The difference between milking and orgasming

Milking is one of the latest sex acts to come out of the cowshed and gain rapid popularity. It can be done performed on sub or top, as long as the fukka is well restrained. You can buy heavy duty milking machines for around US$700, or simple prostate-milking toys such as the MEO Cumelot for about a tenth of that. 

Many gay men think that wanking a guy off repeatedly is a heavy-duty milking session. Despite the fun you can have watching a sub’s bollocks deflate and suffer after they’ve been emptied for the third time, this is not milking. You’re just giving the guy repeat orgasms.

Milking is all about working the prostate rather than working the shaft. Apply a finger or vibrating toy to the magic spot up the guy’s hole and it’s a different story. Semen is literally ‘milked’ out of the prostate and no erection is necessary. 

You can tell the difference between milking and an orgasm by the way the spunk leaves the body. If it squirts out in rhythmical pulses, that was an orgasm. It doesn’t matter if there was pressure on the prostate, it was caused by an orgasm. If the cum dribbles out in an anti-climactic way, then it was a milking.

Subs will usually enjoy orgasming. But if they are milked well, he should feel extremely humiliated and unfulfilled. It’s a great weapon to use against the fukka! Milking should start within 30 minutes of prostate manipulation or you’re not doing it right. But if you are, you can repeat the process several times to maximise his pain and humiliation. Repeat the milking every 48 hours so the sub really knows you have full and complete ownership of his ball sack.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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