The appeal of leather

Man wearing leather in couch

#9 It’s body positive

Leather guys come (cum) in all shapes and sizes, and that’s the way we like them. You are never too chubby or too skinny to wear leather. Many leathermen don’t have six packs as they are not needed. The smell of their testosterone and leather together is more potent than a camp queen’s gym-trained perfect body. The leather scene, along with our brother bears, rarely have attitude. We are men not boys, and certainly not effeminate, so man-up and get some leather gear on.

#10 And so much more…

Leather is more than a fetish, it is a true community. Everyone is welcome and you will never be put down. Sex in leather is incredible and you will get much more of it. Leather is the most requested gear an escort is asked for, and it’s the biggest selling type of fetish porn. So wear leather and be popular and sexually desired. It might also lead you into other fetishes like the pup world, rubber, watersports, S&M, BDSM… You will feel empowered and naturally more dominant, and it is just truly great to fuck in. Not convinced? Well the people you will meet are real men, from all walks of life, and they will become your friends for life. The leather community is not known as the gay brotherhood for nothing. Time to join up to the ultimate gay fetish army of men who look like men, act like men, smell like men, dress like men, and fuck like pigs.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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