Suited and booted

The total power fetish

Man in suit

Paul Stag puts on his finest three-piece Armani suit to investigate what makes shagging in smart gear so damn hot. Who wouldn’t relish the sight of spunk flying across a well pressed silk shirt and tie?

James Bond wears a suit to indicate his alpha status. Gangsters and mafia men wear them to emphasise their power and authority. In the Transporter films, Jason Statham wears a designer suit that highlights his masculinity (until, of course, the suit ‘accidentally’ falls off to reveal a shirtless, motor-oil covered physique capable of railing four muscular foes into submission). Think of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, Tom Hardy in Legend, everyone in The Matrix, even Agent 47 in the blockbuster game series Hitman – they can all scrap their enemies and fuck conquests while wrapped up perfectly in a suit and tie.

True, suits are not proper fighting gear compared to judo and karate outfits. But wear well-tailored threads and you’re sending a clear message: I might fight you, or I might just give your hungry mancunt an education in alpha buttfucking over the hood of my Audi.

Suits shows up repeatedly throughout culture as markers of power, dominance and sweaty-as-all-hell masculinity. Therefore, it’s no surprise that suited and booted sex is a universal fetish.

Traditionally, suits and ties are worn by professionals and other people in authority. A man in a suit is a man of success. In working environments, blue collar workers do the hard, dirty work, but the white-collar executive sits back and rules the office. Guess who is getting fucked? Guess who wants to be fucked by whom? For many the suit is a fantasy, but it is also very accessible fantasy because it is one fetish gear we all have in our closets. But beyond its convenience, where does the sexual desire for men in suits stem from?


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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