The appeal of leather

Man wearing leather in couch

For 70 years, leather has been the fetish gear of choice. From our books, to our events, from our films to our music, it is still number one. Rubber, skinhead, sports, Lycra, suits, puppies, and uniforms have all joined the carnival of gay masculinity down at your local fetish bar or club, but none of them can usurp the title away from our favourite black cowhide. In this article we discover why it’s eternally popular, why every gay man should have a leather phase at some point in their life, and why he should have as much of it in his closet as he can afford.

#1 The feel

Leather just feels so sensual on your body. A cock in a leather jock starts to get hard every time it rubs against the material. It is so comfortable to wear and does not make you sweat like rubber. And you will never be as cold as you can be in a spandex wrestling singlet. Leather is the perfect second skin because your body can breathe in it.

#2 Civilian friendly

If you are self-conscious about travelling to an event in fetish gear then leather is your friend. Leather trousers and jackets are streetwear and you will often just be confused for a motorcyclist. It is also a great image of masculinity because your presence and look is more macho than the homophobes.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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