Folsom Europe has run in Berlin every year since 2004 as an event (The team began in 2003) with the exception of 2020 due to the pandemic. The non-profit mega event over a long weekend in early September that supports many LBGTQ+ charities is holding an online auction in conjunction with Alphatribe Magazine to help fill the gap left by last year’s hiatus and set the event and their charities up nicely for 2021 & many years to come. The Auction has a number of exclusive pictures from 2 leading gay fetish artists which will take bids for a 9-day period on Folsom Europe’s Facebook account starting Friday 21st May closing on the 30th May.

There are 3 incredible paintings from ‘Paul of Scotland’ and a stunning photograph from D81 photos in the Middle East all featuring probably the most well-known and legendary face from the European gay fetish scene Mr. Daniel Dumont R.I.P who sadly passed away as one of the first and most high-profile foot soldiers to Covid 19 right back at the start of the pandemic and is much missed by all. (For full Memorial and Anniversary remembrances of the great man please see our still available features on All of the works will be auctioned off for FOLSOM EUROPE with the proceeds off 1 of the Paul of Scotland painting s (the one with the ECMC logo) goint to ECMC itself to support their member clubs. 
The auction is taking place because these two artists were inspired by the recent donation campaign of Jeroen Van Lievenoogen from Darklands, Antwerp & this magazine for FOLSOM EUROPE which was carried and fronted by Alphatribe. These two artists loved that very successful and most generous campaign so much and wanted to participate in their own way.

YOU CAN SEE ALL OF THE PAINTINGS & PHOTO FOR SALE HERE & ON THE FOLSOM EUROPE FACEBOOK PAGE THE LATTER OF WHICH IS WHERE YOU PLACE YOUR BIDS – and we hope you will be as generous as possible in supporting our fetish community as always….we know you will.


Paul of Scotland, also known as Paul Fraser, was born in 1971 in Portugal, raised in France, lived 3 years in Amsterdam, and has since rekindled with his ancestry settling in Scotland since 2008. Though Paul’s studies have taken him to the Ecole du Louvre he is a self-taught artist who has been drawing since he was able to hold a pencil. Paul’s ability has been following his personal evolution especially as a gay Leatherman visualizing and living his attraction to what makes a man more masculine in uniforms and leather. As a teenager, he started to copy and recreate Ancient Egyptian frescos, while entering in adulthood Paul’s libido was actually more interested in leathermen and through self-training he took inspiration from his all-time idol Tom of Finland’s style. Recently, Paul has been showing his work in Nice, Manchester, Edinburgh, Berlin, and virtually on the Tom of Finland Foundation site and at CLAW Fair and published in Drummer Magazine. Paul has been helping through his work to raise funds for diverse Gay and leather Clubs and HIV charities. He is well known for always carrying his drawing materials with him and loves nothing more than occupying a table, draw in Gay pubs and cafes, and occasionally talking to other fellow artists or bystanders where he gains a lot of inspiration. Maybe he will ask you if you fancy modelling for a couple of drawings next time?.
The artist works from photographs to maximize the likeness in his images and he loves to pay tribute to the pillars of the fetish community as so in this case with Daniel Dumont. Lately, the artist has been developing drawings in black paper giving a focus on the light which will be shown in his virtual exhibition called “ALIVE” which you can find at

courtesy of the Manchester Leathermen


I’m Dari van Hart. Born and raised in the Middle East and now regularly traveling across Europe and the United States with my camera. I have been taking pictures since 2007 and have participated in many exhibitions and won local and international photography contests. I specialize in portrait , stage photography and product shoots which has enabled me to work with some big exciting brands
As a gay man (albeit quietly here in the Middle East) I am drawn to the queer scene when I travel and love to take pictures of men with unique looks; trying to capture their distinct personality in a single shot.I have attended some prominent fetish events and had the opportunity to shoot some well-known people on the scene as well as participating in fetish photography contests and received pleasing reviews and accolades for my work. I have also had photos published in lots of gay magazines

D81photos / / @D81photos


Folsom Europe is an annual BDSM and leather subculture street fair held in September in Berlin, Germany. It was established in 2003 in order to bring the non-profit leather festival concept pioneered by the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco to Europe. Today this is the biggest gay fetish event in Europe attended annually by kinksters from all over the globe. It is the main & most anticipated LBGTQ+ event of the year in what is known as the most famous Gay fetish capital city of the world…Berlin. The main area for the fetish festival which is an outdoor market/fair/party linked with endless big club and bar events over 6 great hedonistic days s is in Schöneberg area right in the heart of the most gay friendly City there is. The Folsom Europe street festival is at Fuggerstrasse and Welserstrasse, close to Wittenbergplatz. It is also the backdrop for the annual German Titleholders’ Conference an event which brings together fetish titleholders from all over the world to meet and collect money for charitable organisations in the city. Fundraising is an important part of this fetish street  Saturday party and the title holders are kept in line by the queens of gay fetish charity the ‘nuns from the Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ who all give up their free time at the gates to collect funds from visitors to what is otherwise a free to attend event.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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