Making Work for Idle Hands……time to find your inner animal. 

ROAD TESTED & REVIEWED in Palm Springs, California by one of the most experienced asses in the World  gay porn superstar and AT Daddy correspondent the incomparable Dallas Steele.

Canine cocks, Octopus tentacles, stallion dongs, bull or tiger dildo’s, pig tails or even alien dicks and so much more plus butt plugs and fisting aids for the wider discerning manhole in need of a decent gape – is your ass ready for a whole new World?….hell you can get them ‘glow in the dark’ too if you wish.

s our events, circuit parties, bars and clubs have become rarer than a Virgin ass at Darklands or Pig week over recent months we have had to look elsewhere to satisfy our cocks and assholes insatiable needs. Sex with our partners is great as is sex in our ‘pandemic bubbles’ but we need more which is why the sex toy market (especially online) has had a very busy record breaking 2019 and the best new team to join that industry is the horny pigs at Sinnovator. Producing bespoke ass fillers in the wackiest range of colours and weirdest shapes often with animal links – PAUL STAG had to find out more. 

In October, premium sex toy manufacturer, Sinnovator, unleashed its first creation on the world. The incredible Canine Cock was an all-new breed of dildo that not only remains a bestselling design to this day, it also moulded Sinnovator’s production esthetic and paved the way for more weirdly wonderful creations in the subsequent period. A year and a bit on and Sinnovator has more than 40 designs available. It is very popular online & has sold to wholesale and retail customers all over the world.

Where it all started
After acquiring an existing sex toy brand, the Sinnovator team became aware of some shocking processes and materials being used in the sex toy industry. Following this alarming discovery, they made it their top priority to source a fine quality, nontoxic, body safe material with which to craft their very own toys. Rigorous testing was not only employed to determine the perfect material, with both safety and sensation in mind, but was also necessary to ascertain the correct processes. Not content with being considered unique for its premium quality materials alone, Sinnovator appointed a skilled sculptor at its helm to handcraft original and exciting new designs, unlike anything else currently available… seems there are dildo’s and then there are Sinnovator Dildo’s!!!

Sinnovator has become well-known for adding innovative twists to classically shaped toys. Indeed, transforming the established shaped colon snake so that it resembles an actual snake with a head (Basilisk for all you Harry Potter fans), and a traditional depth trainer into a tentacle (Dagon), it expertly identifies ways in which to maximise satisfaction for the user….and reach parts no other sex toys can. The unique tentacle suckers of the Dagon provide intensified nerve stimulation, while the head of the Basilisk provides a profound stretch upon entry and applies pleasurable pressure once inside. However, aesthetics is an equally important aspect of Sinnovator designs, with its sculptor spending hours thinking of unique ways in which to add painstaking detail that looks as good as it feels. Basically they look as great on your bedside table as an ornament as they do 12″ inside your ass.

Expertly identifying gaps in the market, Sinnovator’s  talented team knows which shapes and textures work and, with that in mind, brainstorm ideas of how they can be implemented in a unique new way. In addition, it offers a large range of fantasy and animal dildos, which are harder to come by. There are also a number of weird and wacky creations, including the stunning ‘Tiger King’ with no connection to the record breaking Netflix blockbuster except it would also be very welcome in an American prison showers, which have generated a lot of buzz across the globe!

They are largely made to order and you get to design your own ass toy with a wide range of colour, base, size and firmness customisation. This means a unique mix of oils and powders for every order…..designer dildo’s are here and in vogue once again Each bespoke creation is brought to life just for the purchaser and you can select the platinum silicone mix which is hand poured it into the mould that has been cast from an original clay sculpture. If you want you can have a cum tube in your dildo which you can fill with lube or indeed cum to simulate a guy busting his nut in your ass. There is so much information & choice you can find on their site that no two ass-stretchers never need be the same again. As regards the ‘dog dick dildos’ we have never seen our puppy team at  ‘Pupdate’ so excited about sex toys since Mattell bought out a new range of plastic ball pits and crawl through tunnels.

With many projects in the pipeline, including masturbators, cock sheaths/sleeves and excitingly sounding gear visit regularly to see what’s new! 


I’ve always been a huge fan of sex toys. My playroom is literally overflowing with insertables and jack-off toys from all over the world. It’s easy to find ordinary dildos from multiple adult stores online. It’s not so easy to find toys that are unusual looking and feeling, toys you cannot buy at just any corner adult store.

UK-based Sinnovator ( has an amazing collection of dildos in unusual shapes, colors and sizes. They have implements modeled after canines, horses, even dragons, plus alien-looking toys not found in nature.

My personal favorite is the Dark Horse Cock (10 inches). Obviously, the dildo is not the actual size of the animal’s tool, but a reduced replica. It features a big head, plus two good size rings on the shaft that provide a great stretch.

A second favorite, is the Cerberus Dog Dildo (16 inches). It starts out small, but quickly widens. It’s a great challenge, but definitely great fun for the experienced. I cannot take more than 9 inches of it just yet but i will stick at it.

A third pick is the Serpent Platinum Dildo (10.5 inches). This toy is super flexible. You have to force its head into your body, then push it deep inside. Once inserted, it feels amazing as it “snakes” deep inside you.

Sinnovator will customize all of their toys into the color combination you’d like. And for me, one of the best features is that they are all available with a hole in the base suitable for connection to the Vac-U-Loc system or your favorite fuck machine.
None of their toys would be considered “inexpensive,” but they are incredibly well made and durable. Even using oil based lubes like Crisco, I haven’t seen any damage or deterioration.

If you’re looking for something that looks and feels unusual, Sinnovator’s toys are an excellent choice.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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