This week I was in Düsseldorf at the CSD but I didn’t just go there. There is a master who teaches me and makes me grow as a slave, intensifying in each session the practices of BDSM and helping me to pass my limits. The feeling when I arrive at his house, as soon as he takes his position of master and I really feel his slave and I begin to notice that I wish to be and my desire to please him, on my knees, only in jocks, He kisses me, plays with my nipples gently and I try to take control of the kisses and stand up, but he immediately reminds me of who I am. And there begins the pleasure of pain, until feeling true love for him, while on this occasion, he pulled out the whip, I grabbed the table bending my torso over it and started. Having already had my experience, he started beating my buttocks with his hands, the first slaps you wear them very well, then you beg on your knees kissing his feet that you can not more. It combines slaps with caresses and is so much pleasure that you want more and then take back the whip…. but I’m not here to talk only about me. Spanking describes sexual practices related to flogging as erotic content, always consensual and spoken at all times between the two parties, master and slave, teacher and pupil, sergeant and soldier…. in a myriad of role-playing games. A common way to define a toy is to speak of “deaf” or “sharp” The difference to know how to differentiate them depends on their weight to width ratio. The really important thing is to start slowly and slowly and slowly rise in intensity and thus the slave will endure and go much further than if we do not.

Everything stiff, wide and flat falls into the category of paddles, often leather, for being flexible and sharp being the other end of the wood, for being rigid and deaf sound. Try to control that they do not have any sharp edges or corners that can cut or damage the skin.

When you whip with something long, flat and flexible, it would fall into the category of belts/straps. It is exciting to hear how your master takes his belt out of the loops and bending it with that exciting sound that shows you what comes next. Speak limits, intensity and levels, never start without agreeing everything, having your word of security in case it is too intense.

We go to the floggers or cats with nine tails, although they can vary from 2, called “quirts” or hundreds of strips, usually leather, but you can see them rope, which are more painful and if they have knots, even more.

The stiff and thin rods are doubly painful, as they hurt when hitting and while relaxing the skin. The most common, wicker rods, moistened regularly to maintain their weight and flexibility, although fiberglass and Delrin rods are also used.

The last of all toys is the whip, being used only by really experienced people. When you hear the clicking of these toys, it’s the tip breaking the sound barrier. If you don’t practice and train often, don’t use it, since pleasure can turn into injury.


Written by Derek Kraft

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