Sounding and catheters, aka sticking a metal stick down your cockeye to make your ejaculations more fierce & pissing more fun.
AT readers are horny fucks into all sorts of extreme play and pushing the envelope of sex play and fetish to the limits and these Two are great but we must urge you to do it safely and read this article in full first. Maybe find a guy with experience before you go and get drunk and start ramming a couple of knitting needles down the centre of your cock shaft in an attempt to beat your record of whitewashing the ceiling with your spunk. Both of these acts are horny and basically involve inserting objects into the Urethra which is off course the pipe that takes your piss from your bladder and your manseed from your ballsacks to a waiting ass, mouth or your favourite wanking sock.


These are latex or flexible plastic hollow tubes used in hospitals to empty the bladder. The term of course is also used for a tube that is inserted into other orifices to view any issues or to get something necessary into the body. With catheter play the sub surrenders control over one of his basic functions namely his bladder which plays well into a slaves/subs mindset…..he will be turned on by the humiliation that the top decides when he can and cannot piss.


Hard steel rods which maybe hollow or solid some with erotic notches and bumps on them with rounded heads that are sometimes straight or otherwise curved. Bespoke sets can be purchased from any fetish retailer, website or our biggest events Mart’s. Sounding (also called stuffing) is a form of urethral play: it is the generic term for the widening of the cock-eye and piss tube using a tool commonly referred to as a sound. Sounds (called uterine dilators in the medical world) have been around through History the ancient Chinese used onion stalks, the Romans, Hindus, and Greeks used tubes of wood (Ouch) or precious metals and the ancient Syrians created catheters from reeds….originally it was used to help treat venereal diseases back then. These days they’re used officially to ready a person for the insertion of a catheter or for fun. The thickness of a sound is traditionally measured by French urological sizing (20 Fr = ¼ inch; 40 Fr = ½ inch) but is also measured in millimetres (26 mm = 1 inch) but if you are gonna try this then please start small.

© Dominic Pacifico

Why would anyone want to do this? Pleasure, of course. Some men enjoy the feeling of having something in the urethra … our editor certainly does. There are intense psychological effects in being penetrated in a body part as vulnerable and sensitive as your fuckstick. The feeling of urinating is also said to be more pleasurable and we all love a good hard long piss especially over an unwilling sub. It is easily incorporated into general BDSM and torture sex play or more extreme (electricity) antics as the metal will carry the current right down the inside of your man shaft. Some men practice sounding as a personal growth sort of thing, and others “just because” but one of the favourite reasons is to clear the tubes for more erotic and impressive ejaculations. So it is used either under the huge fetish umbrella of pleasure and equally under the one of pain. Sounds can be gently moved around inside the cock shaft and this can be a real turn on. Sounds with a bend at the end to fit where the urethra turns to join the bladder are particulrly good at stimulating the male G-Spot/prostate gland

The two major types of sounds are Pratts and Hegels. Pratt and Hegel sounds are different: Hegels are shorter (7½ inches) and rounded at the end; this is a good tool for sex play or starting stretching. Pratts are longer (10 inches) and more drastically tapered at the end; this makes for more serious urethral stretching and for reaching the prostate and bladder. Sounds come in many shapes and sizes: straight, drastically curved at one end, gently curved the entire length or just at the end, S-shaped, or even bent at one or both ends and sometimes they vibrate. Lubricant is sometimes necessary and always a good idea. An antibacterial ointment can be used as a precaution against germs. The sound should never be forced further than it easily and comfortably slides, as that’s an effective way to cause a very bloody injury although it is unlikely to be serious.

© Bound Gods

What are the risks? The main problem comes from bad hygiene and in particular the simple act of not washing your hands first which can lead to urinal tract and ladder infections….it’s as simple as that. Left untreated it could lead to kidney damage. The signs of problems will appear two days after with bladder discomfort, wanting to piss a lot and sometimes cloudy piss at that.
There is of course the added benefit that both these acts play nicely into the medical field which is another wide area of fetish sexual play and in particular fantasy role play. 

Sounding presents few dangers when practiced safely. All sounds should be cleaned before use: if only being used on one person, the sound can be cleaned by wiping it down with household bleach and then thoroughly rinsed; for more than one person, sterilization fluid is a good idea. Never re-insert a sound after it has been extracted and limit sessions to no more than 2 Hours. Somewhat related to sounding is the prince’s wand, a piece of jewelry like the love child of a sound and body jewelry for a trans-urethral penis piercing. 
Sounding is great fun to do to yourself, do to a sub and also to watch so if you have not tried into it give your cock a treat now and those that do it swear that it is one of the greatest horny experiences there are out there and you don’t even need a partner to do it with so you can do it in bed, in the office, on a bus or train or anywhere that you normally knock one out.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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