According to a recent survey, 65% of gay couples said they met one another online — almost certainly on one of the following ‘largely’ free online dating platforms for gay men

We all love our smartphone Apps to find partners or guys for quick anon sex or whatever sleazy fetish acts we are into. Of course, the best place to find guys is still at your local leather bars, fetish clubs and International circuit events which we all must continue to support more than ever post the pandemic. In a venue the guy is out for the evening and looking to actually meet, socialise and exchange a number of various bodily fluids so you can by-pass the eternal timewasters, sudden stealth mode and no-shows on hook up Apps etc. That said the digital media are a great back up and are here to stay without doubt (Goodbye hanky code!) but off course new ones arrive all the time and it is impossible to stay in touch or be on them all so here are the ones you may wish to try.

1) A date, potential partner/boyfriend….future husband
2) Meaningless horny sleazy dirty sex
3) To find a play mate into a certain type of fetish like bondage, corporal punishment, fisting, ballbusting, edging, milking, vacuum pumping etc.
4) To find an escort – i.e. a guaranteed fit as fuck horsehung stud that will always turn up and satisfy you with no stigma when you have a spare $200, £200 or 200EU.
5) New gay mates to hang with if you have just come out of a long-term relationship or just moved to a new City or area.

As you can imagine each App/site attracts a very different type of guy which has usually developed via word of mouth or trial and error over time. It is vital to know where to go to find out what you are looking for from the 5 listed very different end results above that you seek. Let’s start with Number 3 above the most important category


not really aimed at relationships unless you get really lucky.

1 RECON – The best and most well-known fetish hook up site. They are divided into 28 categories of fetish which they update annually (We expect Republicans who swallow to be one of the major groups added next year). Therefore, you can target guys into chastity, feet or watersports say and equally guys of certain fetish tribes such as skinheads, bikers, smokers or bears very easily. Of course, they have a general section for those pigs that are just into absolutely everything like say the editor of AT magazine and Pigboy Reuben.

2 SCRUFF – A fantastic App which has been around for years and is not overly policed by the woke squad. Once you have proven you are off legal age you are treated like adults and left to get up to whatever you wish. By accident it tends to be more popular with masculine guys, older guys and fetish guys and is like Grindr’s nasty older brother who has worked out exactly what he wants from another man and it will probably be nasty. If alphatribe did an app it would be like this.

3 BAREBACKRT – The most famous BB platform which was big even before PrEP became near universal in the gay world. The Californian based company that is also linked to the CumUnion events is known internationally for this type of sex if you are into the world of breeding, cream pies and load counts etc. As popular now as ever and its stats have stayed solid right through the sexual diversification of the internet and fetish splitting era and modern digital age.

4 MACHOBB – The other major BB hook up site which is now in its 6th year. The one big advantage it has over BarebackRT is that as it is based in Europe where rules are more lenient it does carry profiles from loads of big porn stars and also many incredibly fit escorts which the other site has banned.


Here we have a situation as AT magazine covers over 300 fetish tribes from Furries to Gunge and from Rubbermen to superhero guys and there are a number of Apps for each of those many different activities and men types. Really if you are specifically into say asphyxiation then it is best to find the specific APP on google and trust us they are all there big time. Five we do think are worthy of mention are:

5 GROWLr – for the bear community

6 DADDYHUNT – for the daddy community

7 BLACKPEOPLEMEET – the go to hook up site for black and African American dudes – the largest of its kind in the World.

8 PUPZONE – For the gay lycra clad dog in your life

9 BEARWORLD – Another great meeting place for hairy butt guys and their admirers.


10 GRINDR – the most famous hook up App on the planet but it seems it is purely for sex and quickies as you will probably get a dick pick well before you get the guy’s name etc. It will claim otherwise but this is not for relationships. A great tool in your armoury but possibly a bit vanilla for many AT readers tastes.

11 SNIFFIES – Good for bi-curious and bi guys in general

12 HORNET – The new hip and modern one on the block and it is great.

13 TAIMI – best for social media dates which might lead to something

14 GAYDAR – Yes, it is still out there – the world dominator a decade ago that lost out somewhat when phone Apps arrived and took over from the PC/laptop ones 

15 MANHUNT – A great middle of the road site that has been around forever and still works well Internationally today

16 MEN NATION – Very user friendly with good video chat

17 JACK’D – 5 Million users and climbing – a bit American based but a very diverse group of profiles.

18 ROMEO – One of the leading apps in Europe.

19 & 20 – BACKPAGE & CRAIGS LIST – Before the digital hook up era we found guys via small ads (and phone line services). These have been hit hard by the faster more user friendly and cheaper/free modern computer and phone platforms. What made it worse is that the FBI, DOJ, IRS and the US Postal service !!!!! jointly put Backpage in court and won big time with prison etc to follow for the 7 guys they arrested and charged. Craig’s List got spooked and kicked out all their small ad’s which were LARGELY sex ads tbh – so although you may find some in other titles around the globe this method of finding cock or ass is dying faster than Madonna’s music career.


21 TINDER – The ruler of all it surveys in this category. The golden rule is if you are looking for sex look elsewhere if you want a relationship come straight here. its big upside is that it is globally known, easy to use and FREE -the latter of which rarely applies to other relationship dating APPS and platforms. It’s big downside is that often you will go grey whilst waiting for replies 
Below is the best of the other ‘gay matchmaking sites’ (Which of course also have straight and trans sections too)




25 ELITE SINGLES – Expensive but for quality dudes possibly


27 & 28 OUR TIME & SILVER SINGLES for the older gay guy looking for his perfect pig partner – Both are excellent and are very well focused.

29 OKCUPID – The largest database but that part of it is mainly straight.

30 INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK & TWITTER are also possibilities but of course mainly exist for other purposes.

31 ESCORTS – These can be found on many of the above but often hidden to get around that particular App/sites social media police or indeed in North America where hooking is not legal and about as welcome as Linsey Graham in a ladies sexy underwear changing room. Otherwise, the best global APP is the Dutch owned, in the UK go for or in Europe its GayRomeo. Some of the other Apps above like RECON have escort sections where you just look for the symbol on a guy’s profile.  


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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