Stretch Guy is one of the sleaziest guy in Europe based in the Netherlands he earns his living from his hugely successful JustForFans website stretching his bollocks to eye watering lengths and filming it for his thousands of fans who copy his every trick and dream of getting their hands on his huge low hanger cherries. PAUL STAG spoke exclusively to the owner of the most famous ball sack in the World where his nuts are now insured by Lloyds Of London for $1 Million about the noble art of bollock stretching, ball weights and plum self-abuse. 

Who is Stretch Guy?
I’m a down to earth Dutch gay guy, living in a small city in The Netherlands. I’m the proud owner of pair of low hanging balls, which I was blessed with when I was born, but have stretched further and further throughout the years. I love to show on webcam and in videos how much fun I have when stretching my balls. It’s so good to share my gifted balls with my fans. In my videos you can see how much fun I have. It’s my goal to stretch my balls more and more. My fans call me Stretch or Stretch Guy.

For our readers that don’t know what is ballbusting?
Ballbusting is a type of Cock and Ball Torture (CBT), where balls get handled in a rough manner. For example, hitting them hard or squeezing them tightly. In my case it means I stretch my balls with rubber rings or metal ball weights. The more stretched, the better! I love it when my stretched balls bounce on a hard surface like a wooden floor or hardback book when I’m wanking. Love to use my stretched balls as a punch ball or to smack them with my hand.

As the king of ball worship via your infamous Just For Fans Site what fascinates you so much about a guy’s bollocks?
Obviously, I have a huge ball fetish. Something I really have always had. Touching and playing with big smooth balls has always excited me enormously. I love the masculinity which balls represent. The manly and musky smell of a pair of balls drives me crazy. The slapping sound that low hanging or stretched balls make when they bounce against a guy’s ass or legs make me horny as fuck. Fuck yeah, I love balls!

What preparations do you do before an extreme stretching session?
I don’t do much prep before I stretch. I do shave my crown jewels every day to ensure everything’s always nice and smooth. In my experience stretching is more comfortable when my junk is shaven. I do always ensure the room where I stretch is warm. I almost always start lying down so I’m nice and relaxed when I start on my balls. I don’t use lube as otherwise the stretchers will slide off. I stretch my balls almost daily and it’s become a way of life for me.

What are some of your favourite stretching devices?
I prefer to use the rubber ball stretchers, which I often use in my videos. They are tight around my ballsack, but are still flexible and it is easy to add an extra stretcher. Apart from that I use stainless steel ball weights to stretch my balls. But the weight on my balls makes me so horny that it’s often difficult not to cum too quickly. That’s why I prefer to use rubber stretchers. I always try to find new things to stretch my balls with. For example, a while ago I bought some metal D-rings in a DIY store to stretch my balls with.

You use both rubber stretchers and steel weights on your nads what is the longest length you have got and the most weight and can you still cum?
I use different types of rubber stretchers and rubber bands. The longest length I’ve stretched with rubber stretchers is about 28cm. I prefer the rubber stretchers because they are easy to apply, but I also use steel ball weights. The maximum weight so far is 2.3kg. But that will definitely increase, because I keep extending my limit. Despite stretching my ballsack to extreme lengths, I have no problem cumming whatever length they are, the weight they are carrying or the pain they are in.

Is it more painful to cum or more exciting/stimulating/sensitive?
Because balls can be very sensitive, a lot of men think it’s painful for me when I cum with my balls stretched. But cumming when my balls are stretched is not painful at all.  No, on the contrary it’s much more exciting and stimulating. My nuts get really sensitive when they are stretched. When wearing ballstretchers it feels like a guy is grabbing my balls. It’s such a great feeling. When I wear my metal ball weight’s it’s so stimulating that I really have to try hard not to cum too quickly. Although I love to edge it’s really hard not to cum too soon with ball weights round my balls. And I shoot really big loads when my balls are stretched. My loads are much bigger with my balls stretched than without stretchers. The more I shoot, the more I can taste. I love eating my cum and other guys!

