Suited and booted

The total power fetish

Man in suit

The signal of the alpha male

We all go through times in our lives where we’re answering to guys in suits. Whether it is our boss, in the courts, administrators in public offices, the military, or club security. Over the decades, a man in a suit has come to represent pure power. The better the quality of the suit, the more powerful the man. The more powerful the man, the more alpha he is.

And in gay sex it is all about a top and a bottom. The top has the power and the sub is his plaything. With the business suit, we have the ultimate sign of power, control, and domination. The idea behind the fetishization of suits can be easily compared with other indicators of sexual power such as cigars, leather, and uniforms.

What gay man doesn’t secretly fantasise about letting that powerful alpha force his cock down your throat, or desire a drilling by an executive in a power suit. And the ultimate – turning the tables and fucking the boss bareback over a desk while he begs for more?

It’s no surprise many fetish clubs now run at least one ‘Suit’ night each week. Whether you are on your knees as he flops his tool into your face for a blowjob, or you find your trousers around your ankles as the boss braces you against the filing cabinet to discuss your promotion, a suited and booted night is very similar to rubber, leather, skin, and military fetish nights.

There are at least three obvious reasons these nights are popular. Firstly, it’s a great way for clubs to attract sexy guys beyond the standard weekend scene. Secondly, a guy in a suit is sexy as hell. And finally, in large cities many people commute to work from a distance, so socialising over a pint with friends is best done straight after work. All well and good if you are straight and just want to get buzzed, but if you’re gay, chances are you are ready for something a bit more than just alcohol after working your nuts off all day. And since you are already dressed up in fetish gear, all the better.

Suited and booted nights consistently bring guys out in their best designer wares to clobber on top of each other. But before long, the scene usually degenerates into various states of undress. As all these clubs have good locker rooms or clothes-check facilities geared to make life easy, many working men just get naked from the start, hungry to slide heavy inches of cock into their mancunts before busting a nut.

Of course, some men take a more authentic route and hire an escort to come to their workplace for an ‘interview’ with the boss once the building becomes quiet at the end of the day. Who wouldn’t hope that their next interview ends with a rope or two of spunk streaming across their resume?

Whether you want to fuck in suits, get yours severely stained with cum, or just fantasise about the rosebud you would like to fist out of your annoying boss, there is plenty of fucking to be enjoyed while wearing your finest tailored threads. Admit it… we all undress the security guard as we wait to go inside a club. We all know how nasty and rough a fuck he can deliver.

The suited and booted man is here to stay, and it is by far the easiest fetish for a man to explore again and again. And the first time you see your seed squirt across that Armani jacket, silk shirt, and expensive tie, you will be hooked for life.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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