Marc McAulay is the real life serving military guy who just happens to be one of the fastest rising & biggest gay porn stars around and his Squadron and colleagues could not be in more support of him. It seems we have come a long way from ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ and no gays in the military as PAUL STAG finds out with a recent chat with the hot stud who his country and his scene partners regularly thank the versatile performer for his ‘service’.

Marc is a 34 yo proud Scot muscle jock with one of the horniest accents you have ever heard on film like a younger and more hung Sean Connery who is the ultimate flip fuck. He serves in the British RAF (Royal Air Force) with a security roll based out of Edinburgh, Scotland where men are men sheep are wary and nothing under the kilt is law.

In the UK it was illegal to be homosexual up until 1967 and in the British military that continued (without being that heavily enforced) until gays were allowed to join or be open whilst serving for Queen and Country in the Year 2000. The powers that be on that fair Isle then went into overdrive making up for lost time and became extremely gay friendly 2 years later actively advertising for gay men and women to join the Army, Navy or Airforce by advertising extensively in gay magazines and also being very prominent and popular with the crowds at gay prides etc. Gay UK military personnel can now since 2014 also get married (Except in Northern Island) and in 2020 they have a fantastic poster boy in handsome well educated and just plain fit as fuck Marc McAulay which will do more for military especially RAF sign ups and morale than even the new Top Gun movie will. 

There have been many gay porn stars in the past who are ex-military men such as Ricky Sinz, Jonas Jackson & Ryan Rose who were all ex-marines (For some reason the Marines in particular seems to be a big recruiting ground for future porn models!) but they all drop their pants and reach for the cock rings when they have left service so no possible adverse effects on their prospects whereas Marc McAulay is right in the heart of his military career unlike the sports world where most come out when they have left the professional game and it is easier to deal with.

Marc is a very confident guy as he entered the Mr Gay UK contest in 2008 winning the Scottish heat in Dundee and coming Second in the whole area 4 Country final that year held in Blackpool. Most Mr Gay UK contestants are pretty young and vanilla (Marc was 21) but our hero in uniform is very different as he is heavily into fetish…..basically he is a bit of a pig. His chosen tribe is sportswear rather than uniform and he has sworn to protect his much-loved squadron by never doing anything untoward in his uniform and bringing the service into disrepute. He loves soccer gear and not just Scottish teams like Rangers or Celtic but English and other European team kits too and he looks great in it. Yet he likes all sportswear and is particularly fond of Dutch super brand Mr Riegillio and their great track suits who have dressed him with some exclusive items since his modelling career took off. 

After the Mr Gay UK contest he spent a year in Spain (he likes Latin guys amongst others…and clubbing) he returned home where he fully came out about his sexuality. He then joined the British air force in 2010 as a gunner which he loves as an out proud gay airman fulfilling a childhood dream and after 3 months of gruelling training he signed on eventually moving to a reservist roll which means he is paid to do 2 weeks service and One weekend per month. He is an incredible shot with a rifle so went into the security side where that is of paramount importance.

In 2016 he was approached by a gay porn studio scout to be a model and did his first scene with the fetish team at StraightHell who film ‘straight’ guys being abducted, used and tortured sexually. He then progressed through a bunch of other studios like Breederfuckers, CMNM, Triga, Fuckingrooms & Brutaltops. Along the way he did it all including more extreme pursuits such as watersports bondage and scat. He has done live work at well-known venues like SBN and wants to do more and has done staged film scenes in army gear where he looks very hot but as mentioned previously nothing close to his home service and squadron that have been nothing but fully supportive. His reputation has grown exponentially over his 3 years as a model and he is a very good and exciting performer to watch. This has led to him picking up 5 nominations at the current Prowler European Gay Porn Awards the biggest and most prestigious Awards outside of the USA across the board in such categories as Best Jock and Best Fetish performer of the year. The public fan vote for that contest will run through the Spring of 2021 and we know Marc would greatly appreciate your support when the time is right. The huge International studios soon came calling and he has just had his first film released Worldwide digitally and on DVD with TreasureIslandMedia in ‘Ruin The Cunt’ where he tops Mr Gay Fetish Gran Canaria the ever-popular leather sub Clayton Torres. Unlike most other adult industry models and stars Marc McAulay has kept and continues to use his given name rather than changing to something crass like Diesel Jackhammer or Dobie Diggler as he is a out, proud trailblazing important gay performer. 

He has had a lot of very positive media attention from the likes of Ladbible, Attitude Magazine and the straight press like the Telegraph and Standard newspapers and is fully backed by the RAF and UK Ministry Of Defence (MOD) who declared ‘As long as our personnel do not bring the RAF into disrepute what they do in their private life is not a matter for the service’ a very correct and modern attitude to LBGT serving military personnel and they should be hugely applauded for it and other military organisations around the globe not as forward or 21st Century thinking should take note. Marc said i was actually really shocked at how decent the RAF and MOD were about me going into the industry and still being a reservist. Of course, they have rules and boundaries but ultimately said as long as i don’t wear my uniform in films or bring the RAF into any of the shoots they were quite happy to let me continue. All the guys in my squadron are also fully aware of what i do and despite the occasional joke here and there everyone was really accepting which was great’. Some of his married colleagues ask an awful lot of questions about what he does and seem to have a very healthy interest.

He is now extremely in demand with other models for joint shoots and he has started his own JustForFans fansite where he is an exclusive and you can experience that great horny accent for yourself…he is especially a master of verbal sex and he responds to all fans personally and will even sell you his used underwear, Tee-shirts or jockstraps but be aware there is a bit of a waiting list for those not least in our Office. He says he would really love to work in the States especially for Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment or down in Spain with and we expect the superb boss there Alter Sin to be flying him over soon when Covid restrictions allow for his MEN debut and he is extremely keen to do more TreasureIslandMedia work to satiate his sleazy side. His Two dream performing partners are Oliver Hunt and Paddy O’Brian and both stars would be lucky to have him. Also fellow Army lad, man mountain Dan Broughton currently in the Household Cavalry (The ones who ride horses guarding Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth) who he has played with in the past privately If ever Dan decides to put down his weapon and restart his modelling career but his ultimate would be Olympic medal winning diving superstud Tom Daley. He wants to experience all the wonderful extremes of the gay fetish world and says his high point privately to date was an incredibly hot as hell gay Three-way out of doors in a Scottish forest….this lad is made of tough stuff. You can follow Marc McAulay and find out more on his twitter and Facebook accounts and ever-growing social media but be aware that his FB is personal as he does not have a separate model identity like every other adult model so you are sharing him with his family, friends and colleagues there most of which are straight so we hope you will respect this when conversing on that platform. 

We hope that he is the First of many working servicemen across the globe who become happy healthy gay models as let’s face it military men are and always will be scorching hot (Why don’t they do calendars to benefit retired servicemen charities?)and that they get as much support from colleagues and authorities as the British RAF are showing Marc. It is great that this sort of thing can happen in 2020, we have come a long way and full credit should be given to the UK military and the man himself for his bravery/honesty and we trust that other services elsewhere around the globe will follow their intelligent lead if the same situation arises. Marc McAulay, The RAF and British Ministry Of Defence Alphatribe and the LBGT Community Salute you all.

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Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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