The Fetish Boat Party

How often do you get to wear your best fetish gear on the high seas, have butt sex in a floating dark room and play with porn stars on holiday?

The biggest and best – maybe only – sun soaked fetish boat party that we know of, took place halfway through Maspalomas Fetish Week (MFW) and we were happy to be on board – just a day ahead of our own AT Fetish Alliance poolside party. 

It is such a shame that so many of our fetish landmark weeks, parties and events are in our colder climes – good for leather and rubber etc, but boy, is it nice to have the sun on our chaps once in a while and have more of a holiday vibe along with the clubbing, socialising cruising et al! 

MFW is now in its second phase, having a bit of a relaunch a couple of years ago under a new Irish events manager Patrick Marmion. And boy, do the Paddy’s know how to have a good time, injecting new ideas into what was already a successful 9 days every October, making it now a simply must do… In 2019 it won ‘event of the year’ at the public voted X Awards: World Fetish Awards in Antwerp. And it will only get bigger and better. 

A few years back there was a boat trip at this event on an old pirates’ galleon which was fun but not particularly fit for purpose. With that one now in dry dock, after a short break the Fetish Boat party has returned on a smart modern cruiser with two very usable decks and a million photo opp corners. That year it was sponsored by the new International big hitter in the gay porn/fansite world Just for Fans, which meant that there were one or two porn stars on board… Make that twenty plus and none of the fetish guys were complaining about that. 

Porn actors are not shy and tend to lead from the front meaning that the dancing, drinking and of course ass fucking started before the rope had been unhooked from the harbour side cleat. The 6-hour cruise was an early sell out and there was a big clamour and black market for tickets all week. So be warned and get yours well in advance next time. 

The favoured DJ of the porn stars and their studios, Mr Lee Harris – who is model calibre himself -kept the music fun with a mix of old disco classics and the best of post Millennium uplifting vocal party hits – more applicable to the bright daytime setting than the endless house music we seem to have to endure at other fetish events. 

This hit the spot for the 2-hour trip along the beautiful Spanish island coastline in the tropics as Masplomas is the furthest point South you can go in the whole of Europe and it is just off the equator, so the boat takes you down to it. 

Porn stars we saw getting busy included Ale Tedesco, Pitbull, Magnus, Maxence Angel, Aymeric Deville, Mikeyboy, HungYoungBrit, Bob Steele and loads more. There is a ‘dark room’ below decks which soon became one ass in-one ass out as it was very busy, but sex was happening all over the boat. One well known Italian porn star, who will remain nameless, was bent over the drinks’ freezer for much of the trip, being raw tag-team fucked by a dozen hotties taking their turn – it was punishing and aggressive, but he loved it. The straight crew could not believe what they were seeing and we imagine a couple of them may have been turned gay on that trip. 

There was a Spanish meal – Paella of course – served to one and all when the boat weighed harbour out at sea in a very quiet picturesque cove, where an hours skinny dipping and boat diving became the main distraction. As the drink was free throughout as part of the ticket, by the time the boat returned to its own harbour, there was plenty of pissed up leathermen, rubbermen and puppies – lots of missing speedo’s and some very sore arseholes. 

Since Fetish week, there have been further boat trips using the same formula, run by the porn studio HungYoungBrit at Maspalomas Winter Pride/Bear Weekend and again coming up at Summer Pride. The popularity has spread and the organisers are now chartering two ocean going boats, so that more guests can take advantage of cocksucking at sea and they tell us there will definitely be two large seamen carrying craft at the 2020 Fetish week running 2-11th October, see 

So if you are ready for all the balldraining goings on a circuit Fetish Leatherpride/Folsom/Bear weekend etc, combined with an actual holiday, then this is the event for you… simply not to be missed! 

Think of an Atlantis Cruise where the gay men actually have some sex… well a lot of sex. You will suck dick, you will get drunk, you will get a suntan, you will dance to tunes you know and you will get inside a porn star. We are already putting in for our annual 2020 leave. •


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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