How do our readers get there ballsacks up to your level of compliance or say a couple of rubber stretchers worth?
I’m blessed with natural low hangers, which made it easier for me to stretch my balls further. I do it like this. The most important thing when stretching is to be patient! If you take your time you’ll get the best results. It has taken me several years to get to the level I’m at now. Start by wearing a few rubber rings around your balls a few hours a day. Just as many rings as feels comfortable, without cutting off the blood supply. So don’t use rubber rings that are too small. That way the skin of your ballsack gets stretched a bit and after a while you notice you can add an extra ring and a while later another one and so on….. Then you’re stretching your balls. A vacuum pump also helps, but instead of your dick, you put your balls in the cylinder. Or both your dick and balls. Using a vacuum pump stretches the skin of your ballsack further which eventually results in being able to wear more rubber rings.  Finally, you can use steel ball weights. If you wear these a few hours a day, the weight will stretch your ballsack. If you combine all of the above you’ll notice your balls stretching further and further. After a while you might approach my level. It’s definitely worth a try. Enjoy your crown jewels, you were given them for a reason! No pain, no gain but always look after your balls and don’t stretch too far too soon.

What feedback and suggestions do you get from your fans?
My fans are important to me. I’m always open to feedback and suggestions. The most common question is if I can put my balls up my ass. I definitely can and I can tell you it feels fantastic to squeeze my mancunt when my balls are right up my ass. Giving my own balls a massage that way is fucking awesome. Apart from that, my fans love it when I lie on my back with my legs bent backwards and my stretched balls slapping and bouncing against my smooth ass. They love my big smile and my moaning. I can’t play or stretch without moaning. It shows how much I’m enjoying the stretching. Many fans love how horny I get by showing off my stretched balls and sharing my horny moments with them. And last but not least a lot of fans ask me if I fuck with my stretched balls. Ohh yes guys I love to use my stretched balls as a cock with a huge dick head and fuck with them. It’s an amazing feeling!

Are you into receiving or giving hard ball pain and ballbusting and if so what with?
I get a kick out of stretching my balls with rubber stretchers and to use them as a punch ball or to slap them with my hand. That’s an awesome feeling and makes me horny as fuck. I love it when I’m standing and a guy grabs my balls so I can lean backwards and my full bodyweight is pulling on my balls. Where I live, I haven’t yet met a guy who loves ball stretching and handling his balls like me. But if I met anyone, I would love to handle his balls hard. So far, I haven’t used any tools like paddles, but would like to try that one day too.

You also like sounding – what is the biggest thing you have ever stuffed in your cockeye?
It’s a whole different ball game but ohhh yes, I do love sounding. I’ve really only just started to discover that and it’s quite new to me. I love it and even now I already shoot my biggest loads when I’m sounding. As a huge cum lover that’s a nice bonus. The biggest thing I have put in my cockeye so far is the tip of my little finger. In my videos so far, I have used a sounding rod with a 0.5cm diameter. With sounding I’d also like to stretch and go up a size. Advice and feedback from fans in that area is more than welcome. 

Do you get fucked or fuck with your stretchers and weights on?
Yeah, I love to fuck or get fucked when I wear my ballstretchers. To be honest I only fuck when I wear my stretchers. That’s the icing on the cake for me. Actually, I fuck with my stretched balls. The feeling of using my stretched balls like a dick with a big head and feeling them glide in and out of a mancunt is fucking hot. It’s like having 2 cocks. In a threesome I can fuck 2 guys at once. One with my stretched balls and one with my big dick. Some guys take both my cock and stretched balls at the same time. I love it!

Where is the strangest place you have ever been with your balls bulged up to the max?
I often go out with a big bulge in my jeans because of my stretched balls. Or going on a cycle ride with my balls stretched. You can see my stretched to the max balls hang down my leg in the cycling gear. I love it when men look at my big bulge, it really arouses me. I’m very much an exhibitionist. A few times on holiday in Gran Canaria, I walked around in a pair of shorts with my balls stretched with a pair of rubber stretchers. My balls dangled underneath my shorts and with every step you could see them dangling. You could see people who noticed thinking, what on earth is that, until they realised, they were my balls. The OMG reaction was amazing!

Which famous guys balls would you like to see with 4 sets of rubber stretchers on whilst he is tied down and being milked & abused by you on your site?
I’m a huge fan of John Thomas (British based International PornStar). He is such a great guy and I would love to get on his balls and stretch them to the max with 4 rubber stretchers. When he is tied down, I’d love to fuck him with my own balls and work on his balls at the same time. Grab One hand around his stretched balls and milk him with my other hand. Edging him for a few hours until he blows his huge load. Fucking awesome!

How can fans of your celebrity and very talented ballsack follow you and see them at their straining ready to pop low hanging best?
The best place to follow me and to see my stretched low hangers is via my JustForFans site At JustForFans my fans can also easily contact me and enjoy my videos in which I show what I can do with my balls. That way they won’t miss an inch of my big stretched shiny balls.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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