Sparkie Shock is a perverted little fuck that a hugely talented artist that plays as hard as he illustrates. Heavily into torture play, BDSM, CBT and especially electro he is like a one man walking AT pig. He talks exclusivly to PAUL STAG about his art, torturing He-Man, What marines actually get up too when then get there hands on a generator and a soldiers bollocks plus the most extreme torture of all Parrilla

Who is Sparkie Shock?
Sparkie Shock is much more fun and a dead giveaway as to the type of material I like. The name started out as being my BDSM porn name back in 2012, but the filming of all that got put on hold for a while. When I started doing my 3D comics I used it as my artist name. Though originally it was meant to be Sparkie Ballshock.

You seem to have two sides to your fetish life – your art and your real play, presumably the latter and your fantasies whilst doing the former provide the ideas for your cartoons?
It’s actually a bit of both. Sometimes real life scenes can stimulate ideas for artwork and comics … and other times I’ll decide to try out something I made in a comic. But yeah I do enjoy playing hard.

Your art seems to be very dom and extremely aggressive (and hot) but your real-life clips are pretty submissive?
Sometimes I think I make my artwork to better show potential play buddies what I’m really after. Trying to explain my wants and needs verbally never seems to get through to people. So if I pull out my iPhone and show a picture they get the message a lot faster.

Starting with the artwork – how did you get into it, what techniques do you use and are there any other fetish artists you enjoy?
Oddly enough this all started because of what I had perceived as the bitter end of my career in film music. I had spent many years trying to get into film and had enjoyed some success with independent short films and public access TV shows (not much that paid!) and it did not really work out. Roughly a few months after this I found myself trawling through the galleries at and being thoroughly unimpressed, and a little annoyed at the supposedly edgy torture porn that was presented there. And I wondered to myself what I would do with the same tools… the images I would make?! And would I make something much better than what I was seeing?
And then I saw an advert for DAZ3D (a free to download app). And seeing a model pack of torture toys to get one started I felt compelled to begin trying this out. I think in the first evening of playing with this stuff I must have hammered out a hundred images of my deepest, darkest sadistic ideas. All the images were of course awful (LOL …) truly beginner stuff, but I didn’t mind that as I knew it would take time to learn how to do this well. But right from that first night I had the epiphany that I could create images and comics and even animated films of my most guarded secret desires. And this was TRULY exciting. I poured hours of learning, experimentation and my very heart and soul into making characters, assembling scenes and really letting my inner demon go full out into playtime.

Where can most people see your art besides your Just For Fans site?
People probably know me more from Patreon, and Tumblr, and now Twitter, rather more than JFFs. In mid-2018 Patreon had a mass banning and suspension purge of artists like myself and so we had to ‘clean up’ our Patreon accounts if we wanted them back (which I did), and a lot of us found ourselves wandering around looking for alternatives. Then Tumblr also sawed its own foot off and created an even bigger problem (and Twitter quickly inherited a whole bunch of porn artists).Justforfans and Onlyfans … (I have both) are terrific platforms for independent porn artists and actors, though the platforms are not especially well geared to support comic artists. I really wish there was an option for organizing posts more like what Patreon or Fanbox does.
Justforfans (and Onlyfans) did give me the opportunity for something else, though. As you’ve seen, I do like to do live action BDSM sessions featuring myself, engaged in some of the play you’ll find in my comics. This isn’t the biggest hit as fans generally want to see my buff sadists and ripped victims rather than me (I mean, I’m a bodybuilder – but I’ve got a long way to go before anyone’s confusing me for a personal trainer.) But I do enjoy doing some of these insane levels of extreme electro BDSM because not only do I genuinely enjoy it (despite what all the screaming says) but also because there’s not many people who are willing to put themselves through that sort of thing (though I can’t blame them for that!) The fact that these scenes feature in my comics definitely makes it a little more spicy and special. I enjoy the fact that my fans are usually surprised at seeing me go through these things for real.

What is your personal favourite set of imagess that you are most proud of and the most popular?
I’d have to say my ‘Teen Shock: Basement of Pain’ comic is the one I am really proud of. I put a lot of effort into the lighting, the posing and creating a really tense atmosphere of pain, suffering and fear. The best compliment I got was from a fan who said he could ‘hear’ the sounds in this imaginary room … and even ‘smell’ the air.As for what is the most popular, right now that would be my He-Man fan fiction. That’s been a big hit on my Patreon account and also for the excerpts posted on DeviantArt. It’s an illustrated story that I release every two weeks and it speaks for itself with the title ‘He-Man and the Demon of Torment’ – featuring the big blond hero of Eternia undergoing some completely new experiences! It’s also quite literary in that I teamed up with a professional writer to create it.

