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The ultimate fetish beard artist and professional (who also happens to be as fit as fuck) has expanded his brand to include all your fetish and beard/hair paraphernalia. Now he’s launched his own range of gay fetish scents for men.

Who is The Hairy Bastard?

I’m a barber with a fetish for hot hairy men. I’ve loved rubbing a man’s fur ever since I can remember. Facial hair, body hair, and pubic hair – it all turns me on. So naturally I became a barber!

You have a very interesting back story…

I’m a Greek man who grew up in Baltimore. I had a very tough beginning, the toughest you can imagine. I moved to Atlanta for college during the 1996 Olympics and never looked back. Those were the wild days. Experimenting with hot, muscled, hairy, kinky men. Learning what I liked – and there wasn’t much that I didn’t like. The wilder side of me started to come out. Now I’m well-rounded and in my 40s.

Do you still have private clients?

Yes, quite a few. Some like to be trimmed while some like the straight-edge on their ass and balls. Kinda gives me a boner doing it. It’s quite erotic and outside of the normal back shaves.

Are there a couple of easy grooming tips you can share with Alphatribe readers?

When shaving, mix beard oil with the cream or gel for a smoother shave.

If you’ve got a beard, apply an oil first and work it in. That moisturises the skin underneath and it helps to stop flaking. Follow it up with a beard wax to tame the stray hairs. My wax is formulated differently to most. I use waxes, oils, and resins to give a great hold and shine.

And remember, find a good barber. Not everyone is good at everything!

Let’s discuss your scents starting with the most eye-catching – Leather?

I wanted to put a good leather scent out there. Most aren’t very good or don’t last. I tried 34 formulas before I got it right. It’s a combination of scents and frankly, it’s a turn-on.

What is behind Tobacco?

I love a cigar but most people don’t like smoke. So creating this scent was difficult. Something manly and tough, but not stinky. It’s quite a big seller for me.

And Campfire?

This is my best seller. Everyone LOVES this scent. Smokey and woodsy and total turn on. It’s super sexy. People always run around saying ‘Smell me’!!!

And the sensational Grapefruit scent?

This was supposed to be my throwaway scent. Something clean and simple. But it has really taken off as a major hitter in my arsenal of scents. Not everyone can wear Leather to a board meeting or home to mum.

How was your first IML as a vendor?

What an amazing experience! I loved all the hot men and leather daddies. I think I hurt my neck!! Not to mention all the fun demos and parties. I worked my ass off showcasing my products at the vendor market, but it was the bonds I made with the other vendors that made it such a great experience. And the play was great too!!!

Whose facial hair would you most like to get your Hairy Bastard hands on, and why?

That’s a hard question to answer. I just love furry men. I couldn’t single one out. Just when I pick one I see another. Can I get my hands on all of them? Please!!!!

How can our readers find out more about your products and services?

Find us on Instagram or online at You can also email us at for information about international shipping.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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