The vaccination roll out is in full flight with one vaccine or other now being administered in over 100 Countries (215 Million people and counting). Many of the great and good are doing their bit to help persuade any guys who are hesitant or have concerns by having pictures taken of them as encouragement to get vaccinated and the fetish World is leading the way. Any that have Vac queries please direct them to your medical profession who would love to help and guide you with fantastic info and reassurance rather than the dark corners of the internet where there is a much larger population of ‘unqualified & uninformed but very vocal group of experts’.

Silver Steele

With the likes of Mr Leather Uk Jon Stockton getting jabbed in full leathers and sash and International gay fetish porn star Silver Steele showing as much flesh as possible for his then hopefully it will help us all take up our place in the queue/line when we get the all-important letter or text. If not enough to help we would like AT readers to see the Croation finance minister and Greek Prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis getting theirs simply because they are possibly the 2 hottest politicians on the planet if you are into muscle or hairy chests…and spoiler alert, we are. Plus, a great pic of ultimate gay icon Dolly Parton getting her Jab Of Many Colours finding time in her hard 9 To 5 just because we bloody love her. Basically, we want all AT readers safe and well out the other side of this pandemic in one piece as soon as they are ready, vaccinated and healthy so that they can get up to all the wonderful gay fetish shenanigans God put on this earth for us to do in leather, rubber or sports kit and into the corners of our favourite dark rooms once again.

If any other fetish scene people, guys in gear or porn stars have selfies of them getting the vaccine please send them in: .

Dolly Parton


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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