They feature extreme BDSM and especially torture; which areas of this do your fans like the best?
It’s hard to define: some people REALLY love the electro torture, whereas others love the bondage and some the rape scenes. I think it’s safe to say I cut my teeth on creating the most vivid stories of Parrilla torture (I’ll explain that shortly), and I like to think I personally took the art of ball torture to a whole new level (if I’m not patting myself on the back too hard by saying so!)

You feature some demon sex scenes; where does the interest and inspiration for that come from?
Actually that came from when I lived in Holland back in 2007-2008. I had visited Utrecht to go to a Mr B’s where I bought my first ball weight (24oz). While I was there I was looking through the porn comics … it was the usual fare of big-muscled guys fucking in cartoonish style, which really doesn’t do much for me. But then I saw ‘Demonicsex’ Volume 1. The cover featured this deliciously bestial horned sex-god with wings, tail and a cock that made me pay attention. And then all of a sudden I figured out that I’m not turned off by regular anal sex … if it’s with a frickin’ DEMON!
So that was the germ of my infatuation with demons. I just loved that this comic dared to show something very illicit, and unusual and bold. It actually scared me a little …  So when I got around to creating my own demon characters I took the opportunity to depict my demonic beings the way I want to see them. Sensual, powerful beings that are attracted to sexual energy and want to play with us, largely to feed on that energy but we get something special in return. Of course your demons may vary!

Also your United States Marine Corps interrogation scenes which would get anybody off (we certainly drained our balls fully to it) – which is the most popular of those?
Ah yes, well… this is again a bit of a long story because that started when I got chatting to a Marine via Tumblr. He had posted an article about the use of field telephones, wired to a victim’s balls for use as an interrogation method, and for rather extreme, and very unofficial training (that a few other marines have confirmed happens when going for special recon. training, though it is nothing most Marines will ever admit happens as most don’t go through this sort of thing). And, yes, many have said that this isn’t a particularly reliable way of gaining intel, but this is apparently more of a front-line thing when you need to find stuff out fast.
So, I struck up a friendship with this Marine who was also a fan of my work and was rather interested to see that I had featured the hand crank field telephone, and also parrilla situations. He filled me in on a lot of very juicy details. And, after talking with a few other Marines, as well as other military boys from all over the world, they gave me a ton of ideas for stories. I had asked their permission to turn their stories and accounts into a graphic novel and pretty much they all said “Well Yeah?!?.. “
As for which is the most popular, well; I have a comic which is entirely about a Marine Recruit training for MOS321B2 (Special Recon), and it’s a partial re-creation of my buddies’ training … though not exactly. The hidden themes and story narrative are more fictional, designed to have a through line from the previous comics, since I made my bad guy from the last story be the Marine who gets tortured mercilessly (which is what leads to him becoming the sadist that he is). Someday I’ll probably re-do the real Marines story more as it was intended … The actual encounter as related to me would require something like 20 or so characters.But everyone seems to enjoy watching a good cranking. I’d like to add that it’s because of a certain Marine that I plucked up the courage to get cranked myself.

Do you have repeat and regular characters? 
There are a few repeat characters now. When I first started making my comics I thought that the central characters would be more the subs, the victims. But when I introduced Daniel, he was meant to be my ‘big bad’ for my third comic. He wasn’t supposed to say much … just be an ominous presence in the background. But then when I was creating him I just thought “Wow … he’s sexy as FUCK!” … I had the notion that he should show how evil he is by throat-fucking a victim to death to show another guy (Alexi) just how much he means business and to that if you don’t ‘tow the line’ then you’re next for this. And now I think Daniel is one of my favourite characters. He’s incredibly sexy, pure evil, a total hedonist who is never satisfied no matter how much cum he unloads.

Your real-life clips are also very extreme; you seem to like electro a lot – what sort of equipment do you have?
Well, I am the PROUD owner of a ScreamLabs MK1 device. If you’ve not seen these yet go to and check it out … It is THE premium electro torture unit (and you should totally interview the builder by the way). I have 1 of the 5 prototype units and there’s even an unboxing video I did of it – It tickled me to do an unboxing vid of a torture device.
But this is a really great unit, very smartly laid out. Designed for ease of use, incredibly variable, will go to INSANE levels of pain (though it is designed with safety in mind I’d like to add). And is perfect for parrilla torture.
I also have an old Czech field telephone which has been wired to my balls quite a bit now. It’s not as nasty as some modified cranks, but it’ll still make you cry . There are several videos of me getting cranked on my JFF’s page.

