Folsom Street Fair San Francisco is back with a vengeance: We give you Megahood. Everything you need to know about the big day and its pre and post parties. We were all crestfallen that Miss Delta Rona cancelled our beloved Folsom Street Fair last year. But this year it’s back! Kinda.

Different Name, Same Filth

With the constraints of the pandemic, the Folsom Street organization wanted to present an abbreviated version of the street fair under a new name, MEGAHOOD2021. This name is a throwback to the first street fair back in 1984 that was called MEGAHOOD rather than Folsom which was just a location. This year’s fair will be less tourist-y and more focused on the local vendors, artisans, and community organizations of SF’s SoMa neighborhood who lost so much being out of business for an entire year.

The fair will be Sunday, September 26th in the same basic footprint (minus one block). You’ll be asked to wear a mask as you enter the street fair and provide proof of vaccination. Recommended admission is a donation of $10-$20. Enter on the side streets for quicker entry and to get into the crowd faster. It will be a smaller, more local crowd this year. As far as philandering, no impeding traffic while you’re doing your business, and no (obvious, out in the open) public penetration. Butt-ass naked is fine. Don’t bring pets, they’ll be stressed out by all the people. Onsite COVID-19 testing and vaccination is available.

The fair will not have liquor vendors to encourage patrons to go to the nearby bars. QR codes posted will open up a list of nearby restaurants and bars that need your business. But bring your own water bottle or canteen to take advantage of the water dispensing stations. There will be five stages staggered throughout the fair with music and entertainment for women,  trans audiences, drag enthusiasts, circuit boys and gogos, fetish demos, ropes and bondage, and more. Sadly, no naked Twister this year.

Full details for this year’s MEGAHOOD2021 on their site

The Parties Will Still Be Packed

And even with a more compact street fair, local event and party producers are not slowing down at all. Producers tell me they are selling tickets and selling out faster than ever before.

The City of San Francisco is under a mask mandate for indoor dining, bar, and clubs with proof of vaccination required for entry. Most producers are accepting digital screenshots of your vaccine card, in-app proof like Clear, or a photo of your card on your phone. So be sure to favorite that photo on your phone so you aren’t scrolling too much. We’re all waiting to see just how much the mask mandate will be enforced once you are in the club dancing and carousing. If it’s anything like the bars and clubs on other weekends, you’ll wear a mask on the way in and not have to worry about keeping it on inside the club.

Recommended Parties

There’s a lot going on:

Here’s my favorites:


Wall-to-wall daddies (and daddy enthusiasts) are out and about for TrophyDad’s Prime party at sleaze-haus Club Six with two floors, two DJs, and a sling-laden playroom in the basement. 

NYC’s Brut party returns with an evening of leather, music, and muscle with mixmasters Morabito and Calagna at the decks. 


Famous fundraiser Big Muscle party fills the afternoon with the hottest crowd of the weekend at the cavernous DNA Lounge.

Red Light features the subterranean delights of Amsterdam in an underground party with renowned DJs Ralphi Rosario and Dan Darlington. 


The 25th Aftershock afterhours will start in the wee hours of the morning and well into dawn at City Nights. Legendary DJ Abel spins the entire event. You aren’t completely sure the world outside the club exists anymore. 

The popular Real Bad party celebrates 32 years of being bad and doing good with a Sunday night event at our favorite local dance temple, 1015 Folsom. Local favorite DJ Russ Rich spins. 

After a scandalous Dore event, Rated X is back at City Nights. They’re partnering with Daddy Ersin and the gents of NYC’s Ram party. 

And it ain’t over until it’s over at the Nocturnal afterhours with the original “tribal bitch” DJ Paulo giving you drums, drums, and more drums and a crowd so packed, it’s like the weekend didn’t even happen. 

Get Ready to Rage

Those are just a few of the dozens of events on the Folsom calendar – not to mention the city’s bars packed to the gills with guys ready for a cruisin’. After enduring the longest, strictest, shutdown in the US, San Francisco is ready to rut. Whether you want a dance party or a play party or a little bit of both, Folsom has what you want. I’ve got a complete guide on my blog you can visit anytime for this or loads of other gay fetish stuff including do’s and don’ts, a little history, and lots of tips and tactics to make sure you have the best Folsom ever-ever. Full guide with updates at


Written by Andymatic


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