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Suits and boots in porn

There is plenty of suited and booted porn available for wanking purposes. Some of the best on the web can be found at,, and Lucas Entertainment’s

For mainstream porn, the obvious place to start is The European leader, this successful studio focuses on suited and booted fucking only, from start to finish. They always grab the biggest porn stars, stick them in very smart suits, let them loose in office-like environments, and pay them fortunes to fuck each other for as long as they want – without ever removing their gear. Performers include mega stars Landon Conrad, Theo Ford, Billy Santoro, Hans Berlin, Tom Wolfe, Adam Champ, Spencer Reed, and current top performer of the year, Trenton Ducati.

MenAtPlay’s most infamous scene stars Bruno Knight as a uniformed customs officer doing a full-body cavity search of American megastar Kyle King. Only a year later, life imitated art when Bruno was arrested by customs at LA airport for smuggling a half a pound of crystal meth in his manhole. The authorities quickly transferred Bruno’s hot porn star ass to a Californian penitentiary for two years where that sexy hole probably got the workout of its life.

Every studio we can think of offers suited titles. It is by far the most universal fetish out there, even crossing into the straight market. Try a global Sky TV porn franchise like to see all the cum-splattered silk ties in one place.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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