The age of Only Fans

Guest Author: Brian Bonds

‘Hey! Do you wanna make a video?’ has become a very common question in sex now. Anybody with a smartphone can start posting their own sex tapes, jack-off videos, or custom-made content requested by clients.

The power of creating, posting, and making money from content has now been given to the porn stars themselves. Not only that, but more and more people are popping up as major stars, having never set foot on a real porn set. This is very similar to how YouTube stars become famous in mainstream media. People are coming out of their shells more and more and realising that they can be one of the guys/gals on the screen, and that they can make it happen for themselves. It is not only a new way of getting into porn, but a new way of staying in porn for those who truly love it as a living.

Many realise that the torch of power in the industry is being passed down to the models. Even though we all love our studios, they’re not entirely necessary anymore if you want to be a successful star. Is that killing the industry? Or just simply taking it into a whole new era?

Let’s start with the easiest, how fan video pages can help you get into porn. We all remember when YouTube came out. It revolutionised the way that people shared their creativity, personality, and soul with the world. It’s also a way to show how funny their pets are. I’ll admit that I still watch cat videos, but that’s beside the point! 

With sites like JustFor.Fans and (and many others that are popping up), people are now able to make and post their own sex/masturbation/fetish clips. The concept isn’t new. Sites like Porn Hub and X-Tube have been allowing people to create their own content and post videos for years. 

The difference is, the fan sites have given people a way to monetise their content. The subscription-based platforms allow fans to follow their favourite stars. And they enable the talent to make some cash. Many of us have done studio work, but have always wanted the freedom that studio sets don’t give us. Fan sites give us that freedom.

For a long time, bareback sex in porn was limited to the raunchiest and most nasty pigs. This eventually turned into a stigma with fans accusing us of throwing our HIV around. Let’s not forget that many found it hot to watch a guy with a biohazard sign tattooed around his asshole getting seeded by 50 men. But it also caused people to worry about how much of that cum was infectious.

With new medicines, the only thing we have to worry about is getting a shot in the ass and a couple pills. If you have HIV, it’s a pill a day to keep the AIDS away. If you’re negative, a pill a day keeps HIV away. Now performers can make the videos they want, with whoever they want. If two models want to work together but the studios won’t put them together, they can create their own video and still make money. Fan video sites give us the option to communicate, educate, and l work together to show and promote hot sex that is still safe, even without a condom.

In some instances, it’s fair to say that fan sites are hurting (if not just changing) the big studios. To be honest, I can personally see how fan videos have taken the power away from the studios and given it all to the models themselves. The consumer now comes and finds their favourite porn star’s fan page and can subscribe to their content. We can offer discount codes and create banners – everything that a major studio can do. 

That doesn’t mean we don’t need the studios. Somebody may increase their popularity through fan sites, but there’s nothing like having the backing, the picture quality, and the overall modelling experience of a professional set.

Some studios have even adopted their websites to include a fan video section. Raw Fuck Club, for example, has switched to be a fan video site. They still have all their own content, but they now rely heavily on stars uploading their own videos. Is that a sign that the studio industry is fading out? I like to think of it more as an evolutionary step. We’ll always need studios like Raging Stallion and others.

Amateur porn is super-hot, but the look and overall porn experience (as a model) that big studios produce should not be lost. But we need them to help build us up, directly pay for each video, and to give all the new JustFor.Fans stars some genuine porn modelling experience. •


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