pope during the outbreak of the AIDS crisis he could have done so, so much more and saved millions of lives many of which were gay which he chose not to do preferring to stick entirely to the writings in his 2000-year-old book of fiction.  He insisted that homosexuality was an “intrinsic moral evil” and he defended violence against LBGTQ+ people and decried modern scientific advances in the understanding of homosexuality. He then went into overdrive and ‘blamed’ gay people for the AIDS crisis and refused to relax the church’s stance on condom use insisting that rubbers never be used right through his tenure throughout the AIDS crisis proclaiming unsafe sex for all damning many to a painful death from the disease most notably many Thousands in Africa. He is now declared a saint unbelievably by the over indoctrinated whereas those that invented PrEP and bought AIDS awareness/funding to the World like Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor and Elton john are not.

Anita Bryant

This waste of oxygen and the best argument ever for one’s parents to have practised contraception is the most reviled female in the gay World. A failed American singer with the talent of a second-rate Kardashian and a former beauty queen in a contest where the judges were Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Andrea Bocelli became the first ever homophobe to make a career out of her hate. She was also a brand ambassador for the Florida Citrus Commision which was about as credible as a Putin election. In the 70s we saw, for the first time, the opportunity for bigots and hate filled tarts who weren’t getting any dick at home to make a career from their homophobia. Through the likes of her ‘Save Our Children’ campaign and her fights with Harvey Milk she became the most hate filled woman ever (If she had only saved up some cash and bought herself a decent vibrator to break through the cobwebs on her unused and much unloved smelly pussy). The gays boycotted the Orange drink she promoted and in the end she finished divorced and financially ruined but Central American red necks loved her hate rhetoric at the time as it made them feel better about all their own bad life choices. In the 70s we saw, for the first time, the opportunity for bigots and the brain dead to make a career from their homophobia.

Reagan was the popular Republican president in the heart of the 80’s. He came to power on the back of the moral majority despite his own personal issues as with Trump now in that party it seems easy to take the high moral ground with everyone else and ignore your own dodgy moral compass & failings in the pursuit of right-wing power. Regardless to please his red meat middle American followers he was happy to throw gays under the bus. When the most powerful man in the World says things like this we are in trouble “Society has always regarded marital love as a sacred expression of the bond between a man and a woman. It is the means by which families are created and society itself is extended into the future. … We will resist the efforts of some to obtain government endorsement of homosexuality”…he so believed in ‘marital love’ that the hypocrite in chief got divorced!. Arguably his biggest anti-gay move to please his knuckle dragging followers was his complete silence on the AIDS pandemic prevalent entirely during his presidency presumably as it was a ‘Gay Plague’ and therefore not a Republican issue and there were no votes in it from those that need an instruction manual to wipe their assholes. The first case of AIDS was at the start of the 80’s and he did not even refer to it until 1985 and there was no financial support for cures etc….just imagine a US President nowadays not even referring to the word Covid or financing vaccines until 2025 !. Was he a homophobe or doing what would keep him in power?. His press secretary even made jokes about AIDS and he still did not register interest when his close acting buddy Rock Hudson lay dying of the disease.  One thing is for sure he was no Allie to the LBGTQ community at all and probably hoped we would just disappear….and remember he came out of Hollywood and of course there are no men there at all are there !!


There is a lot of competition for the above title not least amongst religious leaders and Evangelist preachers but this piece of wet faeces is a real homophobic piece of work. There are cockroaches currently living that do more to advance human kind than this hate filled whack job who spouts uneducated drivel to the weak of mind all day and night in the name of his made-up deity in the sky. There is a special place in hell awaiting him on the devils fisting glove bound heavily in razor wire and spikes all being well. He was one of the main advocates of the ‘Gay agenda’ where he claims that gay rights were the first step towards making homosexuality compulsory…yeah, we are not dealing with a guy here at the front of the queue when brains were handed out. In 1992 he faced a violence charge for attacking a Lesbian in church…..where was that in the Bible probably behind the line where it says we should love and respect all of God’s children. In 1995, he co-authored The Pink Swastika, a book claiming gay people were prominent in the Nazi Party and were behind Nazi atrocities and he goes to bed at night dreaming of the day homosexuality is criminalised and he can go back to the good old days of the 50’s when you could beat gays and blacks for fun before returning to the Police station. He is more problematic than any other opinionated bible shagger because he takes his ingrained hate to all the anti-gay hotspots of the World (presumably he was dropped on his head as a child or not allowed to have a puppy…his parents must be so proud of their little hate mongerer). He began traveling to places like Russia in 2006 assisting homophobes in those countries to form anti-LGBTIQ organisations in the name of his ‘loving’ God. In 2009, he travelled to Uganda along with other evangelists to give a series of talks on the ‘gay agenda’ a document which makes as much sense as a bad episode of Doctor Who.  That country then suggested putting forward the law requiring the death penalty for simply being homosexual. He spreads his sick twisted anti-gay bile to any nation with other problems making them blame an easy target minority and remember he claims to be a man of faith or his ‘selective’ version of religion anyway. As organised religion massively loses its followers worldwide as science becomes more prevalent in our lives these snake oil hate peddlers are losing their influence and it is only the uneducated and truly dumb that are still listening in their ever-diminishing congregations who live with the dream that one day they can sniff Tucker Carlson’s butt plug. If Scott Lively turns out to be a closeted self-hating gay no-one will be surprised as he is absolutely obsessed with gay men and what we do. 


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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