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The most expensive sex toy – ever!

Most sex toys cost under a hundred bucks and are perfect for shoving up your ass or hitting your g-spot. They make a perfect gift to yourself when you’ve had a good week or have just left Dallas Steele’s bedroom and want to celebrate. They are also ideal as birthday and festive presents. 

But now your partner has the chance to show you just how much they love you with the world’s most expensive vibrator. You just need a cool US$1.8 million get something really special up your mancunt.

This incredibly beautiful vibrator is the work of Australian jeweller Colin Burns. He set out to make the greatest ever sex toy more than twenty years ago. Known as the ‘Pearl Royale’, the vibrator is made from pure platinum. It features 70 carats of white diamonds, as well as rare pink diamonds, AAA blue sapphires, and South Sea and freshwater pearls. Lube is extra!

The vibrator is on permanent exhibition at the ACCA Gallery in Beverly Hills (USA). That is until someone with the cash to buy it pops in. For the same money, you could hire four of your favourite porn stars every night for 75 years. The choice is yours!


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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