The Gay Superhero & Masked Wrestler Comic Book.

Superheroes are uber hot at the moment and every two months either Marvel or DC Comics have a major release at the top or the Worlds Cinema Box Office and they are all over our TV screens too. Due to their built in masculinity and their general power coupled with great physiques they have become one of the fastest growing gay fetishes of the Millenium. We all jerk off at the thought of fucking Captain America bareback, fisting Thor up to the bicep, dreaming that Wonderwoman actually has a humungous ‘Rocco Steele’ sized cock and that Batman Vs Superman was actually a TreasureIslandMedia fuck film – Antman we fantasize about a lot less as we are not into small dicks. We have covered Spandex Porn and Superherors in previous Alphatribes but we now want to drive your cum spattered laser vision towards realistic Gay Comic Books which bring the two Worlds of Cartoons and filmed porn crashing together in a Zap Pow earth destroying ejaculation.

The best we have found is which does real still photography like your standard porn shoot of actors rather than drawings in a great comic strip style format of superheroes saving the World one butt at a time. There is extensive BDSM and torture as you would expect and these supermen seemed to be captured and tied up an awful lot – perhaps they enjoy that kind of thing. The baddies are particularly clever at devising punishments and interrogations which often involve electro, water, restraints and sex toys etc and a lot of spandex falling off or being ripped in all the best places usually just around the masked vigilante’s cock and ball and asshole regions. They also have extensive strips of Mexican style masked gay wrestlers which is another rapidly increasing gay fetish.   

Their tagline is ‘The Gay photo storybook where Spandex superheroes clash in battle and Pro-wrestling fighting men face defeat’. It is hot horny stuff and a great way to present content in a unique way that no-one else is doing. There is new content uploaded weekly and the week we looked at it the lead scene was entitled soaked shrinking spandex where a blue clad hero covered from head to toe in tight gear was suffering profusely as his costume shrunk at the hands of the villains inventive device showing every part of his body in close up detail and leaving no-one unaware as to whether he was circumcised or not with loud cries in comic balloons of aaagh! and wtf ! (Do superhero parents cut off their kids foreskins and does that hunk of flesh have any special powers we wonder). 

Elsewhere there are stories entitled Kneel before your master, Great balls of fire, Cyber muscle pup, Defiant to the last spurt and Fired Up. They have many recurring characters especially the villains which are a whole new world of sick and twisted and seem hell bent on sticking huge objects up a superheroes ass and torturing his balls like there was never going to be a sequel rather than seeing their destructive plans through. Many strips have a number of episodes to give that real ongoing story and true comic feel and they all seem to end up with copious amounts of super-sperm making a break for freedom out of their heroes krypton size ballsacks. Many of the characters have a cunning resemblance to the likes of the Dark Knight and Wolverine but with enough changes to avoid copyright suits from Hollywood. All in all this is a great horny jerk off site with a lot more fun than most and a huge thought and inventiveness put into each photo, strip and story. If this does not make you want to get your cock out and shoot a huge load the next time you view an X-men film or see Spiderman’s bulge flying towards you out of the screen then nothing will – Truth, fisting and the American Way is the new motto and remember With great cockpower comes great ass fucking responsibility. photo-story comic book where spandex superheroes clash in battle and pro wrestling masked men face defeat!

The gay photo-story comic book where spandex superheroes clash in battle and pro wrestling masked men face defeat!


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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