1 Judy Garland – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Gays like fighters, survivors and troubled souls and she was the queen of that, the fact that the Wizard of Oz classic has lyrics which really fit with a lot of the gay zeitgeist, minority and outsider view also helps….and she died the same weekend as Stonewall too. The ultimate search for acceptance sung by the ultimate big voiced Diva as queer as Vladimir Putin’s fisting porn collection. Now we have the great movie ‘Judy’ with Renee Zellweger going for Oscar glory again.

2 Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side
The ultimate song about gay hustlers and escorts in New York at the end of the Sixties and don’t we just love them. Produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson it also deals with transsexual’s, drug use and oral sex or ‘giving head’ yet still got extensive radio airplay. Voted one of the top 250 songs of all time it was performed by U2 at Live Aid just 30 minutes before queen took the stage for THAT performance.

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3 Rod Stewart – The Killing Of Georgie
The epic 6.30 minute story of a gay guy cast out by his homophobic parents that gets queer bashed and killed in New York The gay themed song was a huge hit everywhere reaching as high as number two in the UK. It is a true story of a friend of the Faces rock band who died in 1974 but the song claims ’75 purely for rhyming reasons. Rod said he wanted to write a gay song as everyone around him at that time (His PR/Manager/Crew Members etc) were gay. The second part sounds exactly like the Beatles Don’t let Me Down, John Lennon said ‘Why didn’t our lawyers spot that one?)

4 Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
Seen as the most important gay song of all time largely due to the sentiment of the lyric and chorus and of course it was released in the heart of the disco boom just before the uber homophobic, anti-feminist & racist Disco Sucks movement was started by a bunch of wankers that would nowadays be red hat wearing Trump cockwombles. Famously it was a B side to a song called ‘Substitute’ that American jocks started flipping over like eager gay twink’s and it went on to sell 14 million copies, win Grammy’s and become number one everywhere. The ultimate song about discovering personal strength so basically the story of being gay then.

5 Sylvester – You Make Me Feel Mighty Real
The best gay dance track ever was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the National Recording Registry for being “culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant” and it has kept gay feet dancing for 40 long fun filled years. The song was originally a gospel song until Patrick Cowley got his hands on it and worked on it as a follow up to Donna Summer’s I feel Love behemoth. Sylvester who was not a big fan of our macho ‘gay clone & leather’ look sadly died in bed a few years later in 1988 and he planned his own funeral where he insisted he was buried in a red kimono.

6 Village People – YMCA
We all love to see 50,000 men in a baseball or football stadium singing along & doing the dance routine to this classic seemingly unaware that they are celebrating casual gay buttfucking. The massive seller of late 79 early 1980 that was number one in the chart when patient zero first bought AIDS to America is the most acceptable gay anthem from Olympic opening ceremonies to Trump’s next wedding (What did you see in multi-millionaire Donald Trump, Melania?). Famously the Village People who went on tell us about gay life In The Navy and have hits such as San Francisco, Hot Cop, Fire Island & Sex Over The Phone were a creation and only the red indian was gay almost all of the others were married to women & straight – the producers and team behind them of course were as queer as fuck and knew every corner and aspect of the gay clone fetish scene.

7 Gloria Gaynor – I Am What I Am
The most popular version of the well known gay anthem originally seen in the Broadway musical La cage Aux Follies. The original Tony award winning song from 1983 is the closing song from the musical and Gaynor’s team spotted the song instantly and snatched it up in the same year to get the worldwide hit with a disco backing track. The song has become a standard and has been since covered by many artists such as Shirley Bassey, John Barrowman (Captain Jack himself), Amanda Lear and Hannah Jones for Queer As Folk.

8 Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy
The dance electro song that told the story of a young lad being kicked out by his homophobic parents running away to the City to live the sexuality that he wants to with a heartbreaking beautiful video to go with it. A real trailblazing gay coming out song which also includes vicious backstreet queer bashing was Number One in Belgium and the Netherlands and charted everywhere from Australia to America and Canada right when AIDS was at its height and most scary.  The lead singer Jimmy Sommerville went on to have over twenty more hit songs.

9 Macklemore – Same Love
Rap music has always been as homophobic as Mike Pence’s golf club annual dinner but then along came the best new artist of 2013 with the ultimate same sex marriage epic that was Grammy nominated and won MTV video of the Year. An incredible song featuring Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert got it’s place in gay heaven when it was performed live at the 56th Grammy’s with 33 same sex couples all officially married live by Queen Latifah no less before Madonna joined in the multi nationally televised gay weddings with huge viewing figures – homophobes could never turn back the clock after this. See it on You Tube you will cry.

10 This Is Me – Keala Settle
The showstopping hit number from the greatest musical of the decade The Greatest Showman. A song the bearded lady played incredibly by Setttle belts out when she has had enough of hiding in the shadows and decides to reveal herself to the public in all her glory and ram their phobia up there asses…… No wonder it has been adopted as the ultimate allergy for a gay guy coming out and being queer and proud. The entire 50 year Pride movement summarised in four minutes. It sold millions and somehow missed out on the Oscar to Disney’s Coco. ‘I won’t let them break me down to dust, I know that there’s a place for us, For we are glorious, I’m not scared to be seen i make no apologies This Is Me’ No gay man need ever hide away again.

Honorary Mentions
It’s Raining Men, Sign of the Times, Sweet Transvestite, Born This Way, So Many Men So Little Time, Outside, Beautiful & I’m Coming Out

Macho Man/Village People
My Nights In Black Leather/Bette Midler
I Need A Man/Grace Jones
Male Stripper/Man To Man
Leatherman’s Theme/Wright Brothers from TGIF


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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