Is it always the balls that you charge up and what safety advice would you give to readers wanting to try electric play?
Yeah, it’s the part that I enjoy the most. Though using this with a bedspring to act as the second electrode so you get a full body shock as well as the balls are just the best. You feel it mostly in the balls due to surface area.Safety wise, make sure nothing goes across the chest, keep it below the belt. Though if you’re playing with crank phones and bedsprings you’re kinda opting to disable the safety factor. It is very extreme play and switches very quickly to very intense. The main safety you can have is in playing with a top you trust … a LOT!But you don’t have to go to these extremes. I do because I’m weird … But you can have just as much pleasure, and pain, from using a decent E-stim machine. But if you’re really daring there is actually a group for Screamlabs owners and people who wanna get zapped with one on Fetlife.

Take us through an electro scene; presumably there is a lot more to it than tying a guy down and pressing a button putting 20,000 Volts instantaneously into his balls like an aggressive full on Guantanamo military interrogation?
Heh … well, it depends what kind of session you’re looking to do. If you want the regular, safe, but fun sort of thing that’s pretty much any electro session I’ve ever seen people do. But then there’s the higher level which drifts into unsafe and possibly illegal territory.
When I say illegal, it’s because you’re getting into a thing where consent can turn very quickly into non-consent. The fact is that if you wanna really get put through your paces and really push yourself hard (like those crazy bastards in the USMC), then you gotta know that it’s gonna get wild … and you’re in it until the top decides he’s done with you. Your desire for it to stop will not be taken into consideration. Of course, you need to make sure whoever you’re playing with intends to make sure you’re fine afterwards. No top worth his salt wants to break his toys and should be looking out for your wellbeing. It should be an intense ride … not a one way trip!
Getting ‘cranked’ for instance is just insanity right from the moment the handle starts moving. I think my USMC friend said it best when he said “It’s not rocket science! – you just tie him up, wire up his balls and crank the fuck out of him and don’t stop!” And the goal is to push him until you think he can’t take any more … and THEN you keep going because that’s the point where it really begins.
I’d point out (for those of you horrified at this prospect) that crank phones can’t actually damage you, at least not the army field telephones. They won’t even leave a mark … or ruin nerves. They’ll fuck you up real good at the time but you’re going to recover. The main possible damage is psychological. But that’s when you’re cranking a guy to totally own him (as a few tops have said they want to do to me … scary … but hot as FUCK!). There’s a rather obvious point you should stop cranking a guy, you can’t miss it (hint, he’s pretty much out of it).

What is the parrilla?
It is a word that makes most people go “? …..?” and those that know break into a cold sweat of fear and tears. And a very few break into an instant hard-on.
Basically the word comes from ‘La Parrilla’ which means ‘The Grill’. It is the name given to the type of torture used in Chile and Argentina in the 1930’s through to the 80’s. Where a bare metal bedspring is used as an entire electrode, and the second electrode can be either wired directly to body parts, or used with a wand. It is one of the most extreme, and cruel tortures in the field of electro torture. The real thing often resulted in the death or severe injury of the victim. I can’t even begin to explain why it turns me on; but you should see my comics I think I do a much better job of explaining it visually. As the electricity is applied you’re forced to buck and thrash and bounce around on the bed to try to get away from the shock … but gravity is forcing you back down on it … so it’s literally one HELL of a ride.
And with the crank phone, well, those things are just nasty as FUCK! They won’t damage you, but you’ll not believe that whilst you’re getting cranked, especially to the balls. To describe the sensation … it’s like having your balls electrocuted and sperm cords on fire … as well as being crushed by what feels like a block of ice. The sharp voltage penetrating through your balls and into your lower stomach … and you feel it up into your abdomen. And frankly if you’re not wiring up the balls?!? .. You’re doing it wrong!

You also like ball pumping – what do you use for that and what are the benefits for you?
Well, my balls aren’t exactly small (smirk) but I do love having them HUGE. And the pump I use is great for increasing size without screwing the shape of my cock too. That’s a bull master 357 that I use (7 inch version). The benefits? Just makes edging and jerking off that much more pleasurable to me. Plus if you’re gonna get wired up … always great to have more meat for the cranking.

