Sex on The Beach, Slippery Nipples and A Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall are both the description of an evenuing at Maspalomas Fetish Week/A Peurto Vallarta Bear Event or Pig Week Fort Lauderdale as well as 3 Internationally known cocktails that can be ordered absolutely anywhere including The Laboratory, Jackhammer and The Barracks. Yet there are many more that you may wish to investigate and here are the Top 20 most poppular at high class gay bars Worlddwide from San Francisco to Tel Aviv. All are recognised by the IBA -International bartenders Association and other well known cocktail bodies. We list the first two ingredients for space alone and becuase we are not Food And Drink Monthly but full lists all are easily found online. In case any readers are embarrassed to ask for them publicly (As likely as finding a virgin at the end of Folsom) AT are launching them under a new easy to remember set of names from our various International Fetish Tribes. 

20 Cock Sucking Cowboy Cocktail Alternatively a Dallas Steele ( Butterscotch Scnapps & Baileys Irish Cream)

19 Suck, Bang & Blow Cocktail Alternatively a Ralph Bruneau ( Tequila & Vodka)

18 Liquid Viagra Cocktail Alternatively a Logan Moore ( Jagermeister & Red Bull)

17 The Leg Spreader Cocktail Alternatively a Roby Leather (Tequila & Vodka)

16 Tie Me To The Bedpost Cocktail Alternatively a RopeTrainKeep ( Citrus Vodka & Melon Liquer)

15 Dirty Little Virgin Cocktail Alternatively a Ian Allen ( White Rum & Peach Schnapps)

14 Sex With An Alligator Cocktail Alternatively a Toni Blanko ( Rasberry Liquer & Melon Liquer)

13 Pop My Cherry Cocktail Alternatively a Jeff Tucker ( Triple Sec & Cherry Vodka)

12 Sex On My Face Cocktail Alternatively a Silver Steele ( Canadian Whisky & Coconut Rum)

11 Sit On My Face Cocktail (Not to be confused with No.12) Alternatively a Blue Bailey (Kahlua Coffee Liquer & Hazenut Liquer)

10 Dirty Whores Bathwater Cocktail Alternatively a Jack Change ( Vodka & Sour ApplePucker)

9 Blow Job Cocktail Alternatively a John O’ Brien (Baileys Irish Cream & Almond Liquer)

8 Porn Star Cocktail Alternatively a Austin Wolfe ( Vanilla Vodka & Passion fruit Liquer)

7 Anus Burner Cocktail Alterntaively a Rocco Steele ( Tequila & Jalapeno Pepper)

6 Golden Showers Cocktail Alternatively a Drew Dixon (Stolichnaya Vodka & Orange Juice)

5 Blue Balls Cocktail Alternatively a Daniel Ruster ( Blue Caracao & Coconut Rum)

4 Dirty Hooker Cocktail Alternatively a Cutler X (Raspberry & Banana Liquers)

3 Dick Sucker Cocktail Alternatively a Bob Miller (Pear Vodka & Blueberry Schnapps) 

2 Cream Pussy Cocktail Alternatively a Dolf Dietrich (Baileys Irish Cream & Strawberry Cream Liquer

1 Ass Cocktail…..yes that is what it is actually called Alternatively a Title Holders Hole ( Absolute Vodka & Sour Apple Schnapps)


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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