Man milking is as hot as hell and lots of us get off on seeing a restrained subs balls go empty after the fourth or fifth load as the top still demands more jizz to be produced and the agony on the milk provider’s face is as horny as a fuck as his sack is producing a full pint of the good stuff. Whether it’s by hand, vacuum pump or one of the many great milking machines out there (Average price about $500) its popularity is on the increase. Milking Coach is the leading proponent & biggest expert of the fine art of bollock draining and like a good dairy farmer he makes sure to milk his herd of men daily and films it all for our pleasure which you can see on his paid JustForFans site. PAUL STAG talks exclusively to the guy who is ahead currently of both Nestle and Unilever in milk production Worldwide figures per Gallon.

Who is The Milking Coach?
MilkingCOACH is a bossy motherfucker! Also a premiere edging, milking and cum control Dom. I am based in Atlanta, Georgis where i have a large herd of regular Bulls supplemented by many visting ball sacks in need of some serious attention.

For our readers that don’t know tell them about the art of man milking and the benefits and pleasure to both Milkman and Milkee? 
Milking is the deliberate extraction of semen through stroking the cock and/or massaging the prostate. My original mission statement was to help men achieve the best orgasms they’ve experienced. Completely draining a prostate and nuts is great for cleansing out the urethra and I just love making cocks cum HUGE loads!

© The Milking Coach

As the Worlds number one Milkman via your infamous Just For Fans Site what fascinates you so much about edging and collecting men’s spunk?
Is my Just For Fans infamous?? I hope so LOL. I have always been a control freak, meaning I’ve always wanted to make men cum and watch their face as I do it. Ive had a fascination with the male cock since I was too young to know what gay was. No matter how many cocks I control (and there have been MANY) it always feels like the first time I’m seeing and holding dick!

How do you get hold of your milk dispensing sub men especially the big stars you get like Tyler Saint and Jack Dixon to freely surrender their cock and low hangers into your experienced professional hands?
Actually, most porn guys on Just For Fans found me and get in touch first. Having a large milking videography helps as my calling card these days. Most of the porn guys say they are bored with the standard fuck scene … blow, fuck, pull out, cum, put back in … so when they are with me I display them like studs and it’s all about their experience. Nothing is faked. And having porn boys saying “yes, COACH,” “close COACH” and “you own my cock COACH” is a real high!

What is the best position to milk a guy, sitting, on his back so as you can see his face or on all fours with his low hanging milking nuts exposed?
I actually love both. I love watching the bulls’ faces when they are enjoying my moves and when they cum. I also love having bulls on all-fours so I can enjoy teasing their bums while I’m draining their cocks and i love the sight of big balls hanging down full and much less so after.

© The Milking Coach

Do you have any equipment, lube/accessories and what technique works best ?
I have cock toys and motorized milkers like the Venus 2000 but that’s all bells and whistles … nothing is really a good substitute for my hands 😉 I love stroking cocks with Albolene as lube.

When edging what are the signs the guy is close to busting his nut, how long and what techniques do you use for winding the pressure down and what causes the decision to finally let his man batter fly?
I can usually tell my bulls are close to cumming through their breathing and of course watching their balls pull up in the sack! I tell them to take deep breaths and exhale, letting that energy out through breathing as opposed to their cocks. I love having control over when my bulls cum … when I’m ready to see the shooting I allow them to cum, not a moment sooner!

Do you collect the jizz, store it and recycle it or just waste it on the ground to degrade the Bull?…..surely there is a nice market out there to see freshly produced seed especially from the good-looking hunks you drain?
I’m sure there is a market for hot bull cum and I may explore that further. Currently I just let it fly on the floor or furniture … but usually let it sit there for weeks, sometimes YEARS!

How many times do you empty the same ballsack in one session, how painful does it get for the Bull and what is your record?
I think it’s a frustrating pleasure/pain combo for the bulls I keep draining. Once they get over the initial post-cum stroking and head polishing most are good for at least another one. Sometimes I’ll ruin the first load before extracting another right away … this can assure two big loads one right after the other. My record is 7 loads extracted from one bull in one session. (Lucky fukka wish it was us – AT!)

Is it more painful to cum or more exciting/stimulating/sensitive after being edged a few times and does it increase the amount and velocity of spunk?
Edging helps in both velocity and the amount of spunk spewed. I have my bulls save their loads at least 3-4 days in advance of their COACH time.

Some guys you restrain in your famous milking seat others you freeball what are your favourite reactions you get at release?
I love how religious they get “OH MY GOD!” “Holy Jesus!” Squirming and heavy moaning make me happy … I’m not a fan of the quiet man. I do sometimes use a Venus 2000 and love it!

What feedback and suggestions do you get from your fans?
Some fans will connect porn guys to me. I’ll also get requests for more bondage! Some fans want to see me fuck or suck a bull and I’ll just say it’s not how I coach.

Do you like being milked yourself and what other fetishes are you into?
NO! I will never be milked or edged, 100% Dom! I am into men in boxers and dark socks, comes from my boarding school days …

Besides your own fansite what other Milking porn do you recommend?
There are quite a few! Milking is my favorite type of porn, both gay and str8. I follow and retweet a lot of milkers and edgers on Twitter and actually have a list of all of them you can find on my Twitter profile.

Where is the strangest place you have ever milked a set of bollocks and any funny or strange things happen in a decent ball draining session?
I just filmed my first outdoor scene for a studio, very exciting. I suppose the weirdest was in my childhood bedroom while both parents slept in the next room. I’ve milked quite a few str8 cocks in front of their wives/girlfriends who wanted to watch and get some tips.

Which is your favourite scene and your most responsive models?
My favorite scene, and the only one I can get off too is with my longtime non-porn bull here in Atlanta, bound on my milking chair. I think 95% of the bulls I’ve milked have been responsive … only a couple quiet ones.

Which famous guys balls would you most like to get your hands on for a decent hours edging before draining his straining sacks empty 3 or 4 times in a restrained painful filmed session for your Just For Fans site?
All the players on the Atlanta United Soccer/football team!! I love a man in a soccer kit! Also, Christopher Meloni from Law and Order & Oz. WOOF!

How can fans of man draining, edging and cum collecting follow you or find out more and see all the cock and ball agony and pleasure from the hot men you milk on film for cash?
Twitter is the best place to start – Links to my xtube and fancies are right there, along with some very HOT and LOUD sperming teasers! The best filmed clips are of course on my JustForFans site ‘Milking Coach’.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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