On the subject of your great set of low-hangers what is the best ball busting session you have had and how hard can you go?
I know some boys who really love to get fucked up bad with ball busting (looking at you all my sexy buddies at – a ball busting website I also provide artwork for). But even they admit that in those instances it’s not like they had any choice. That’s where you need a really mean, as in fucking EVIL, top who just wants to make you puke, pass out, and begin again with the intention of making you cry and I wish you’d never been born. (Though again I point out that in those instances … the sub is never permanently harmed … and they go into that sort of thing willingly, though that willingness disappears real fast.)
I would like to be in one of those, or a parrilla competition session. That would be some insanely wild and hot fun and probably be both the worst and best day of my life … I guess we’ll see what the future holds!
And so the hardest I’ve personally done to date is probably in two different sessions. Both fairly recently. On January 1st 2020 (and this vid is on my JFF’s) I went to a top to get cranked non-stop for 2 hours. Boy, did I scream. I think taking the wires off my balls after hurt almost just as badly. They were really dug in. That session was intense, but very hot.
Me and some friends (ParisBB, Greg Tuffnuts and his partner Rocky) met up for a ball-bust session involving a nut slapper device. This is a motorized paddle that just rotates and smacks you in the nuts over and over whilst you’re strapped into a chair or bench and can only just scream out. That was really hard to take. I even said to ParisBB when he finally turned it off … breathing heavily “I am NOT tough” … I just said that over and over. That machine really lets you know how not tough you are. Of course it didn’t stop us using it again. I think I logged 7 hours total on the machine over two days. Yeah my balls were pretty damned sore after that. The video for this (because we filmed it) is also on my JFF’s and OF’s pages.

Your fantasy work and real play are in the same area so what would be your ideal most extreme scene and with whom in real life?
Oh, I’d always plump for the parrilla torture, nothing gets me harder than a foreboding room, a rusty metal bedspring, and handcuffs with the simple command of ‘Get on … or else!’ As for whom? Ideally a military guy who’s done this for real so they know the limits and know when to back it off.  Your either a natural sadist, or you’re not.

What other types of gay sex and fetish play do you like and that interests you?
I tend not to play with guys for sex because most want to fuck and get straight into fucking and they’re all about cock and ass. My main turn on (as if my artwork doesn’t make this supremely clear) is the balls. So if that part isn’t being stimulated then I’ve got nothing. But I do love getting throat fucked by a guy with BIG balls. Ass play isn’t off the table, but I kinda need to get tortured first. I don’t exactly suffer from ED … but I have a real difficult time working up any interest if there’s no ball torture.

What porn do you like watching yourself whilst busting your nuts and presumably getting great new ideas for your artwork?
Anything with boys who are well muscled and have big balls. A lot of the last 10 years of Bel Ami porn have featured really hot boys and I enjoy those. I do get some ideas for artwork and comics from porn but more for characters and types that I’d like to make for my comics. I think I get inspired more by real people that I meet at the gym than anything else. I hate to sound egotistical but I probably jack off more to my own porn comics than anything else. There’s a reason I started making my own porn!

Which famous guy’s balls would you most like to get your hands on to torture the fuck out of for a restrained painful filmed session on your Just For Fans site?
Mmm … Model and bodybuilder Benjamin Ahlblad, because he is one hot sum-bitch! And maybe David Laid (on whom my Ryan Laid character is heavily based.) Though it’s anyone’s guess as to whether I’d prefer to be tortured and fucked by them instead … The thought is very appealing!

What is coming up for Sparkie Shock and what areas would you like to get into next?
I have an upcoming comic story I’m working on with the artist ‘Jotto’; he got inspired by one of my art pieces, that oddly enough was inspired by one of his art pieces (we tend to bounce things off of each other like that), and he wrote an amazing story which I’m illustrating and turning into a graphic novel. And, working with the He-Man fanfic writer, we may by now be thirty parts into the story, but there is much more – and sexier – to come!Also animated film is something I would like to get more into. I made some demo stuff of the parrilla torture session from my ‘Teen Shock: Basement of Pain’ comic which really turned out well, but lack of free time and resources has kept me from doing more with that. But if/when my crowd funding reaches a point where I can afford to leave my day job and pursue comics and porn full time, that’s one of the things that will be coming next.

How can fans of extreme BDSM cartoons mixed with real life similar clips find out more and see all the horny ball agony and pleasure from the hot men you film?
My erotic 3D artwork can be found at:
My hardcore 3D comics and live action BDSM films can be found at: as well as at
And a mix of erotic and hardcore comic work can be found at
My gallery at my PIXIV page: is free to look at, as well as my Deviant Art page: and finally on Twitter at:


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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