The Spanner case

At Alphatribe we spend most of our time thinking about sitting on Cutler X’s cock, fucking Blue Bailey senseless, when Chris Hemsworth might want to start investigating his gay side, and inventing endless witty anti-Trump/Putin jokes. But we have been remiss in not featuring the Spanner Case until now.

The world’s most famous BDSM legal trial and how we lost the battle but won the war. Average BDSM gay guys were arrested, vilified in the press, imprisoned, and abused – resulting in the case that started modern gay fetish activism and campaigning.

The case was brought by a homophobic government backed-up by a homophobic and uneducated police force. And it was capped off by judges who were either homophobic or completely unaware of the gayfetish world. (The latter is quite strange as most gay escorts tell us that judges love to be pissed on and have huge dildos shoved up them whilst being beaten with a studded paddle.)

The three main judges were white, straight men, all over 71 years of age. If they can be believed, they had no knowledge of the gay world or the fetish side of life – but it was their opinions that counted. Back in the mid-80s, all was not quiet in the United Kingdom. Margaret Thatcher was the prime minister and getting on with her right-wing agenda. Her Conservative Party was very conservative and not that gay friendly, leading to the adoption of Clause 28 which prevented the promotion of homosexuality. This despite the fact that the UK had legalised homosexuality two decades earlier. (Where do you think Putin gets all his anti-gay ideas from?)


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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