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Sportswear @ Darklands

The 2020 edition of Darklands introduces a bunch of socials that reflect the diversity within our community. These fetish socials are a perfect way to meet up with people who share your interests or background. Everybody is free to bring along friends as these socials are open to everyone.
One particular social we want to highlight, is the sportswear social, so Alphatribe talked to Nick Sneaker, who is one of the driving forces behind the Darklands socials.

Why are you organizing sportswear fetish activities at Darklands?

As a huge sportswear fetishist myself I really miss this scene in Belgium.

Although Darklands is one of the biggest fetish events in recent years, there was no big visible presence of the sportswear scene. 

While brainstorming with friends about this “missing link”, we thought that we should take this opportunity to increase the visibility of the sportswear scene in our fetish world. 

Try sniffing sneakers, it’s better than poppers

Nick Sneaker

After all sportswear is a very easy way to be introduced into the fetish world and once you are in, there is so much more to discover :-p 

How did you get your ideas for the sportswear program at Darklands?

During the most recent Folsom I went to a sneakers party together with my best friend Darth who has got the sneaker vibes as well and together we were brainstorming about how we could create similar experiences on Darklands. 

The different activities we are planning are the result of ideas from other sneaker guys and of my own horny/crazy brain. 

What is it that attracts people in sportswear? Is it about sweaty clothes or shoes?

I think it can be very different, going from simply the mere manly looks to more extreme aspects like sniffing, licking, trampling… 

For me personally it started with the sports guy looks but gradually I also discovered to enjoy having people sniff at my feet and lick my shoes and socks. You could say in this case it’s more a feeling of domination and submissiveness.

At some point I started wearing sportswear and sneakers for other guys. The idea that someone gets crazy from my odor and sweat makes me damn horny myself! And what is nicer than just running around daily with this slightly horny mood because of what you are wearing?

I am more dominant so it’s rare for me to be sniffing myself, but whenever I have a guy with whom I like to do this, it makes me damn crazy. I can’t explain why but you could say it’s like “bio poppers”. 

What occurred to me is that in general the other guy’s body odor is very important when it comes to enjoying sex. Once you are aware of this you can enjoy “hunting season” even more.

How did you get involved in the sportswear community?

Before the days of MSN I did a lot of webcam play. At some point a guy asked me to sniff my sneakers on cam. I thought it was strange but I like to learn new things. Next thing a knew I was watching sneaker porn, buying sports socks and sneakers and found myself at sportswear parties. 

Do you have to be fit or athletic to be into sportswear?

Not at all. Of course everybody has his preference but I think that’s one of the nicest things in the fetish scene: everybody is welcome to explore their fetish without limits or judgement.

How do you get in touch with others that are into sportswear?

There are only a few sportswear parties. The vibe at these parties is always very chill and it’s easy to meet new people. So it’s a pity there aren’t more of these.

Furthermore, I have different social media accounts regarding my fetish. And funny as it may sound, even at regular second hand web shops where I sell my used sportswear, I meet other guys into the kink.

It seems that most of the sportswear activities are planned on Saturday. Why is that? 

Because most guys also have other kicks. They like to explore. As the sports scene currently isn’t big, I thought it would be best to focus on one day. So the other days the chameleons amongst us can gear up in other kinky wear without missing our sportswear activities. 

Do you have a last word for our readers?

Wear sportswear. Try sniffing sneakers, because it’s better than poppers. See you at the Darklands sports playzone! 


Full Weekend

Darklands Stadium (sports darkroom), sports vendors at Darklands market, second hand sportswear & sneakers @MSC booth.

Saturday March 7th

14:00 Meet and market with Mr Sneakers Belgium 2020 (Bsneax)

15:00 Mister B Antwerp presents: Sexercise at Darklands (session 1)

15:55 Mister B Antwerp presents: Sexercise at Darklands (session 2)

17:00 Open Photoshoot (by StormWolf)

18:00 Sports social (by Addict)

19:00 Live sports porn on stage

With cooporation of MrB Antwerp, Ladz, Sneaxnsox, amsterdam sportswear weekend,, sneakfreaxx, BEsneax, Sneakersexitaly, Addict, Kiffeur, sk8erboy, Mr Riegillio,TheBoots, StormWolf


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